AMY WINEHOUSE’S documentary hits theaters THIS FRIDAY …. AND why her DEMOS were destroyed .

This is bittersweet.. I have been waiting for this but I AM ALSO STILL HEARTBROKEN.. oh Amy,  why just.(sigh) ……….. 😦

30WINEHOUSE-articleLargeSoul bearing chanteuse , Amy Winehouse transitioned from this life in  2011; her demons finally got the best of her after a both public and private battle with life, shit, dope and more shit. We loved her for her scars as well as her gifts.  Amy left us with  gems beyond measure, she released an immense catalog of  work in her mere 27 years.  Winehouse left a legacy and made a lane of her own, she created her own IMPRINT; her work will soar with the legends after we are long gone.   This Asif Kapadia  directed, Cannes approved, documentary “Amy” is a compilation of over 100 interviews. The cohesive story is crafted by  piles of video footage, home movie clips and anecdotes and testimonials from some of Amy’s collaborators, Yasiin Bey, Mark Ronson, Pete Doherty , friends and family members  This project was initially started as a conceptual  marriage between Krishwerkz Entertainment, the label (UNIVERSAL U.K.) and the Winehouse family but where Mitch (Amy’s dad)  wanted to keep it cleaned up and genteel, Kaskadia and Co.  wanted to add the edgier nuances.   Mitch Winehouse has since announced that his family  has nothing to do with the film anymore ” It is both misleading and filled with basic untruths”.  Joe Cascarelli of the NY Times offers an in depth expose of the film here 


It is unclear to me if they want to present the “ugly” to put the butts in the seats or are they trying to connect the audience authentically with her actual struggle .  It will be scary to meet the demon that actually WON Amy’s fight but like every horror film we just HAVE TO SEE IT.. Amy never did conquer that unholy war she was so entrenched in. The battles to be free,  relationship woes, the clichéd “drug and alcohol” battle , the public scrutiny and the struggle to keep it original in an industry full of factory cut outs.   The culmination resulted in , well.. THE END RESULT .  Amy may be a cautionary tale of the wicked recording industry and it’s EXPECTED pits and foes but I believe or at least want to believe that it will also showcase and highlight Amy’s true production , writing and creating skills. Amy had an awesome sense of humor and a wicked modska/ rude girl/ vintage R&B/ jazz/ torch type  steez. We want to see her in all her Fred Perry glory.  We want to see her lamenting over Dinah Washington and Sarah Vaughn.  I want to see her joking with Mos Def and Nas.  I want to see what was beneath the beehive (literally and figuratively) , according to Kasadia this is the directive . He wants to break down the bullshit and the caricature and let you into the raw and actual .. Amy hits theaters nationally July 3, this Friday .movies-amy-poster

In other Amy news ..   It is reported that the potential demo renderings for her much anticipated unfinished third LP were destroyed. . Intentionally .. check out that story after the beat

wow .. Ms.Winehouse is on fire this week…amy-winehouse-photos-4

David Joseph , chairman/ ceo of Universal U.K., describes his executive decision to destroy the demos Amy had started for her next recording effort , as “the right thing to do”. We know in today’s janky industry , someone would love to get a hold of the stems or pieces of vocals and and try to layer or interpolate those shits to create some bullshit , slap Amy’s name on it , and get  paid.. Now that won’t happen. THEY DON’T EXIST ANYMORE..  As a fan I am selfish and am not happy , like there is Amy shit out there WE WILL NEVER HEAR,  but on some artistic , authentic shit I totally see where he is coming from. Her last album will have to be Lioness I guess..  What I am sad to realize is that the supergroup she had put together with Questlove, Mos, and Raphael Saadig.. will never come to fruiton..nor will more great work with Salaam Remi NOW THAT SHIT THERE BREAKS MY HEART.amybw amy-winehouse-20070718-284926

Before her death, Winehouse had discussed forming a jazz/hip-hop supergroup with Roots drummer-producer Questlove, Raphael Saadiq and Mos Def. She’d also reportedly “mapped out” a new solo album and even booked studio time with both Ronson and Salaam Remi, who co-produced her acclaimed second (and final) album, 2006’s Back to Black. Rolling Stone

“She probably finished the writing ­process a few weeks before she passed,” said Remi. “As far as I could see, we had 14 songs. Whatever needed to happen, it was right there.” The producer allowed the Amy crew to use a recording of Winehouse reciting lyrics to an unreleased song titled “You Always Hurt the Ones You Love.”  Rolling Stone ..

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