chanos sabbath sign

Chano’s Restaurant across from The Sports Arena showing love to the KINGS..

Welcome back Stoners.. how have you all  been.. what have you been up to.. SuperbbNess and I have been chillin.. you know.. doing things like moving to different cities , tokin, and staying out of trouble LOL.. We also have been catching random performances and staying well satiated within the art and film communities during  our absence..   If you can tell by now we are slowly undergoing changes starting with .. the name change.. is the new joint.  We did this because we really want to cement our ties within the cannabis communities and felt it might be better to put THAT 420 at the forefront nymean LOL.. The page will go through alot more changes before this month is over but bear with us.     We will holler at you all about all of those QUESTS AND SITUATIONS at another time.. FOR NOW..let’s just enjoy the reunion  HA.. .. BUT FIRST THINGS FIRST… Guess what.. i went to see BLACK SABBATH BITCHES.. sure did .. Sabbath came to LA, Sept 3 and showed out , here at the Sports Arena, .. . I was so excited to find that the show was in the hood.. I live right up the street from The Sports Arena , so it was almost kismet THAT I BE IN THE HOUSE ..    Nak and I got our tickets pre sale months ago because IT WAS NOT A GAME. It was really important to catch these guys this go round because let’s face it, they are up there and Tony is fighting cancer.  I am not saying that to say that anyone is on the verge of death, merely stating the fact that these cats might not want to be touring nor be able to do so in like a few years… Take a trip with me to the show real quick .. after the jump…….   stagebowsabbath

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We will be covering this event so come check the blog .. for the FULL SITUATION… in a few days.. Get more info over here MEAN GREEN’S CALICUP  ALSO.. if you want to purchase SWISHER STREETS GEAR AND MERCH.. take it HERE!


GONNA BE EPIC.. come blow a tree or three with this guy>>>teeny

Sabbath is coming!!!!!

……well at least if you are in Australia, New Zealand, or JAPAN!! .. tour dates for 2013 have been announced.. We are waiting with baited breath.. for the US announcements.. Good Gravy I hope this happens.. I am also elated because it must mean that Tony Iommi is feeling well enough to tour and record the forthcoming new Rick Rubin produced album.


Keep it here on Bamboobanga420 for more deets..

HOPEFULLY there are still tickets available in your area.. Check with LiveNationAUS

Tour Dates so far:


First Auckland show already SOLD OUT!!!!


MELBOURNE        ROD LAVER ARENA            MONDAY APRIL 29        2nd show
MELBOURNE        ROD LAVER ARENA            WEDNESDAY MAY 1    sold out!

Black Sabbath will also be headlining Sunday night’s Ozzfest Japan lineup.

The festival will be a two day event held at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, Japan on Saturday May 11 and Sunday May 12, 2013.

While you wait you should go pick up IRON MAN: The Best of Black Sabbath .. 

you’ll have to pay in pounds or some shit..because I believe this collection is only available abroad for now.. you can also check .. HMV and Amazon.UK..

Kirk Cameron…. Xyzyx


This is my favorite joint from this band.. Xyzyx (pronounced Zizixx) is an awesome band based in Los Angeles on the come up.. I have caught them live and they kick ass.. GO GET EM GUYS!! We will have more to come with these cats on the blog.. in  a hot minute.. So stay posted!!!!!!
subscribe to their Youtube Channel   it rocks .. and support them when they are in your city !!!!!!


SAM IS DEAD!!!!!!! Domo Genesis and Tyler the Creator…

SICK..  the song and the video.. Good job Tyler and Domo..  great direction and concept fellas…..  ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG.. can’t be stopped though!!

We know about all the other fuckery going on….and so should you..

The blogosphere is a funny place.. and we hate  to repeat things that have appeared online AD NAUSEUM .. LOL..  Check some of our other blog patnas.. for certain ratchetness and some stuff that is not so ratchet..JUST NOT HERE LOL.. .. Some of this is just really not right… You know wrong shit .. Like this bitch in a Nirvana shirt..HAHAHAHA.. I SWEAR..

…because Trina really used to rock Nirvana..

Le Sigh.. So… Chris Brown ..Meek Mill.. and Drake.. are all dragging Rhianna.. Freshalina and dem got that .. lol..

Mary J. Blige.. says Hell Naw she hasn’t been using her charities to fund her Chicken Wrap dreams.. TMZ…

Game of Thrones .. adding more characters to next season .. PerezHilton

Yup.. The Zombie Apocalypse Is Upon U and it started in Miami??… SandraRose Check the NSFW PHOTOS OF THE VICTIMS..  it’s gross.. omg..

