Just in case you forgot THE INTERNET is dope.. Odd Future still ON THE MOVE..

FEELGOODWE have enjoyed these kids from the very start.. YUP.. . Hopefully you have already copped this FEELGOOD.. and you certainly should have already been bumpin Dontcha!!!! and I KNOW  YOU WANT SOME of this nasty GolfWang FeelGood gear.. and shit..they are all over this blog.. this ain’t OUR first rodeo though Potna.




and don’t forget this.. TONIGHT AT 9PM PACIFIC .. Check out ..Tyler’s Tamale situation.. I am not exactly sure what that means and I am scared.. LOL.. GO OVER TO ODDFUTURE.COM and don’t be late..


Hey .and one final thing.. Tyler is doing this lil set at Low End Theory 10/9 Weds Night.. If you are at least 18.. Go Check it Out.. you can purchase tickets at the door.. BUT HURRY ..you know it’s going to fill up.. OKAY.. do a search for other OF shit…they are all over the blog..  Support them ..go to ODDFUTURE.COM and BUY SHIT.. OK.. just buy alllll of their shit.. those are our babies.. hahahaha.. 

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