yup ..tonight it’s time for more carnage ….

zombie-heads-lego……………..as if you were not horrified enough … pour out a likkle cherry wine for Ab and Glenn…oh how we weep … what does this do to the team… Will Rick ever regain his g status … How will Maggie move forward……. OH THE HORROR AND THE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN …… sigh .. anyhoo ..  LEGO never dissapoints let’s relive this Negan and Lucille dance…  ….. HERE ….  and then let’s ROLL UP .and get ready for tonights bullshit ….. . you know this stuff gets uglier  every week…. tis the damn season ….  CHEERS…


wow… i need all of these … I NEED TO RE-ENACT every kill… remember the brutal disposal of NICK .. hahaha ( aah memories ) ….. to be a kid again ….

Sooo .. who wants to fight zombies .. all the way to the Bahamas… ON A FRIGGIN BOAT..

giphydarrylso.. here we have 3 fun-filled .. days of HORROR.. yes.. you will be on a SHIP traveling from Miami to the Bahamas… WITH ZOMBIES.. on the bright side .. Darryl and Beth will be there to protect you hahaahahah.. I think they should mix it with The Love Boat and have Captain Stubbing at the captains dinner zombied out .. or perhaps you might be able to get a Mojito from an Undead Isaac( anyways FOCUS..)  …   This Walking Dead themed cruise sets sail in January and is already filling up fast. The entire “Norwegian Pearl” will be chock full of zombies, games, functions, cosplay contests and cast members, (Sasha, Bob and Carl will also be there to name a few) .    I personally am in fact a Walking Dead super fan but i don’t know if I could deal with constant zombies on a fucking OCEAN LINER.. just me,  zombies , and the friggin OCEAN.. I don’t know .. The event is being called The Walker Stalker Cruise and this gig is GOIN UP .. i just think it will have to go up sans me though… tothedomeImagine leaving the boat club/bar/situation by yourself drunk as hell trying to get to the cabin, you gotta pee, you haven’t smoked any kush , and here come Davy Jones and some other gnawed up looking sumbitch .. On the other hand it’s a cruise .. so it’s probably gonna be fun..  I mean i would rather run from a half eaten ACTOR zombie than one of those blue tooth in the ear,  silk royal blue twin set, Huarache sandal wearing muhfuckas on the Funk Fest Cruise or something .  On some real stuff though , if you are brave and require this type of horror at sea to feel complete … check out  The Walker Stalker Cruise website for questions and to purchase tickets, while they still have them…




*Blank stare* …. so now you motherfuckers want to follow the books….

“i hope you get fucked up in these Westeros Streets HOE”.. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


WELL we are still devastated … there really are no words . Superbbness is inconsolable .. smh… and now I am rooting for The White Walkers…. EAT EVERYBODY … DAMNIT..

HERE IS The Season 5 Finale RECAP FROM THE NEGUS…. I don’t even have any fucking jokes… 😦


My hopes for the new season .. Davos, kill The Red Bitch … Arya get your sight back boo, Drogon is lazy as fuck.. and i hope there is a Dothraki as fine as Khal Drogo amongst the legions of fools surrounding The Mother of Dragons…  Cersei .. i almost felt sorry for you as you were smothered with shit , piss, smegma and village jizz hahah..but then i remembered I hate you .. and you should be dead not JON .. (tears) ..  I do know this Season 6 will probably consist of her boiling the High Sparrow .. ALL OF THEM in pots HAHAHAH.. she is mad… I MEAN REALLY PISSED..



and remember “pussy smoke monsters have a short life expectancy ” hahahahah.. The Negus are HILARIOUS LOL…..

