One more added date for Slayer’s Palladium Show..

slayers current lineupSooooo …...Slayer’s show 10/28,  at Hollywood’s infamous Palladium sold out quick as fuck..  I know because just like Sabbath.. Nak and I  had been waiting and pounced on pre-sale tickets faster than Kerry King shreds…  I really personally don’t give a damn about those of  you who didn’t make it a PRIORITY to get your fucking tickets ..LOL.. HOWEVER.. the band is more gracious.. THEY HAVE ACTUALLY ADDED an additional date 10/ the Palladium stop..  so now your late asses can also be there to mosh yourselves straight into HELL.LOL.. . slayer-wallpaper-hdI also appreciate that they added it before the original show.. I made moves son, so I want THE CLOSING SHOW..  LOL.  yeah I know I ain’t shit but you’ll forgive me after you reminisce  and listen to the original Haunting the Chapel version  of Aggressive Perfector… ENJOY.. NOW Go Here  and get whatever tickets are remaining.. . .Keep your horns high, and if you see me .. don’t ask to hit my joint.. OKAY!!!!!!! . RIP JEFF HANNEMAN and fuck SPIDERS!!!

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Those kids are at it again!!!!!!

It’s still Golfwang on everybody .. AT LEAST THE SMART PEOPLE HA.. .. … we’ve got the successful release of Earl Sweatshirts  “Doris”,      Tyler is on tour with EVERYBODY LOL.. , The InTERNET are releasing new fire material, and of course… IT’S TIME FOR THE CARNIVAL CHILL’UN. Did I mention there is a WOLF movie trailer.. IT’S JUST SOOOO MUCH ..

carnival 2013

AND HERE IS SOMETHING FOR YA.. Don’t you love Syd.. and the gang.. they are dreamy.. LOL.. okay I am grown is

The Internet .. Dontcha from their forthcoming  album “Feel Good” being released September 24th… Can’t wait..

the internet

Fresh from touring EVERYWHERE.. the former duo now flanked with a full-scale band are prepping for the release of their follow-up to  Purple Naked Ladies  entitled “Feel Good”   here is another joint .. “Partners in Crime Part Two”… Enjoy .. 


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Happy Birthday DJ QUIK…



quik-7-and-eiht2After this shit right here I never thought I would see these two in a flick together.. Whooo that was a  young serving.. I AM JUST SAYIN.. MC EIHT!!!! He told that nigga that THE G WAS NOT IN HIM.. hahahaha.. well.. Glad these two grown men put that shit behind them.. but it made for some SPECTACULAR HIP HOP.. ON ME. I am sure it almost got funky in the street too .. but thankfully it ended well with this glorious song STANDING when the smoke cleared!!!!!


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Urgent : The City is starting the process to close our Cannabis Dispensaries

URGENT: If you live in the Los Angeles, CA area, your attention and activism are needed.


 Moving with uncustomary speed, and skirting propriety in their haste, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office will address The Safety Committee in closed session tomorrow, January 13, 2012, to recommend a total ban on Medical Cannabis Facilities.  If the Safety Committee chooses to do so, they may vote for a ban, and send the motion to the City Council for approval. 
 If the City Council acts with the same alacrity the Safety Committee does, all medical cannabis collectives in the City of Los Angeles could be ordered to close within a month.
 The Security Committee has chosen to schedule the meeting to discuss all this at 8:45 A.M. tomorrow, and relevant documents were posted on-line today, giving the public no time to weigh- in on this issue.
 During the recent holiday, in a campaign spearheaded by Americans for Safe Access, medical cannabis patients sent over 16,000 emails to Los Angeles City Council Members, asking them to reject a ban and instead enact reasonable regulations.
The Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance (GLACA) has collected over a thousand letters from patients and their caregivers, asking the authors of the two motions to ban to withdraw their motions and enact sensible regulations instead. GLACA will present these letters to the Los Angeles City Council tomorrow during the council meeting.
“The City Attorney is moving with such haste that he cannot have possibly considered some very viable alternatives. As a result, the health and safety of the sick and dying in Los Angeles may be at risk, and that is unacceptable to us.  We will be at the Security Committee Meeting tomorrow with our lawyers, in the hopes we can persuade the Safety Committee to delay a vote until this matter is fully briefed,” remarked Yami Bolanos, President and Founder of GLACA.
What:      Public Safety Committee Meeting to Discuss Medical Cannabis Ban
When:     Friday, January 13, 2012
Time:       8:45 AM
Location:  Los AngelesCity Hall
                 200 South Spring Street
                 Los Angeles, Ca 90012
                 Room 1010

The Machines are winning- VIP Records Closes it’s Doors

How sad is this!!!!!! ..Worldfamous VIP Records has been a LANDMARK on the West Coast forever.  I am sure everyone remembers the image of a young Snoop Dogg posted atop the record store  in the “What’s My Name” video.

