Shit around the blogosphere…

We appreciate you guys showing support and coming to our blog .. it is a an acquired taste.. We tend to think of our little slice of the internet as “special” there truly is no wonder as to what you will roll up on here.. You won’t come across too much gossip here unless it is simply too funny to not comment on . SuperbbNess and I DO SEE ALL though.. and just because it’s not on 420Bamboobanga does not mean .. we won’t lead you to it.. For Example. We could really give a fuck about Drake’s album .. but we will lead ya to it because we know YOU care. No judging   HAHAHA..  we love ya’ll  and don’t want you to SUFFER due to our cynicism …. .. So join us as we give you a rundown on some of the shots being heard around the INTERWEB.. lol.. 


photo credit.. stolen from my girl Shawn Barton’s FB page.. HAHAHAHA.. she slays me

sidebar: This here photo embodies the way we feel about some of this bullshit going on ..Not the good shit.. THE BULLSHIT !!!!!! 

Drake is trying to be Hip Hop’s Thom Yorke His weepy album leaked. Get a tissue..  Check it out at MTV

The Game and Drake do something awesome for unfortunate family ..

Lenethia “NeNe” Leakes homegirls bring it to Marlo Hampton about her bridesmaid status 24 Wired.TV

Meemaws in Doc Martens with Clara Bow haircuts and fabulous headwraps.. I am here for it……… Daily Mail

Get a bar of Nicki Minaj’s line.. She’s feeling “sexy and romantic”… OK.. NecoleBitchie

Is Carmen Bryant still salty about Nas , talks threesomes, Kelis, and mental health .. WHAA..  Mediatakeout

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