QUESTLOVE: Soul Train: The Music, Dance and Style of a Generation

soultrain coverYes.. this chicken drumstick making .. (no really his buttermilk fried drumstick game is apparently WICKED )  , drum beatin,  Afro donning brotha has done it again,  right on the heels of this summer’s best seller  “Mo Betta Blues: The World According to Questlove”  .  Mr. Late Night pens yet another must read documenting the power , influence, admiration and souuuulllllll  of our beloved “Soul Train”  .

Soul Train: The Music,Dance and Style of a Generation 

Check out  a little Isley Bros. denim twin set magic right chea as preparation for the spirit of the book. You know,  it is rumored that Ahmir”Questlove” Thomson possesses the most vast collection of Soul Train episodes in the entire world.. Questlove  He is well versed in Soul Trainology lol.. he can tell you who was on keys in the back during  Taste of Honey’s performance of Sukiyaki LOL..  as most of us black kids growin up in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s would be. No I am lying he really will throw the third percussionist from the left’s name and resume’ from the Roy Ayers Ubiquidity ep in your face before you can remember which fool he is talking about .. HAHA..  ..   This book also includes a foreword from Gladys Knight  so you know it’s real lol and a preface by NICK CANNON.. (yeah I know but Nick is bringing Soul Train back to television this year on NBC )


I am going to pre order this soft cover gem as it is not being released until Oct 22.  Check it out , you can’t go wrong with Questlove B.

Let’s throw  some Distortion to Static in the mix just to cement the point  all the reasons to support Mr. Ahmir lol.. Roots Crew Though..

More about that yardbird after the jump

**Questlove’s Fried Chicken   shit just got real for you if you are in the NY area.. LOL.


4 thoughts on “QUESTLOVE: Soul Train: The Music, Dance and Style of a Generation

  1. Your truly right..I got on Soul Train
    I’m the first person to bring my own style too.soul.train..the braids matching my whole outfit the Soul Train line was never the same when I came downI took it to the other level of hip hop dancing.Don Cornelius.gave me a chance of a lifetimeto be myself I never change for nobodystill to this day I’m f****** the fashion industry up creativity will always be there with mesigning outyours trulythe one and only..HIPPTOSS. .the HOE… strangler


  2. what up HippToss….2000 Crowz!

    I’m not even done with the first book…lawd Ahmir is gonna have me in the book of the month club, early…this book should come with a DVD though *cough* *HINT*


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