Kevin Anderson Sr. has had to endure some lean times since 2003 while trying to hold the shop together. He states that now he and his son “can barely pay rent or the utilities”.  This seems impossible but like so many record chains (Virgin, Tower) in LA.  People just don’t care about buying CD’s and Records like that from record shops.  People just want to Download from the comfort of home. Amoeba is the antithesis to this but the majority of shops are closing quickly.

 Itunes and music downloading is convenient but we never stop to think about the small mom and pop record shops we grew up with closing down or going bankrupt.  You know that going into Big Ben’s in LA off La Brea or sitting in VIP Records listening to the latest Con Funk Shun or Eric B and Rakim album was quite different than running to Target to listen to music at one of those little kiosks..

This was more than just a place to buy music and posters,  this was a place which housed the studio from whence Snoop and Warren G first created demos. Sir Jinx had a studio in this building.  The West Coast Gangsta Rap Foundation has bricks with VIP stamps on them.  Technology has given way to so much.  Read more about the demise of a part of history at LA WEEKLY. 

NORML’S Marijuana year in Review…

#1 NORML Sues to Halt Government’s Prosecution of Medical Cannabis Providers
In October, the United States Deputy Attorney General, along with the four US Attorneys from California, announced their intentions to escalate federal efforts targeting the state’s medical cannabis dispensaries and providers. In response, members of the NORML Legal Committee filed suit in November against the federal government arguing that its actions were in violation of the Ninth, Tenth, and Fourteenth Amendments of the US Constitution. Plaintiffs further argued, using the theory of judicial estoppel, that the Justice Department had previously affirmed in federal court that it would no longer use federal resources to prosecute cannabis patients or providers who are compliant with state law. NORML’s lawsuit remains pending.

#2 Members of Congress Introduce First Bill Since 1937 to Legalize Cannabis 
House lawmakers introduced legislation in Congress in June to end the federal criminalization of the personal use of marijuana. The bipartisan measure – HR 2306, the ‘Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011′ – prohibits the federal government from prosecuting adults who use or possess cannabis by removing the plant and its primary psychoactive constituent, THC, from the five schedules of the United States Controlled Substances Act of 1970. The bill awaits Congressional action.

#3 Gallup: Majority of Americans Support Legalizing Cannabis
A record 50 percent of Americans now believe that marijuana ought to be legalized for adult use, according to a nationwide Gallup poll of 1,005 adults published in October. The 2011 survey results mark the first time ever that Gallup has reported that more Americans support legalizing cannabis (50 percent) than oppose it (46 percent).

#4 Over One Million Americans Now Use Cannabis Legally Under State Law
Between one million to one-and-a-half million US citizens are legally authorized by the laws of their state to use marijuana, according to data compiled in May by NORML from state medical marijuana registries and patient estimates. Read the full story here.

Learn more about our achievements and set backs in pursuit of the legalization of our medicine at NORML..


Congrats to Pharrell Williams…

Alright.. my interest has been RE- IGNITED in the 84th Annual Academy Awards.. I was cool on this gathering per the Brett Ratner/Eddie Murphy fuckery that reared it’s head this season.. HOWEVER

Pharrell Williams has joined forces with Hans Zimmer. The two will be  music consultants for this years telecast.






See me wit a rag it’s only to wipe the fingerprints..

New video from The Tabernacle MCZ feat. West Coast Classic Aceyalone..

West West…….

These are our brothers here at Bamboobanga420..

Tabernacle MCZ consist of Panama Redd(Deacon Dwindle Duckets)  and Born Allah aka The Apostle, Sweet Daddy Grace . These men of the mic have come to resurrect the vintage bboy and abolish the new school of bullshit to hell LOL..


Come join the bredren in freeing your souls from that old rap and bullshit.. Check out the album B-BOY PROPHECIES: THE BOOK OF HIMOTHY on Itunes .

This is a classic with production by Lord Jamar, Sha-Fiq of Sa-Ra Creative Partners, and guest appearances by Aceyalone, Medusa, Big Arch and K.I.T.S.. to name a few..  If you fuck with LA Underground.. This is what you need ..

This is sho nuff a classic.. so download that shit.. and save yourself from the pit of eternal wackness.. .. AMEN and pass the blunt to my nigga on the

The church of Hip Hop and Financial Prosperity, internalizes this, and proclaims that if in the beginning was the word, that the word had to be uttered by a M.C. That the Supreme Being is the ultimate master of ceremony. They also teach that God gave his only begotten son “The B-Boy”. Who performed the miracles that is known today as the four elements of Hip Hop; Graffiti, Break Dancing, DJ’ing, and MC’ing.