40 shot and 10 killed in Chicago over the Memorial Day Weekend .. Just Wow.. Bossip 

KidFury takes us to the front of the REVEL stage.. We love him..he is such a BabyDoll.. awww.. He has been changed…by Beyonce’ … 

Ben and Jerry’s Euphori Lock


This is awesome if you have kids or a spouse lol.. or just greedy ass homies who help themselves to your bong, or your last rolling paper, snatch out of your roach stash, or drink the last of Kool Aid,  (WHEN IT’S JUST A “SWALLA IN THE CONTAINA”)..ooh ok i digress.. i went post Della Reese on that ass lol.. anyway .. Keep EVERYONE out of your PINT.. LOL..

4:20 … and What you smoking on … E-40, Daz, Kurupt, Kokane.. and the Kushhhhh lol

Yeah.. E-40.. is just always down with the Chieferations LOL.. Hit us up at Bambooboobanga420 and let us know..WHAT U SMOKIN ON???

Unless it’s some Boof.. lol.. u can keep that shit to ya self.. HAHAHAHA

This shit right here GO!!

You can find this and other spectacular raps and shit on E-40’s Triple Deluxe Situation .. The Block Brochure…Welcome to the Soil 1,2 and 3... Get all 3 ..You don’t wanna miss NATHAN..

you bitches ain’t fuckin with me KILLA… KILLA KILLA..

This is what has been fueling the blog posts for the last few days lol.. Santigold’s album “Master of My Make Believe” is epic.. THIS .. is my favorite joint..LOL.. Take it all in .. then take that ass to ITUNES and cop her full album.. It’s awesome..from start to finish..with production by DIPLO and a cast of other stellar individuals..  and did I mention that KAREN O.. MAKES AN APPEARANCE!!!

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Grease is the Word…

So today’s Nug Porn comes courtesy of The Apothecary 420 … as you know this is  one of my favorite dispensaries in LA.  It’s local , the staff is knowledgeable and very cool.. Prices range from mid to extremely high lol.. BUT.. I would put my money behind ANY bud purchased here.. I have gotten an excellent 1/8 of Louis XIII for a cool 45.00 and the herb was epic..The Banger Sisters are Pot Snobs.  Quality to me is more important than quantity.. So trust me when I tell  you that this herb is TOP CHOICE.. GREASE  is a strong firm Indica.  It’s  forest green with enough crystals sprinkled gingerly over the orange hairs to MAKE it look like it is frosted.. It’s ICEEEE SON !! lol.. anyway .. The High is head heavy and long.. it makes your head feel floaty LOL.. 

If you are a baby lung individual ..don’t smoke this then go to will feel TOO HIGH and GIDDY LOL..  There is NO HERB though I can’t WORK with .. ijs.. Sativas are cool for those who  require lighter fare, and like to toke one before work.. but I usually go with an over the top INDICA all the time. lol.. The Apothercary420 has HIGH GRADE  Sativa’s too which I blend sometimes when I want my whole body AND Head to feel relaxed..The best herb they have on the menu in my opinion is The Mars Og ..which is so buttery I wanted to mix it with garlic lol..AGAIN..these treats are on the higher end of things but to me it’s worth the doe.. FOR THAT TOP SHELF DRO… LOL..  It’s an Exclusive Flower as is Grease…  So Check it out.. If you are into high quality NUGS.. Go Check out this spot .. and like their FACEBOOK PAGE..     Go  Quick Check them out.. Quick before it’s all gone….  tell em Bamboobanga420 sent ya!!!  HIT US BACK.. and let us know what you been smoking on .. Be Peace and may your bongs always be FREE OF BOOF!

american weed premieres tonight..

Yes yet another series devoted to “the kine” … . Journey through Colorado’s medicinal marijuana wars… citizens for and against lock asses in the epic debate , “Should the shops be closed, are they hurting the community etc?”.  National Geographic gives us an inside look at everyone from the growers, shop owners, patients, and law makers who are positioned to express the pros and cons of the cannabis industry in their town.. .. I am always critical of these shows since they always end up being ANTI  especially fooling with National Geographic.  I did not appreciate their last foray into the ganja business it was very negative and did not show the positive aspects of the situation.. but .. we will give it a chance.. So Toke up and set your DVR’s if you are not at the rest..

American Weed National Geographic Channel tonight (Wednesday, February 22) at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Check for local listings


Rella Rella Rella.. Check it out .. NEW OF!!

This video is retarded lol… and that’s not PC but neither am I and NEITHER IS THIS.. HILARIOUS…  Also don’t forget to catch em in your town.. Go Here>>>> for deets   ODDFUTURE.COM

hey and that kid with the fro… is awesome.. but i am biased maybe LOL.. GOLFWANG!!!!!!!  YESSIR!!

Happy 64th Tony Iommi

Join Bamboobanga420 in wishing .. Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi  A STRONG HAPPY BIRTHDAY..  let’s also continue to pray that he kicks cancer in the ass!!

this is a dope piece put together to Behind the Wall of Sleep…. Bill Ward’s drum solo is ghetto as hell on this lol.. it’s dope and raw.. when they were youngstaz.. anyhoo enjoy this .. and HAPPY BDAY MR. IOMMI we plan on keeping you here for a long time.. Now here is ..

