Helen Folasade Adu.. Girl.. I can’t believe your ass is 53.. IMPOSSIBLE..  Hers is a love I have cherished since “84’s Diamond Life.

 Let’s put our hands together and light a spliff for the beautiful Nigerian/British Swan.. SADE…. wow..

sadehairHere at bamboobanga420,  we specialize in all things herb related.. (amongst many other things).. Who here can say that they haven’t gingerly placed their SADE entire catalog in the CD player , rolled a fatty, AND VEGGED THE HELL OUT!!  Not only is she beautiful but she is cool as a the other side of the pillow… I love how she releases an album; like every DECADE.. and falls right back in line with her original nuance.   Sade does not go and retain a rap from Rick Ross, or production of DeadMau5 or whatever the hell is HOT on the pop charts.. She stays eloquently in HER LANE.. and dominates…( I mean there was that remix for “Moon and The Sky” with Jay Z that I did not appreciate).. BUT .. I DIGRESS.. LET’S CELEBRATE.. MS. ADU.. and all of her gifts and simple beauty..

1980's Sade

1980’s Sade




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Sabbath is coming!!!!!

……well at least if you are in Australia, New Zealand, or JAPAN!! .. tour dates for 2013 have been announced.. We are waiting with baited breath.. for the US announcements.. Good Gravy I hope this happens.. I am also elated because it must mean that Tony Iommi is feeling well enough to tour and record the forthcoming new Rick Rubin produced album.


Keep it here on Bamboobanga420 for more deets..

HOPEFULLY there are still tickets available in your area.. Check with LiveNationAUS

Tour Dates so far:


First Auckland show already SOLD OUT!!!!


MELBOURNE        ROD LAVER ARENA            MONDAY APRIL 29        2nd show
MELBOURNE        ROD LAVER ARENA            WEDNESDAY MAY 1    sold out!

Black Sabbath will also be headlining Sunday night’s Ozzfest Japan lineup.

The festival will be a two day event held at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, Japan on Saturday May 11 and Sunday May 12, 2013.

While you wait you should go pick up IRON MAN: The Best of Black Sabbath .. 

you’ll have to pay in pounds or some shit..because I believe this collection is only available abroad for now.. you can also check .. HMV and Amazon.UK..

Kirk Cameron…. Xyzyx


This is my favorite joint from this band.. Xyzyx (pronounced Zizixx) is an awesome band based in Los Angeles on the come up.. I have caught them live and they kick ass.. GO GET EM GUYS!! We will have more to come with these cats on the blog.. in  a hot minute.. So stay posted!!!!!!
subscribe to their Youtube Channel   it rocks .. and support them when they are in your city !!!!!!


Azealia Banks.. You know we lookin for these niggaz.. if these niggaz is rich..

We featured this song a minute ago on Bamboobanga.. Here is the Rankin directed visual.. STILL LOVE HER.. don’t give a damn how you feel .. and she has returned to twitter.. but check out her tumblr page is .. WICKED..LOL..



Frank Ocean’s forthcoming album , CHANNEL ORANGE (Def Jam) will be released July 17.. check out one of the joints.. “Pyramids“.. and to you I say CLEOPATRA… ALSO .. he will begin his tour.. July 13.. Tour Dates after the jump..


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Watch the Throne.. Run the Seven Kingdoms…

Here is the real “Throne” to watch.. here is the seat that everyone is after from King’s Landing to WinterFell lol..     If you cannot squab in the battle like Khal Drogo .. then you should just break out with 30 racks.. AND DO WHAT LITTLE FINGER WOULD DO.. Buy the muhfucka.. hahaha.. I AM NOT KIDDING.. If you are a very rich nerd.. you can purchase this piece for your art room , or dining room.. Maybe if you have a Game room.. hell I don’t know.. I would post this bitch on the front porch … and serve KoolAid to the kids .. HAHHAHA.. !!!!

Purchasing this throne of many kings swords .. has now been made possible by HBO.. who by the way sell many odd and exclusive artifacts from most of their awesome shows.. Can’t wait to see what they offer from True Blood.. BUT I DIGRESS..  Go here for more deets.. 

The replicas are made from hand-finished, hand-painted fiberglass and fireproof resin, weigh 350 pounds and measure 7 feet, 2 inches tall; 5 feet 11 inches deep; and 5 feet 5 inches wide.  I want one.. 😦 of course I am not that paid.. so … looks like I will have to just join the Battle LOL.. AND NOW THEIR ARE FUCKING ZOMBIES???????

Mercy ft. Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz,

Say what you want.. but Ye keeps coming with the fiyah!! .. I fools with this right here.. Like the video too.. Niggaz are on their apocalypse baller insurgent type steezee.. HAHAH. Teyana Taylor and Kid Cudi make appearances too .. in the video .. j/k .