These Prophets and Messengers of Hip Hop feel that they have been brought forth to reveal to the world that the B-Boy has been crucified by poor talented rappers, who have long lost the true meaning of the art form.  Plus the music industry, who is responsible for diminishing the standards of the music for profit.

Expect a full interview with these cats shortly.. SUPPORT INDIE HIP HOP.. seriously..

Follow them on Twitter..TABERNACLEMCZ

Check them out of Facebook TABENACLE MCZ


Read more about them on ReverbNation 


Check them and family on ProjectBlowed.Com

Flasks with Flavor….

OMG.. so.. at bamboobanga420.. we set trends.. YUP WE DO LOL.. anyway.. the newest flyest accessory one can don at the moment are these awesome flasks.. I personally own the one you see in this pic.. Skull and Bones.. it’s awesome.. I love it .. If you are interested in obtaining one of these jawns.. Go here.

prices vary and if you contact the lovely Ms. Stuart in advance for a little extra you can get one personalized.. LIKE I DID.. so don’t sleep.. it’s better than that ghetto ass red cup you been draggin around.. *wink* Tell em bamboobanga sent u..   There are so many things over there , baskets for EVERY occasion, knick knacks all skillfully created .. I love this place.. I am a regular customer.. Follow Bijoux Baskets on Twitter and enjoy your purchases..

Trouble on my mind…. Pusha T..Tyler the Creator.. FULL VIDEO..

Rumble young man Rumble…

ain’t too much trouble on their minds…Tyler is nominated for 2 VMA’s… Best New Artist… Video of the Year for Yonkers… YESSSS..

Go here to vote:


oh yeah btw.. KREAYSHAWN IS NOMINATED TOO.. yup… HOPEFULLY SHE GETS ON THE STAGE AND SAYS NIGGA lol.. J/K  .. Congratulations to these West Coast emceez.. GetintoIt..

Hey … here’s some shit to do…..


This is one of Quentin Tarantino’s classic flicks right here.. come watch a cop get his ear cut off IN WIDDDEEE SCREEENNN LOL.. Join hands between the food trucks to dance and sing “Stuck in the Middle with You”… lol.. and question “why the fuck I have to be Mr. Pink”.. I love this and thanks to Ffer Zopko,  Nicole Denise Butler and the good folks at for this awesome LA summer event..

For more info… take it over to

Let’s watch one of our Favorite Movies – RESERVOIR DOGS – on a three stories tall, 52 feet wide screen in the Park under the Stars with our closest Friends!
Featuring the Best Food Trucks in Los Angeles…Lee’s Philly, Nom Nom, White Rabbit, Fresh Fries, Papas Tapas, Border Grill and Lake Street Creamery. It’s the ultimate picnic in the park – no basket required!

Kick back and enjoy your gourmet street food in a beautiful park under the stars. BYO… Blankets, Beverages and Booze! Dogs are welcome, but on a leash.

Doors Open: 5:30pm
Band: 6:30pm
Movie Begins: 8:30pm
Food Trucks Till Approx: 9:30pm

Tickets: $10
Groups of 4: $8 each
Kids 12 & under: $5
(please note: movie is rated R, parental discretion advised)

Online Ticket Sales end at 2pm the day of the event.
Tickets available at the door, but we highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance. Ticket holders are first in the door at 5:30pm. Group package discounts are only available online. Any individual tickets not sold prior to the event will be available at the door.

Parking: $10

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40 year old bitches are doing it…. Go on then Girls..

Yup, that is a baby bump on the golden tan Ms. Long’s situation: OHHKKAAYYY..

The new arrival for the 40-year-old “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star is due this fall. While confirming her pregnancy to media, Nia Long stated, “This is the most exciting time in our lives. Words can’t explain how thrilled we are by the new addition to our family. We feel truly blessed and appreciate all the well wishes and prayers.”

More pics of Nia with her boyfriend and BD to be , after the Kut….. Continue reading

Rip Jonas… Wow..

so young .. i hate this part.. 

Co-founder of LRG , Jonas Bevacqua was found dead today in his Laguna Beach home.  This is awful.. this kid was only 34.  No official word as to his cause of death at this time , however when we learn more .. so shall you..

Here is a great story on his success and the rise of the LRG brand ; I am sure all of you own at least one piece.

The Grim Sleeper

The cold part is we live right up the street from this mofo… crazy right.. well I hope they got the right nigga because otherwise it will be much ado about nothing.. Apparently they have been looking for this fool for like 30 odd years.. He got his affectionate moniker because he waited 14 yrs before he started killing again in 2003.  This is crazy..

Read about it it’s scandalous