NOPE.. HELL NAW .. my sentiments ALWAYS.. CBG..

Chill Black Guys.. these kids are funny..

but you guys can mos def understand where the niggas are coming from..


SHOUT OUTS TO odd taco, young hawaii slim AND NASTY NAK..

Today’s 4:20 sesh is sponsored by..Devin the Dude..

Todays 4:20 joint is brought to you by The Dude. Devin what the hell u down dere doinnnn….LMAO. Devin is The Dude & mos definitely a favorite around here.



Bamboobanga been rockin’ wit him since back in da day. Bein that we fucks wit him hard body we made sure to catch him in concert when he hit The Roxy in LA earlier this year on 5/23/11.

Devin’s stage cadence is off the chain by the way. Real laid back…firing up blowing weed wit the fans.

Photo courtesy of SuperbNess

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Penthouse and the Pavement….Heaven 17

Nope it’s not weed related BUT.. I am truly listening to this right now at 4:20… THIS WAS MY SHIT.. it’s the 80’s baby.. now toke up…

I am smoking a little HerraJuana and Skywalker.. of course in a 1 1/4 element..

I believe I was blowing trees when this little diddy came out.. LOL.. let me stop I am dating myself..


shout outs to GPC Meds, WEstern Collective, The Apothecary, and Nuggetry..just some of my fave spots..ENJOY..AND YEAH..what u smokin on right now LOL..

I am not smoking this but I wish I was LOL... AMAZING..!! RED KUSH..

I sip the Dom P.. watching Dondi til I’m Charged…

Yup today’s blazin is sponsored by old skool Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones.. who was out for Dead Presidents to represent him….

I used to smoke Phillies back then.. but now I “puff my La La La” in those young Element papers ..the short joints..with a tip .. anddd.. it’s Friday so.. The Mars OG  ..a very top shelf indica.. is complimented and coupled with the Berry Chocolate Kush Cake Balls. both are obtained by The Apothecary 420…. sometimes the herb will be redundant ..but the best is the best so Mars and Jupiter and SkyWalker usually get the job..DONE SON !!! anyway raise your L’s or your joints or pipes lol.. and have a good ass weekend..

Chubbs at Nuggetry even endorsed this shit.. the complaint is that it’s too expensive.. look.. some ladies pay for Louboutins.. I pay for Kush.. hahaha.. that’s the splurge.. I rock Vans.. hahaha..

4:20 Post for Weds… it’s 4:40 but fuckit LOL

Okay so i know last week we hit u with At the Drive In.. but I really am toking to this song!!! Love the Mars Volta.. worship Omar Rodriguez ..muhfuckaz.. !!!

I have totally been on my Prog Metahhl shit lately lol.. !!!!

This is from ScabDAtes.. it’s a classic.. from 05′ a completely live joint..that is FIYAH!!! Go purchase this Gem on AMAZON.

Find out what I am smoking after the KUT…..

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4:20 Friday Joint!!!! Rick James..

Now it may be cliche’ but of course.. we bump a little Rick while blazin up’s only right LOL!!! See ya tomorrow for the next 4:20 Selection ..Peace!!

Well alright you squares, it’s time to SMOKE!!!!!

Today we Tokin on a blend of Turkish Delight.. ( a wonderful Indica dominate hybrid Top Shelf, wit a twist of Skywalker) all procured at the Apothercary 420 on Western and Beverly

.. Ya know a sista had some Skywalker roaches hanging around ..SO I USED THEM LOL!!!! Smoke Well and Prosper . Thank God it’s Friday..


4:20 ….Weds..Rudebwoy shufflin……….

Rotation at 4:20

jupiter and french cheese in the pipe….Toke UP dahlings!!!! Hemp/Hump Day..GET OVER IT..MWAH..






SERJ.. TAKIN A HIT..Worship System of A Down dammit!!!!

Richie Spice DubStep Remix.. See Ya’ll tomorrow….



Mondays 4:20 theme music is……..

Let us start with a classic.. toke up..

I am currently smokin…  Jupiter OG ( rolled tightly in Elements rolling papers with an Elements Tip .. What u smokin on???

Let us know what you are smoking..LOL.. where did ya get it.. Is it good?  What you doing????