darlandoA lot  of you  watch E’s Reality show, Total Divas;  The cameras  follow the hectic lives of the LADIES of WRESTLING.  Tomorrrow nights  episode  concludes the first half of their debut season  with a FAMILY DINNER.    Nikki Bella’s boyfriend, WWE’s superstar John Cena, calls a a huge dinner.. with his ENTIRE family.   I know, doesn’t  sound so salacious right .. well.. this dinner not only drives a wedge between  Ms. Bella and fellow wrestling Diva  Nattie, ( Nikki has to skip out on her wedding to nosh with her man’s fam in Boston)  but it also introduces us to John’s brother Steven and his delicious boyfriend ,actor and industry tastemaker  Darlando Eanon.divastotal

Be prepared to experience the wedding of Natalya and TJ (maybe) as he questions his bride to be and consequently considers cancelling the nuptials after discovering  that his beloved  Nattie recently spent time with some other man. OOOOOOH CHILE.. OK..

UPDATE Darlando and Steven  will be live tweeting during tonights broadcast .. that’s @itsmedarlando and @thatstevecena … HOLLER AT THEM .. 

eva marieNewbies Eva Marie and Jojo continue their drama tinged relationship  as Eva basks in her Maxim success and Jojo wallows in the fallout from that dreadful singing debut from the previous episode… Find out if  Whiny Vincent and Ariane are still together and watch as people get hurt, heal, holler, tap out  and be Divas.. on Total Divas…check your local listings Total Divas comes on Sunday Nights on E Networks 10/9 C  PREVIEW AFTER THE JUMP

total divas


darlando makeup

Keep it here for more from the grandest Diva of the whole bunch .. Darlando.. you see he is a friend of the blog.. so we will be poking him to let us reveal his full fabulosity .. He is an enigma and quite discreet..but we are gonna try .. lol..  KEEP IT HERE FOLKS.. WE GOT YOU !!!!

hey.. check this out.. Darlando is hilarious.. here he portrays the DEVIL.. and it is GUTS.. I LOVE IT.. LOL..

4 thoughts on “GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER.. SuperSlam Edition

  1. We will be live tweeting tonight during the show. I am @itsmedarlando and Steve is @thatstevecena. Thank you for the love as always and if there is any tea to pour you know it will be going directly into the mugs here. ❤ – darlandoeanon


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