George R.R. Martin you fucker…. ( sigh)

…and now our watch HAS ENDED………



Okay guys , it’s almost time.. let us a form a prayer circle around Jon Snow.. AND TURN UP .. HAHAHAHA….. Come back to us later for our recap with The Negus …after the finale…

This two drinks are very simple and  you still have time to rush out for the ingredients… See  ya in Westeros…


Ingredients :

-100 ml tonic
-30 ml gin
– 1 table spoon lemon juice
For Decoration :
-Fine Sugar
-Lemon Juice

Take sugar in a shallow dish smear edge of the glass with a little lemon juice. Turn the glass into the dish till the sugar sticks to edges. Leave to dry.
Meanwhile take tonic pour into a plastic container & put in the freezer. When the tonic is completely frozen crush it with a spoon and put it in a chilled martini glass – add lemon juice and gin.

fire and blood drink


– Drop of Grenadine
-50 ml of clear strong rum
– A bit of spirit

Pour into a glass alcohol and swirl it carefully so that the alcohol covers the walls, pour away remaining alcohol. At bottom  of glass pour a drop of Grenadine, complement Rum. Kindle the glass for effects, blow and drink.

 THERE ARE A MYRIAD OF SPIRITS for the Old Gods and The New… .. over here …. OMG.. now go drink like Tyrion ….

“Power” Season 2 premiere hits Starz record with 1.43 Million Viewers

Photography By Myles Aronowitz

Photography By Myles Aronowitz

Oh yes!    Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson talks enough shit but thankfully he can back it up . He waged war against urban powerhouse “EMPIRE” and I will be damned if he didn’t set a new standard at his own network;  letting the Empire team knows that Power would not be denied and is still a top contender as a television heavyweight ..The asshole that we hate to love is back along with the rest of the exceptional cast for Season 2 of the gritty street drama , “POWER”.  The record-breaking debut has set a new viewership high bar , knocking original Starz series Spartacus :Vengeance (1.39 million)  out of their dominant spot for an opening season premiere for the network .There has been an 32% increase in viewers since the Season 1 finale in August of 2014 . Power has also experienced a 209% viewership boost from last season’s initial episode and  some are attributing this extra spike in Power fans to residual left over  “Empire” interest.  The success of the Fox Networks ghetto baby has sparked America’s interest in the urban experience, but that is just the word on the street or should I say the marketing round table.   50 is probably not going to agree with that little nugget , I am sure he will accredit the attention to the great writing, action and twisted story of loyalty , betrayal, sex, juggin’ murder  and drama . powerseason2 I have no idea as i appreciate each show for its individual nuances,  but I do know that Power is an exciting, raw show and we at Bamboobanga have been watching since the first season .  We know the ladies are tuning in for those sexy love scenes with gorgeous brother Omari Hardwick, bring on more chop down scenes please  and thank you ..!!!!! Listen the ladies agree , Ghost is the man with his cheatin ass ….  HE LOOKS GOOD and those love scenes are extra spicy…. Curtis seems to be donning his hats as executive producer and cast member like a champ .  He gets more screen time this season as  “Kanan” ( Jackson) has been released from prison and is now plotting Ghost’s( Hardwick) expedient  demise.TOMMYKANN  He is trying to wipe our guy off the map with his shit eating grin LOL.. Tasha, Ghost’s main woman and wife ( Naturi Naughton) is still plotting and scheming to keep her man in these streets and Tommy (Joseph Sikora) is still representing as a street soldier demanding Ghost keep his focus on the dope game.   Ghost is still fucking with ( figuratively and literally) the Feds.  He can’t seem to shake Angela ( Lela Loren) who is his old love but also unbeknownst to her and HIM , trying to put her boo thang (Ghost) in prison for life. She works for the D.A. and his case is the one she is trying to crack in the realest of ways. HA! .OMARI.   Of course there is more infidelity , jealousy , thirst, sex and confusion but that is all the stuff that ratings dreams are made of . The supporting cast rocks as well . The soundtrack deserves some serious recognition as Saturday’s debut  ep offered joints by Drake, Pusha T, and Chase and Status.   This thing is loaded with hood goodness but has the slickness of a well produced network drama.  Congrats POWER team, it looks like the second season is starting off successfully …and  .. the riveting series has just been renewed for A THIRD SEASON .  So kudos again ..We look forward to the rest of the season .. . Check below for more of what’s to come in Season 2 of the Starz original POWER.




