Tangerine Queen…

tangerine-dream-sativa-490mSo .. this weekend I ran into this really cute Tangerine Sativa during  my weekly  Bubba Expedition at Aardvarks Dispensary.. and damnit.. THEY WERE WIPED OUT.. I WEPT.. there is no more BUBBA.. omg.. but through my tears my usual budtender presented this lil girl.. The smell alone was is really REALLY CITRUSY..TANGERINE FRUIT It smelled as if I just bit into a cold fresh Florida Orange.. lol.. I usually don’t buy STRAIGHT SATIVA but i wanted to give this one a try.  I got a little Earth Og too.to replace that raging INDICA thirst I had come there for,  but SuperbbNess and I have reviewed that wonderful strain (Earth)  a thousand times on 420Bamboobanga.. I thought I would take the time to enlighten you on this new sweet tangy tartness of Ms. Tangerine. the sativa that blew me away.  It crumbles well and was cool to the touch.20130922_161222. I really didn’t need to put it in my grinder.  I really tripped at how the actual smell and the burn smell is spot on with a real big ass tangerine.. It almost felt like incense or something.. The smell is awesome and the taste is just as sweet.  Of course I mixed it ..my joints usually start sativa or hybrid and end with the knock you on your ass KUSH..   Halfway through the joint I got quite giggly and melancholy.. My head was tight and I could move away from the joint for a spell and that is an awesome sign.   I would strongly suggest finding this strain in your area.. I find the high to be heavy but you are able to work with objects and hold conversations.. My mood was light and fluffy and it made me want to watch a comedy .. so I watched “Valley Girl” with NIc Cage.. hahahah.  Tangerine is the shit ya’ll..


4 thoughts on “Tangerine Queen…

  1. Valley Girl! This is my movie! Oh my god. Classic Nicolas Cage before he was Nicolas Cage. Folks forget or don’t know that he’s a Coppola. This is awesome.

    Oh and the dank looks good too. 🙂


  2. oh yeah.. i was in love with him here.. yeeeahhhhhhh.. the perfect combo..thanks for commenting..bring dat ass back on the regular lol..


  3. Dag. That description alone made my mouth water! Tangerine hah? Wonder if they have it here in L.A.? I like this Nicolas Cage. The lazy, dopey Nicolas Cage. Raising Arizona, Leaving Las Vegas Nicolas Cage. I’d be really disappointed if he isn’t as tall as he seems to be, really disappointed.


  4. WELL ThikNikk i believe he is pretty tall in real life lol.. This is my favorite NIC CAGE MOMENT.. LOL.. as for the buds.. yes they are lovely.. keep coming and checking us out.. AND THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS AND SUPPORT.. Go Smoke somethin… Beejay..


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