Rihanna … all i see is dolla signs.. blunt in mouth.. yada yada lol..

aight .. we know ya’ll wanna see it .. but the real work was put in by Ms. Nicole “The Pole” ¬†she is AMAZING.. she never stripped.. and taught herself how to do ALL OF THIS.. from Youtube.. .. THROW IT UP … THROW IT UP..


Here is Nicole’s audition.. I MEAN.. COME ON.. WERQ

umm so yeah.. you can check her out .. more from Ms. Nicole Williams after the jump.. I am totally going to enroll in a class .. FOR FITNESS.. COME ON NOW.. ūüôā Continue reading

Fashion Tweekers…. Sky Ferreira and her boo ARRESTED ..

Welp.. ¬†another skinny ass model down.. HHAHAHAHA.Singer they say and fashion model Sky Ferreira (21) and her dude fashion model and indie band frontman Zachary Smith(28)¬†¬†were arrested in New York on Friday . This shit is funny to me.. if you are mad.. then scratch ya ass til ya get glad.. Don’t trip she’s white her ass was probably out of lock up and back on the runway before she came down and your broke ass got up to go to work.. .. She is so chic.. 0_0

The couple were pulled over on the way to Mr Smith’s getaway home in the Catskills after making ‘several vehicle and traffic infractions,’ according to the Saugerties Police Department. ¬†It was after police inspected the vehicle that they discovered 28-year-old Mr Smith, who¬†was reportedly driving an unregistered Ford pickup truck with stolen plates without insurance or a license,¬†had a ‘plastic bag containing 42 decks of heroin’, while Miss Ferreira ‘was found in possession of ecstasy and resisted arrest,’ said police.

This will just add to their appeal as if they were some type of righteous political prisoners.. You motherfuckers had ex and heroin.. COME ON SON.. Just as suspected the two were released and reunited so they could lament over the “injustices of the system”.. I swear.. white folk never seem to know how to ride dirty. ..hahah..I got 42 Stacks of that bad shit.. soooooo.. let me drive some faulty as truck, erratically, ¬†with no insurance, stolen license plates, and we outchea as dirty as the bottom of a hot hoes foot on Western.. . This bitch had the gumption to PHYSICALLY SQUAB with the arresting officers.. LMBAO.. Now you know had that been a sista we would be having to raise funds and call Al Sharpton .. LOL.. ¬†Zachary ran to Twitter to defend him and his drugstore cowgirl.. ‘What you‚Äôre reading is a police blotter, not the outcome of a court case. These cops wanted to f*** us, and they did. Sky did nothing wrong.’ ¬†


Hold on while I fall out .. you fucked yourselves.. the two of you had just finished walking in clandestine shows, Sky for Marc Jacobs and Zachary for Yves Saint Laurent.. and the pressure just made them have to do THE EXTRA.. HAHAHAH..Ya’ll should have smoked a joint, or took a bong rip .. LOL.. I have always felt that Sky looked like she should have a permanent room at The Taj Mahal ( New Jack City). ¬†This bitch looks straight out of Christian F , scars and itchy looking skin and all.. On the runway she is not even that dope.. yet these are the bitches THEY PREFER to just one or two Nubian models.. BUT I DIGRESS.. that’s a whole other can of Yams.. anyhoo.. check out her work, and the two of you .. BETTER CALL SAUL.. HAHAHAHAHA..

ZeZe look out boo!!!!!

ZeZe look out boo!!!!!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2423560/Model-couple-busted-ecstasy-traffic-stop-end-fashion-week.html#ixzz2fBUCmaia 
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Perfect Bitch.. Oh Really Kanye????

This will probably make Kim’s stock go up.. Initially I didn’t want to believe this shit having seen her very boring ass tape with Ray J.. I knew she couldn’t have gotten down with some pros.. But .. Adult film veteran ¬†Julian St. Jox¬† states quite the opposite, in fact Julian states that in 2001 Ms. Kartrashian, a brotha who came with her to said function and fellow adult performer Emily Ann had a nice little tryst at a swingers party at The Wyndham Hotel here in Los Angeles.