 Deadline Hollywood 



and WE ARE BACK!!!


SO… we have been gone .. about a year .. but you know how we do… let’s jump right in .. yes we will get to the Kushington, and drink recipes and fashion and ALL A DAT..but first… WE DO IT FOR THE REALM !!!   these guys THE NEGUS have this awesome recap situation on Youtube LOL….. “DEM THRONES”… now if you didn’t see the devastation from last night…..  Get into these two lol.. they are hilarious with their Southern Charm and nuances hahahaha…. we love .. WELCOME BACK.. AND ENJOY!!!!!

There are only two episodes LEFT.. OMG..

Breaking Bad.. man.. what the hell is going to happen.. Join us here for our recaps on Monday Mornings.. for the last two eps.. Me and B are just on pins and needles.. “I am glad they got Hank’s ass though”.. Now for MARIE.. hahahahaha..



Watch the Throne.. Run the Seven Kingdoms…

Here is the real “Throne” to watch.. here is the seat that everyone is after from King’s Landing to WinterFell lol..     If you cannot squab in the battle like Khal Drogo .. then you should just break out with 30 racks.. AND DO WHAT LITTLE FINGER WOULD DO.. Buy the muhfucka.. hahaha.. I AM NOT KIDDING.. If you are a very rich nerd.. you can purchase this piece for your art room , or dining room.. Maybe if you have a Game room.. hell I don’t know.. I would post this bitch on the front porch … and serve KoolAid to the kids .. HAHHAHA.. !!!!

Purchasing this throne of many kings swords .. has now been made possible by HBO.. who by the way sell many odd and exclusive artifacts from most of their awesome shows.. Can’t wait to see what they offer from True Blood.. BUT I DIGRESS..  Go here for more deets.. 

The replicas are made from hand-finished, hand-painted fiberglass and fireproof resin, weigh 350 pounds and measure 7 feet, 2 inches tall; 5 feet 11 inches deep; and 5 feet 5 inches wide.  I want one.. 😦 of course I am not that paid.. so … looks like I will have to just join the Battle LOL.. AND NOW THEIR ARE FUCKING ZOMBIES???????

Awkward Black Girl .. Season 2

Yup.. there is a Season 2 and it can be seen on The “IAMOther” youtube channel.. Good show.. The good part of the internet.. Sidebar: When was the last time extra P was this close to a NIGRESS.. IJS.. I still luh you though boo..LOL..


http://www.issarae.com    or follow her awkward ass .. @issarae

american weed premieres tonight..

Yes yet another series devoted to “the kine” … . Journey through Colorado’s medicinal marijuana wars… citizens for and against lock asses in the epic debate , “Should the shops be closed, are they hurting the community etc?”.  National Geographic gives us an inside look at everyone from the growers, shop owners, patients, and law makers who are positioned to express the pros and cons of the cannabis industry in their town.. .. I am always critical of these shows since they always end up being ANTI  especially fooling with National Geographic.  I did not appreciate their last foray into the ganja business it was very negative and did not show the positive aspects of the situation.. but .. we will give it a chance.. So Toke up and set your DVR’s if you are not at the rest..

American Weed National Geographic Channel tonight (Wednesday, February 22) at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Check for local listings



Well Auntie Dineva is back with RHOA’ s Marlo Hampton’s head on a skewer loL..SMH..  This evening Marlo ,being the Coon that she is tried it with Ms. Sheree’ “Marmaduke” Whitfield.. the fur flew and Marlo used a derogatory comment in reference to the queens. .. and chile .. The Children are ANGRY.. SHE BETTER RUN AND HIDE…. and she is not going to be able to make  a hair appointment in all of Georgia SMH…!!! DINEVA PRETTY MUCH SUMMED THIS SHIT UP !! Yes Gawd…….

