Today … Deborah Harry is SEVENTY … YEARS OLD..

blondieWE love you Debbie… you are perfection .. let’s celebrate the life of the Blondie frontman, B-girl, (YESS B-GIRL and we can debate this all day nuugga..) and all around rock goddess today … Here’s to you Ms. Harry  Your awesomeness has not been wasted on us. Nobody has filled her shoes yet and please don’t come over here talmbout Gwen Stefani… Gwen is cool but this here IS DEBBIE DAMNIT. She has left her footprint firmly planted in the foundations of everything from art to music. blondie01We will not even try to break down how many trends she has mothered.  Hell Deborah was  A PLAYBOY BUNNY goshdarnit. I appreciate the fact too that Debbie is simiply growing older, she is not running around here with DDD titties, a snatched grill overdoing it.  Note to Madonna , although you are not quite 70 yet, BISH THIS IS HOW TO DO IT.  She is a powerhouse of a woman then , now and forever. She taught me to “Rip her to Shreds” and also informed me that the “Tide is High” . so covet your seat in the celestial landscape woman. We are forever  inspired… HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY DEBORAH HARRY  sidenote: Aren’t she and Chris Stein just the ultimate in relationship GOALS OMG.. 




Debbie Harry of Blondie at the opening og Blondie in Camera exhibition Mirandy Gallery London 1978

I am not going to disrespect you guys and give you the history of Blondie or Deborah .. if you need enlightenment.. take that ass to Wikipedia… ( some of the basic shit is probably true, ha) Clearly if you are on Bamboobanga YOU ARE KINDA well versed in this braud already .. Let us HOPE .. (side eye ) .. alright .. SMOKE WELL.. and listen to some of our favorite Blondie chunes on the next page ….  yeah yeah RAPTURE is over there… I know that’s what ya want .. 


Heart of Glass


Call Me


Dreamin ( Midnight Special and this outfit is fucking everything )



omg .. this RARE audio recording of Donna Summer’s I FEEL LOVE from a live performance in  (1979).. wowwwwwww..



THIS IS A GEM … BLONDIE LIVE.. FULL SHOW 1979 ( don’t trip visuals kick in at 1:00)

raptureNOW.. last but not LEAST … the almighty .. Debbie .. doin the Patty Duke in some simple damn shorts and a tube top .. this heifer made this look like a fully styled thought of ensemble… you killed us Debbie…  lol.. complete with Fab 5 Freddy and Basquiat  on the wheels of steel .. AYEEEEEE

Okay so that was just a little comprehensive Blondie.. i got shit to do lol.. don’t even let me get into her film roles and her and Stein’s photography installations.. sigh.. IT’S TOO MUCH…. next time though …  we love YOU BLONDIE.. AND OF COURSE HAPPY BDAY DEBBIE HARRY !!!

YES.. shirt ..

Chris Stein and Debbie Harry photographed by Mike McGregor for the Observer in New York last month.




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