Lord Have Mercy Queen Grace.. Honored be Thy Name..

Here at The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Situation.. This 64 yr old goddess.. HULA HOOPS THROUGH THE ENTIRE “Slave to the Rhythm”.. HULA HOOPSS.. THE ENTIRE TIME.. if you don’t believe in GRace.. YOU JUST AIN’T SHIT .. i am done.. Good Day!!!!



Flaming Lips… Erykah Badu… Western Esotericism..

Yup ..this is the one you been hearing bout.. you get to see NayRocks FLAMING LIPS.. lol.. but the video is awesome.. I like this team..This offering comes courtesy of The Flaming Lips new project (released 4.21 Record Store Day )The Flaming Lips and HEADY FWENDS   featuring folks like Bon Iver, Ms. BAdu and KESHA???  ok still i dope project though.. lol.. I love The Flaming LIps.. and of course Ms. BAdu.. you already know.. Enjoy..


THIS JUST IN:  6/6/12 Turns out.. Ms. Badu and Nayrok did not appreciate the Flaming Lips (Western Esotercism)  video .. directed by Wayne CoYNE (Flaming Lips frontman.. but you know that don’t  you lol) .. It seems Ms Badu was promised various creative  additions to sheath some of the nakedness .. Hell Erykah didn’t even like the vocal rendering used for the song ..With that being said.. we will replace the video in a second.. I thought it was dope.. but if she is cool on it .. We will wait.. LESSON LEARNED.. GET YO ASS OVER HERE.. WHEN WE FIRST POST SHIT ..!!! THAT IS ALL .. LOL.  Read her detailed letter to Wayne :

@waynecoyne then… perhaps, next time u get an occasion to work with an artist who respects your mind/art, you should send at least a ROUGh version of the video u PLAN to release b4 u manipulate or compromise the artist’s brand by desperately releasing a poor excuse for shock and nudity that sends a convoluted message that passes as art( to some).
Even with Window Seat there was a method and thought process involved. I have not one need for publicity . I just love artistic dialogue . And just because an image is shocking does not make it art. Continue reading

No Church in the Wild… The Throne/ Frank Ocean

I did like this song..but I am only posting it BECAUSE OF FRANK OCEAN.. I am tired of The Throne.. #JACKBAIT      lol.. i kid i kid..

Great visuals.. but isn’t it a little fucking late lol.. ijs..

Awkward Black Girl .. Season 2

Yup.. there is a Season 2 and it can be seen on The “IAMOther” youtube channel.. Good show.. The good part of the internet.. Sidebar: When was the last time extra P was this close to a NIGRESS.. IJS.. I still luh you though boo..LOL..


http://www.issarae.com    or follow her awkward ass .. @issarae

nas… daughters

This right here.. is crucial.. First he conquered with The Don .. and now this.. NAS IS NOT PLAYING!!!!!!

Once again , the man has done it.. Take a look into the soul of a brother trying to raise a daughter….while he struggles with his own shortcomings as an adult.. The end result though is an honest depiction of the pros and cons of modern parenting.  I respect this song a lot.. and I also appreciate how he actually placed a lot of his real life situations with his lovely daughter Destiny in both the song and video.. That’s rough ..but you gotta respect him.. HAT’S OFF.. NASIR..

A lot of  you niggaz don’t even acknowledge your seeds let alone the little princesses you have who could grow up to be queens if you would just take the time and show them what a real man is supposed to be.. Don’t you want your daughter to find a man in YOUR IMAGE.. or .. maybe you don’t.. SMH!!!!!!!!

From his forthcoming.. “Life Is Good”.. album..

Check out his Complex situation.. HERE.. 

you bitches ain’t fuckin with me KILLA… KILLA KILLA..

This is what has been fueling the blog posts for the last few days lol.. Santigold’s album “Master of My Make Believe” is epic.. THIS .. is my favorite joint..LOL.. Take it all in .. then take that ass to ITUNES and cop her full album.. It’s awesome..from start to finish..with production by DIPLO and a cast of other stellar individuals..  and did I mention that KAREN O.. MAKES AN APPEARANCE!!!