Follow Funky Dineva on twitter Here.. 

I LUH HAH LOL.. and dammit I AGREE!!!

Well Chrissy has been gangsta for a minute lol..

Remember Apache.. yeah this was my shit. He had many bitches rocking Carhartt lol.. anyways.. look who it is @ 0:17.. yUP THAT’S MRS. JONES .. lol.. rocking her TAN bandana.. also I believe I see Nikki D, Jazzy Joyce, a few other female emcees from back in the day.. This shit made me get up and BOGLE LOL.. two fingers hhahaha!




Get Creative.. Create your awesome Halloween Costume..

i spoke too soon.. ahem..HERE IS THE SEXY OPTIMUS PRIME.. and for 70 bucks...*blank stare*

Clearly.. every female is going to be A “SEXY” something or other.. it’s the part I loathe about Halloween nowadayz..  it’s usually just a gathering of bitches that want to let their HO PARTZ breathe.. I believe in COMMITTING.. if you are gonna be a witch go all out, mole, cauldron, green skin.. .. if you are a vampire or something scary..BE REVOLTING.. there is no such thing as A SEXY OPTIMUS PRIME .. or  A SEXY HARRY POTTER. it’s not sexy just CORNY.. so here are some ideas from those of us that do not get our Halloween Costumes from Frederick’s of Hollywood.. or Drakes OR the Stripper section of the Swap Meet.

I say if you dress like a hoe most of the time.. be different, be a librarian or a bitch with clothes on or simply walk around with a book in front of your face.. this will BE A GREAT DISGUISE and again just rock clothes  .. at least drawers it will be a change.. people won’t recognize you with your titties behind a blouse WHAT!!!!


clearly the most popular costumes for the ladies are the Pan AM chicks.. ABC has blessed us with this awesome revival of retroliciousness.. (THAT’S A WORD).

there are many variations..HOWEVER.. I SUGGEST going the authentic route.. or be a Pan AM zombie lol..that’s would I would do but hey.. THAT’S ME.. Please try to avoid that corny Soul  Train Electric Blue Dress with that tired fake stewardess hat , RANDOM WING APPLIQUE’ AROUND THE NECKLINE, and the silver platforms..

This ain't it.. but IT'S OUT OF STOCK EVERYWHERE ..go figure..


I mean this is just wrong.. you would be better off going to your local thrift shops and building one. This joint here is 24.99 at EVERY COSTUME SHOP.. I am sure it is posted next to the obscure and hard to obtain PLAYBOY BUNNY COSTUME (rolls eyes).. right between the SEXY GYPSIE AND THE SEXY FREDDY KRUEGER..(bitch yess , there is a sexy Freddy Krueger)..

Bamboobanga is going to show you how to make a Pan AM costume as well as where to get other fun, fresh, and funky costumes to add ummph to your trick or treating adventures..

lol.. for the correct way to don these and many other dope costumes.. Follow the GREAT PUMPKIN … to the next page LOL..  Continue reading

Soo I was with Will. I . Am one Day… Jimmy Iovine

This is going to be a good view.. AOL.COM  has put together a web series of  featurettes, based on Executive Steve Stoute’s book ” The Tanning of America”.. I’LL SAY IT’S BEEN TANNED.. huh..

JayZ , of course..(don’t you remember when he wouldn’t talk lol).. Pharrell, Lady Gaga , and Jimmy Iovine (who sounds so “carsalesmanish”) lol.. all discuss how  they have provided assistance with certain branding and the distrubution of swagger  to  mass media and pop culture via their snazzy urban influence. HA

Respectively.. LOL..  Jimmy breaks it down about the “hardware” of it all and the birth of Beats by Dre expensive ass headphones and speakers.. .  *sidebar* they are the shit though LOL>.

I will be watching ..check AOL.. and go buy the book ..not the fucking Kindle download LOL..