According to The Huffington Post: 


St. Jox claims that 20-year-old Kim showed up at the Wyndham Hotel in Culver City around 11:30 p.m. with a black man, who may have been her then-husband, music producer Damon Thomas, though it’s not clear if he was her escort to the party.

“She wasn‚Äôt known at the time at all, not like today, but for everyone who frequented these parties, she was interesting because she was a new face,” explained St. Jox, who told the website that he and his date, a fellow porn actress named Emily Ann, were instantly interested in Kim and propositioned her, which led to some heated dancing. ¬†¬†St. Jox alleges that the three of them later found a private room, and got to know one another intimately. “[Kim] looked like she was enjoying herself very much,” the 45-year-old adult entertainer claimed.

WHATTT!!! Now I have an inside source and I strongly believe that these allegations are true. ¬†The other participants have no reason to lie.. Keep it here on Bamboobanga420.com, so you can watch this whole tale unravel.. ¬†More facts to come .. Stay Tuned!! *sidebar*¬†¬†You wonder what the hell are you covering this for BJ.. WELL the story is so shocking and it is time for this Kardashian bullshit to end sorry Ye!!! lol.. I have a feeling this won’t stop it though LOL!!!

Umm..Lauryn.. I am gonna let you finish..but girl.. this is some bullshit..

LOL.. IJS.. Now let me preface this by saying..I am in no way .. supporting the IRS, I cannot deny nor confirm that their allegations in reference to Ms. Hills tax standings are true or false.. HOWEVER… Girl..

I am tired of this stance she always takes.. this ¬†amalgamation of big words and rhetoric thrown together in a bullshit salad to SAY SOMETHING i guess about the ill will of the industry and the saftey of her family and the lowkeyness of her chakra’s and whatever the fuck.. YET.. We must address you as Ms. Hill and not look you in the eyes.. Now SISTAS.. HOLD YOUR HEADWRAPS TIGHT.. You are not going to like this part.. THIS BITCH NEEDS TO HANDLE HER BUSINESS.. no really .. if it’s false.. which I am more than confident that it could be.. .. then HANDLE IT.. if it is true .. THEN DELIVER THE YIPPERS.. damn.. see although I have always appreciated her talent.. I thought she was a NUT from Day one..that’s just me… and it’s ok.. I am crazy too hell.. but stop playing the victimized revolutionary who was just sitting back , riding Marley dick, reading the bible and learning those 3 chords on the guitar.. LOL.. Your fans love you girl.. just stay silent .. and handle your shit .. smh.. Here¬† (Lauryn’s mish mosh of a rebuttal , I guess) is the THESIS .. ¬†We ain’t got room for all that over here.. on another note though: SHIT WAS ALL GOOD JUST A WEEK AGO !! Check out Nas and Lauryn’s Epic Summer Jam performance after the Kut Continue reading

We know about all the other fuckery going on….and so should you..

The blogosphere is a funny place.. and we hate ¬†to repeat things that have appeared online AD NAUSEUM .. LOL.. ¬†Check some of our other blog patnas.. for certain ratchetness and some stuff that is not so ratchet..JUST NOT HERE LOL.. .. Some of this is just really not right… You know wrong shit .. Like this bitch in a Nirvana shirt..HAHAHAHA.. I SWEAR..

…because Trina really used to rock Nirvana..

Le Sigh.. So… Chris Brown ..Meek Mill.. and Drake.. are all dragging Rhianna.. Freshalina and dem got that .. lol..

Mary J. Blige.. says Hell Naw she hasn’t been using her charities to fund her Chicken Wrap dreams.. TMZ…

Game of Thrones .. adding more characters to next season .. PerezHilton

Yup.. The Zombie Apocalypse Is Upon U and it started in Miami??… SandraRose¬†Check the NSFW PHOTOS OF THE VICTIMS..¬†¬†it’s gross.. omg..

40 shot and 10 killed in Chicago over the Memorial Day Weekend .. Just Wow.. Bossip 

KidFury takes us to the front of the REVEL stage.. We love him..he is such a BabyDoll.. awww.. He has been changed…by Beyonce’ …¬†

Thissss.. is how i feel..