The Original “War Pigs”..  same music.. different lyrics = WalPurgis…

ya know things like “eating Dead Rats innards”.. THERE IS THE DIFFERENCE LOL..

let’s take it back… 25 lighters on my dresser… Lil Keke

I just posted that Big K.R.I.T heater “Money on the Floor” , so quite naturally it made me think of LIL KEKE’S classic right chea!!! LOL….Actually me and sis.. have been singing this song in our heads for weeks lol.. See everytime we go to the DTPG dispensary downtown , they have this big basket of lighters. We always grab like 5 lighters each and the joke was..” I NEED 25 LIGHTERS ON MY DRESSER” LOL.. so clearly it needed to be posted.. and clearly I may have surpassed the 25 lighters rule…..  Don’t judge me, when you blow trees you know the damn lighters always come up missing!!!!!!  One must have back up !


HOUSTON beeeeeen on that Trill shit and the tradition continues. Sheeit we been foolin with Houston since the Geto Boyz , ODD SQUAD and MC Choice.. (yeah google her) ya’ll don’t know nuttin bout dat now do ya? I mean we be on Texas like JR EWING.. We bout that life !! LOL..

Here at Bamboobanga420 we fools with the classics allll day !!!! RIP FAT PAT AND DJ SCREW!!

NORML’S Marijuana year in Review…

#1 NORML Sues to Halt Government’s Prosecution of Medical Cannabis Providers
In October, the United States Deputy Attorney General, along with the four US Attorneys from California, announced their intentions to escalate federal efforts targeting the state’s medical cannabis dispensaries and providers. In response, members of the NORML Legal Committee filed suit in November against the federal government arguing that its actions were in violation of the Ninth, Tenth, and Fourteenth Amendments of the US Constitution. Plaintiffs further argued, using the theory of judicial estoppel, that the Justice Department had previously affirmed in federal court that it would no longer use federal resources to prosecute cannabis patients or providers who are compliant with state law. NORML’s lawsuit remains pending.

#2 Members of Congress Introduce First Bill Since 1937 to Legalize Cannabis 
House lawmakers introduced legislation in Congress in June to end the federal criminalization of the personal use of marijuana. The bipartisan measure – HR 2306, the ‘Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011′ – prohibits the federal government from prosecuting adults who use or possess cannabis by removing the plant and its primary psychoactive constituent, THC, from the five schedules of the United States Controlled Substances Act of 1970. The bill awaits Congressional action.

#3 Gallup: Majority of Americans Support Legalizing Cannabis
A record 50 percent of Americans now believe that marijuana ought to be legalized for adult use, according to a nationwide Gallup poll of 1,005 adults published in October. The 2011 survey results mark the first time ever that Gallup has reported that more Americans support legalizing cannabis (50 percent) than oppose it (46 percent).

#4 Over One Million Americans Now Use Cannabis Legally Under State Law
Between one million to one-and-a-half million US citizens are legally authorized by the laws of their state to use marijuana, according to data compiled in May by NORML from state medical marijuana registries and patient estimates. Read the full story here.

Learn more about our achievements and set backs in pursuit of the legalization of our medicine at NORML..



yUP..  It’s JANUARY 2nd lol.. BUT..

We weren’t about to be blogging during the HOLIDAY SEASON… WE HAVE LIVES .. and shit we’re stoners and tend to do things at our own pace lol.. so.. with that being said.. HAPPY NEW YEARS TO YA’LL AND…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY TO BANGER SISTER SuperbbNess.. YES she is a NEW YEARS DAY the year starts with her it seems lol.. Her bday was JANUARY 1ST LOL!!!!!

Follow her on twitter… and read her pieces here on

HAPPY NEW YEAR.. and thanks for supporting this thang..

The Banger Sisters!!

Do You know the difference between Ska, RockSteady and Reggae!!!

No.. well take a MASTER CLASS.. from the MASTER.. it really does make sense..

Thanks PJay..for the heads up..WE MUST EDUCATE THESE FOOLS..3


SKA AND SUCH .. .AFTER THE JUMP!!! Continue reading

This week’s Podcast … Deejay DAz

This guy is my favorite Deejay.. if you look around there are links to this Podcast all through out the blog lol..  This man was at the helm of the 1’s and 2’s during my beginning club dayz…. In the early 90’s , in Los Angeles, we had the most awesome sound systems and clubs. LavaCaro and Brass were amongst the leaders in the rare groove , acid jazz set and we grooved to everything from Dj Quik to Roy Ayers…  His sets are literally the only thing I miss about going out.. SERIOUSLY.. Check him out..



He also did an interview awhile back with DJ 88 you can peep that here.. IamDJ88

Rare Groove, Hip Hop , Reggae, House hell .. Bluegrass.. i mean it .. this cat is the truth..

Check out his Podcast.. Enjoy..

dj dAz presents 733 N. Cahuenga Blvd (A Funky Rare Groove Mix).