OF COURSE. you know who Steve Stoute is if  you are coming here.. LE SIGH .. although..OK.. JUST CHECK OUT HIS RESUME’ HERE..

BLACK DYNAMITE.. is coming to Adult.Swim YESSS!!

tHIS IS A BAD MUTHA *watch yo mouth*.. Can’t wait…

go here to check it out the FULL  sneak peek.. YOU JIVE TURKEY!!!

here is a lil sumthin though.. SOLID

tHEY said August 8th but it’s the 12th am I sleepin??? LOL.. anyhoo.. REMEMBER.. I used to be A CHILDREN ….. LOL


Well Well Bon Temps is heating up this season.. I was worried after the first Episode but Episodes 2- 4 have amounted to UNMITIGATED DRAMA

YES THIS IS A NEW UPDATE.. THAT UP THERE is an old pic lol.. i like it.. NOW…

Recap Sofar: 1-3

Sookie is still a fairy has been away from Bon Temp for like 2 years and every thing in the town wants to either eat or fuck her,  nothing has changed.. except her fucked up visit to fairy land. and her life without Bill Compton..

Tara has been found cage fighting and carpet munchin in N’Awlins.. she had to get away ya’ll …. then there is a whole bunch of other shit going on…

Full re-cap Continue reading

The Song of Ice and Fire… George R.R. Martin

We have been meaning to start this expedition for a minute but then HBO did such an awesome job with the show.. We immediately put a rush on the need to have all 5 books.. BTW.. I love BOOKS, fuck a Kendle lol..

HBO Scene’s after the Kut Continue reading

Monday Nite DVR Madness..

Nancy Botwin and her mess has returned .. We will have full updates per week.. last nite was too uneventful though..so we will start next week..OK.. LOL.. IT WILL BE CRACKIN BY THEN I AM SURE.. LOL

Let’s not forget about our new favorite Cancer Patient.. YUP LOOK LIKE IT’S CRACKIN ON SHOWTIME RIGHT NOW.. The Big C and Weeds starting Monday June 27, only on Showtime.. so pay your cable bill bitches…

Kreayshawn.. Get It Bitch..

People know or you might not.. Ness and I come from a film background “Bangers Sisters” is an actual production company soooo… we love to hear about other females in the field getting it in.. We also love Kreayshawn.. she is creative .. and DOPE… ya’ll can argue but we are secure…in the fact that she is the business.

Anyhoo, Oakland Native Kreayshawn (Natasha Zolot) has just been commissioned to direct the new Red Hot Chili Peppers “Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie” Video from their forthcoming joint “I’m With You”…. UHHH JEALOUS.. I KNOW I AM.. LOL..

Sounds crazy, well not really, she has already directed several videos lowkey most notably, the  “based god”,  himself….LIL B. She also dabbles in graphic design and holds a degree from Berkeley Film School, OHH ya’ll thought she was really ignant lol.. so not the case.   Kreayshawn for “Cre-A-Tion” ,  is quite serious about her “Depth of Field” she is focused and taking the world by storm.  Columbia won the bidding war for the  21 years young emcee,  partially because they agreed to allow her to continue her pursuits in video direction. I am sure she ain’t mad at that rumored  young milli that got thrown on the table either lol..   Columbia was all in, in fact they seemed quite excited about the young femcee’s illustrious plans for her future directing endeavors.. Take note ladies.. white or black..GET CREATIVE.. do some shit.. LOL..  Read more about this.. over at MTV.  Like it or not the White Girl Mob is here and these bitches ARE NOT PLAYIN..

NEXT UP : They freed VNASTY..so  get familiar.. 

OH YEAH .. BTW.. We were the first blog I know that supported this chick.. Yup I am blog banging WHAT.. don’t believe me check the stats SON hahaha..

If you want to see “Gucci Gucci” CHECK THE STATS ABOVE..

I am an old bitch so after the Kut you can engage in some “vintage” Anthony Kiedis … Continue reading