We love KID FURY .. if you don’t kys..lol.. and yeah we are part of the NOTMANYFUCKS coalition .. as well.. Get into it..

I must admit I was feeling SALTY AND SHADY this morning.. but this just lifted me up..  Thanks Fury.. Keep this shit coming.. MWAHS..



Well Auntie Dineva is back with RHOA’ s Marlo Hampton’s head on a skewer loL..SMH.. ¬†This evening Marlo ,being the Coon that she is tried it with Ms. Sheree’ “Marmaduke” Whitfield.. the fur flew and Marlo used a derogatory comment in reference to the queens. .. and chile .. The Children are ANGRY.. SHE BETTER RUN AND HIDE…. and she is not going to be able to make ¬†a hair appointment in all of Georgia SMH…!!! DINEVA PRETTY MUCH SUMMED THIS SHIT UP !! Yes Gawd…….

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I LUH HAH LOL.. and dammit I AGREE!!!

Jay-Z is going to build a stadium on top of this Church LOL..!!

aWW SHIT.. i don’t care i thought it was funny!!.. Niggaz are going to burn this church down though ..Know that LOL.. ¬†Apparently vandals who are tired of Jay and B thought this would be the message du jour.!!!!


I knew this was going to happen.. Azealia Banks Vs. Kreayshawn

I fux wit them both..but I knew this sista was going to come for the head of KreayShawn smh.. it all started because Kreayshawn RT’d a PornHub link to Banks’ “212” video.. which was featured here on Bamboobanga420.com… That’s too bad.. ¬†I feel that Banks is a doper emcee but Kreayshawn is a young street bitch , white or not while Banks is more FAME school Broadway bound , rapper slash actress.. ¬†ETC.

Can’t You Bitches All Get Along ????

I have no dog in this fight.. but I wanted to share the slab of beef.. with you faithful readers lol.. Ya’LL love the Smut!!!

Read the entire tweet by tweet situation over at Global Grind.. I have no time for the play by play.. But Russell ass got staff over there for this type of Print Screen Capture shit LOL..

I gotta admit Kreayshawn was an easy target Azealia.. I like you sister but what was your video doing on PornHub anyway.. I believe it was just a link that chick has been biggin you up all month. ¬† Anyways go to Global Grind ..weigh in.. while I go and purchase some Equality .. See Ya Later.. ¬†I guess Azealia told Kreayshawn ” I’MA RUIN U CUNT” lol.. she told the bitch she was going to “sit on her face” .. I guess it’s safe to say that most of these young chicks are on pussy LOL.. oK.. MY OLD ASS HAS TO GO NOW.. MWAHS.¬†

The Machines are winning- VIP Records Closes it’s Doors

How sad is this!!!!!! ..Worldfamous VIP Records has been a LANDMARK on the West Coast forever. ¬†I am sure everyone remembers the image of a young Snoop Dogg posted atop the record store ¬†in the “What’s My Name” video.

Kevin Anderson Sr. has had to endure some lean times since 2003 while trying to hold the shop together. He states that now he and his son “can barely pay rent or the utilities”. ¬†This seems impossible but like so many record chains (Virgin, Tower) in LA. ¬†People just don’t care about buying CD’s and Records like that from record shops. ¬†People just want to Download from the comfort of home. Amoeba is the antithesis to this but the majority of shops are closing quickly.

¬†Itunes and music downloading is convenient but we never stop to think about the small mom and pop record shops we grew up with closing down or going bankrupt. ¬†You know that going into Big Ben’s in LA off La Brea or sitting in VIP Records listening to the latest Con Funk Shun or Eric B and Rakim album was quite different than running to Target to listen to music at one of those little kiosks..

This was more than just a place to buy music and posters,  this was a place which housed the studio from whence Snoop and Warren G first created demos. Sir Jinx had a studio in this building.  The West Coast Gangsta Rap Foundation has bricks with VIP stamps on them.  Technology has given way to so much.  Read more about the demise of a part of history at LA WEEKLY. 

surprise…surprise.. The horror on Halloween .. Kris and Kim .. call it a day..