Disparate Youth video after the jump Continue reading

James Pants.. – THIN MOON and 1988

…………The hell…… is a James Pants I inquisitively asked my boy.. I am sure I had heard his name vaguely .. but I SLEPT .. .. my son quickly put me up on game..LOL.. I FOOLS WITH this regular looking white man!!  Apparently this cat has been out since like 08.. Go figure .. he is a Stones Throw artist, was discovered by Peanut Butter Wolf and he is awesome!!  Apparently this is his THIRD album.. HAHAH .. How SUS do I feel..like.. “oh son , is this a new situation”.. SMH…

He is a mixture of electro boogie, like 80’s New Wave, a dash of synth pop .. Hell it’s a mash up installment of good shit mashed together to make BETTER SHIT LOL.. I really like this cat.. He also did a great remix to Tyler the Creator’s “SEVEN” , James remixed The Last Dance from the Bastard album and they are huge fans of each other.. IT’S WHAT THE KIDS ARE LISTENIN TO .. LOL..  Thanks Nak


To learn more about this fella take it over to StonesThrow.  Thin Moon right chea!! Continue reading

Homemade Watermelon (Shaped) Chocolate Chip Bread

Yes. all those ridiculous things TOGETHER.. who ever created this recipe is obviously a stoner lol.. Why the hell would you make chocolate chip bread made like a watermelon LOL.. THAT’S CRAZY TALK!! but yet very intriguing. (Rubs Hands together like Birdman)

Here’s what you will need:  

  • 2 1/2 cups plus 2 tablespoons Gold Medal unbleached all-purpose flour
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 2 1/4 teaspoons (1 packet) active dry yeast
  • 1  small egg, beaten
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 cup buttermilk
  • 1/4 cup milk chocolate chips
  • red and green food coloring
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Today is Grace Jones Birthday.. she is timeless.. SHE IS LIFE.. SHE IS 64 !!!

Vintage Grace and Azzedine Alaia

if you are on the East Coast.. Grace’s bday was yesterday .. May 19, (1948).. We worship her each year.. and how awesome that she is A BULL.. and how much doper is it that she shares the birthday with MALCOM X.. both innovators and power movers..  Enjoy all the Grace of of it all from posts past.. BAMBOOBANGA HAS A FRIGGIN GRACE ARCHIVE BITCH HA!!

how awesome is this.. Grace and Jody.. I LIVE I LIVE I LIVE.. !!!!!

Photo courtesy of Ms. Jody Watley

Thank the GODS for GRACE. SIDENOTE: the next muhfucka that compares RHIANNA to Grace Jones.. will be found and FLAYED.. ahem as u were

Black People who rock.. THE PLUS LESSON!!..

Now this performance was originally in the first draft of my Blacks in Metal and Rawk.. .. and I said NO.. I am always shoving my saviour PRINCE lol.. down ey’body’s throat  I DELETED IT.. ..HOWEVER.. I am giving him his own spot..lol.. PER REQUEST OF THE HOMIES..  The Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame performance..where he showed his entire black ass.. Tom Petty really did feel like a refugee that night LOL..Special shoutout to the home Cminus.. Follow him on twitter @CMinusFan4… for making me put him back in the line up LOL ..mwahs.. !!!!!


well fuckit then… more guitar work.. BAMBI.. AFTER THE JUMP! Continue reading

It’s Black History Month..Lets look at the most influential BLACK PEOPLE IN METAL AND ROCK ETC.

As a sista it has always been important for me to express myself through HARD ROCK, PUNK AND METAL.. don’t get it twisted.. as you see we fools with FUNK, OLDIES, JAZZ and especially HIP HOP.. but right now.. I would like to reflect on some of the most influential BLACK PEOPLE IN METAL AND ALTERNATIVE..

The crew at YELL Magazine did a dope piece on their top 11.. and of course we  have thrown some of their choices in with our owns.. For the full YELL list . Go there and check it out It’s pretty ill.. IT’S DOPE!

Here are a few of our favorite brothers and sisters who got down on the other side of thangs.. starting with our forefather The Honorable JIMI HENDRIX.. with his black Band of Gypsies lol.. Get into it.. HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!!

JIMI HENDRIX  with The Band of Gypsies MACHINE GUN

Bad Brains  Big TakeOver LIVE AT CBGB’S

Slash of Guns and Roses… PATIENCE..

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niggas in poorest… Yasiin BEY (MOS DEF)

Wow.. as usual Mos is laying it down the way only he knows how..   Here he masterfully re-works Niggas in Paris .. I don’t think it’s a diss either.. you know this is what my dude does.. Remixes shit with a more relative tone.. IT’S DOPE AS HELL!!!!!We hear you though Mos.. ” We will not get caught up in the throne”  not that we don’t fool with Ye and Jay.. but damn.. that shit is not relative with what most of us are REALLY going through.. At any rate this song and video was put together to commemorate the death anniversary of  the late Malcolm X.. It also includes a clip from El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz himself..


Thissss.. is how i feel..

We love KID FURY .. if you don’t kys..lol.. and yeah we are part of the NOTMANYFUCKS coalition .. as well.. Get into it..

I must admit I was feeling SALTY AND SHADY this morning.. but this just lifted me up..  Thanks Fury.. Keep this shit coming.. MWAHS..