Yeah we seen this coming.. and too bad for you Kris Humphries since you recently lost thousands of dollars in a BONEHEADinvestment..  and the NBA LOCKOUT IS STILL ON LOL..

Kris u had to know it was gonna end up this way boy.. YO DICK AIN’T BLACK ENUFF LOL..

and boo to Russell Simmons too talkin about ..”he is sending some love because his friend his hurting”..BITCH WHO.. they have not even finished unwrapping all the gifts LOL. ¬†this bitch is not HURTING… she is at the bank now.. crying into her vault.. ENUFF..

I wonder when the DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS will be televised. ¬†Perhaps Kim will cut up some more of her father’s shirts to include IN THAT TOO TIGHT SUIT she will don.. This is some bubble up bullshit.. and just wasteful.. SMH..


that was 72 days of Bullshit.. with the economy the way it is.. The Kardashians should just go away..wasting all that goddamn money for this farce.. SMH..

This was all the FAKE wedding they needed..

so she apparently filed divorce due to .”irreconcilable differences” *blank stare* the check must of cleared ..for more info on this bullshit..

Clemency for Troy Davis… WE HOPE!!!

Once again another brother’s life waves precariously in peril… this will be the fourth execution date for a man that quite possibly is innocent of the crime:

In 1989, an off-duty Savannah police officer Mark MacPhail was shot and killed. Nine eyewitness identified Davis as the murderer, even though no phsyical evidence tied him to the crime.

In the years since, seven of the nine eyewitnesses recanted their story and two other witnesses said another man committed the crime. Amid the doubt, three previous execution dates have been postponed by court order, one just mere hours before Davis was set to die.

Last week, a petition with 663,000 signatures was delivered to the Georgia board, calling for clemency. Fromer president¬†Jimmy Carter and Pope Benedict XVI¬†have come forward asking for a stay of execution. On Twitter,………….Washington Post.Com

Support has spread “nationally’ for a man who may or may not have committed the crime..¬† Continue reading

Craigs List for Rich fucks.. James List..

I am sure if you are Pharrell or Jay-Z , one would have no reason for fucking around on Craig’s List looking for expired Mac Panther Programs or jobs in production.. I would guess you have no use for that cat’s used G5 with the bootleg of Final Draft 8.. NO ..THAT IS MY LINE..however.. this is how the rich people shop…

James List.. 

$ 1,817,963 you got that..

or how bout this…

$ 75,000,000 that is a steal LOL

  • Private Island Paradise
  • Location: The Bahamas
WONDERFUL DAHLING.. LET ME CALL MY BROKER… umm do ya’ll fuck with Netspend.. OH NO..


We’re livin in the last day..we’re livin in the last days…. Organized Confusion..

Wow.. So.. books are now about to become extinct like basketweaving or hunting and gathering our food.. WHAT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!.. it’s all remakes and reality TV show’s and now NO BOOKS..

It’s about to be The Book of Eli around this bitch.. Let me hide my book collection now.. BEFORE THEY COME FOR INSPECTION .. Grabs The ISIS PAPERS, ART OF WAR, AND FLEES.. i will come back for the rest smh …Check out the new book free dimensions.. the shelves are shorter in width so..NO BOOKS.. Read the Rest >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Continue reading

Mr. Ghetto – Walmart (Joe With Da Dreads Mixx 2011) OFFICIAL MUSIC …

Rats Squad Up We takin it to Walmart.. I’LL MEET YA IN THE DOUCHE AISLE LOL.. he said it I didn’t.. HAHAHAHA

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Now see it’s time to fall back..

That’s right girl, go on and work Ken-yonnn, nah I know this is just for the shoot and that shit got to be re-turned oookkkk.. or they gon’ charge up the credit card.. don’t forget to tape the shoes on the bottom..lol.. nah I am sure that Trina’s shoes and lacefront have been paid for per her.. I mean that’s what’s important.. after all she is the baddest bitch..(right) , As for this bad interpretation of “chic” as my boy Dwight would say, “How Dreadful”..
Umm Umm Umm


oh god i think I am done.. just enjoy more pics after the jump and observe the destruction of one bad ass shoe..

Thanks ybf for the hookup

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