That 3 Girl Classic Situation PART 1.. MADAME X *FLASHBACK FRIDAY*

Original Post date .. Feb/ 2012

This post is an ode to the 3 girl groups of my choice.. SO.. let’s serve up a little VINTAGE..  Madame X..  AND LATER..  some Vanity 6.. (I am an OG .. I DON’T FUCK WITH APPOLONIA 6) well i did like A MILLION MILES but that was the BRENDA OF IT ALL ..LOL..anyway class today’s lesson is.. about :MADAME X

.Madame X released “Just That Type of Girl“, their first single from the self titled album Madame X on Atlantic Records in the late 80s. “Just That Type of Girl”, quickly climbed the dance and R&B Charts to #4 Billboard. The group’s producer, Bernadette Cooper from the Solar/MCA group Klymaxx, organized the group as she and the Madame X members envisioned the group’s concept. The Klymaxx sound heard on such hits as “The Men All Pause” and “Meeting In The Ladies Room” was blended with Madame X’s music and fashion personas to create a brand new sound. Group members, Iris Parker, Valerie Victoria and Alisa Randolph brought with them artful inspiration and vintage sass, similiar to what you may have though of Labelle in their eclectic hey day.. , their bold fashion and mysticism. Another essential element in the group’s sound and style is their shared love for the music of artists like Prince, Parliament-Funkadelic, Sly and The Family Stone and Grace Jones. Passing up their opportunity to sign to Solar Records, Madame X was snapped up by Sylvia Rhone, who headed the Atlantic Records’ R&B division. When Madame X debuted their imagery was ground-breaking and they influenced the artistic standards in the R&B and Hip-Hop scene. Following up the release of Just That Type of Girl, they released the singles, “I Wonder” and “I Want Your Body” as well as the title tracks for motion pictures such as “Action Jackson” starring Sharon Stone and Vanity. Madame X’s songs continue to be played and sampled, most famously on Michael Jackson’s hit song “Keep It In The Closet”. Original CDs are cult-collected(TRANSLATION: hard to fucking find)

Sadly Alisa Marie Randolph succumbed to breast cancer in 05.. they say she remained beautiful til the bitter end.. 😦

Classic joints from these ladies….  Cherries in the Snow, I Wonder, Just that Type of Girl, Madame X, Marry Me, shoot ,  me and my teenage homegirls used to LOVE THEM

So If you remember.. take this trip back in time with us .. when female performers  were actually DOPE.. and not ALLL ABOUT ASS..  and if you don’t remember.. that’s what Auntie Beejay is here for.. “See you gon’ learn today” …

Madame X on Soul Train: ” I Wonder”

Just That Type of Girl 

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grace_jones__by_Jaleel_Royomg.. omg. finally the day has arrived..  Grace Jones is penning a memoir.. She always swore that she never would do it  .. but all praises , the Sepia Goddess has decided at the tender age of 65 TO SHARE and I am elated.  She figured it was time and that if she didn’t do it somebody else would.. .. Oh . Grace.. She truly is the reason why I sing.. She reveals her experiences with everyone from Andy Warhol to Arnold Schwarzenegger. I REALLY cannot wait.. Gallery publishing has announced that the book is as of yet untitled but it should be hitting shelves next Fall.


Look around the blog.. Do a Grace search on the blog.. We have soooo much Queen Grace over here man…

2013 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

RIP JIMI HENDRIX.. You are the best to ever do it….

My StoneFree hoodie.. SO YOU KNOW IT'S REAL...

My StoneFree hoodie.. SO YOU KNOW IT’S REAL…

43 years ago today .. we lost a real one.. We miss you Jimi but your talent lives on.. there is so much Jimi on our blog as it is.. but make sure to keep it here as I post stories from my forthcoming trip around his city.. You see I not only moved to Seattle, but JImi’s hometown.. RENTON, WA.. that’s where I am at .. and this is where he was raised.. All Praise to Jimi … He was the man…

When I die, I want people to play my music, go wild and freak out and do anything they want to do.………Jimi Hendrix 


Rare video of Jimi with The Band of Gypsy (greatest guitar solo ever right chea)  performing “Stone Free” .. ayee so are we!!!

Bringing the wedge into 2013..

isabel marant street style sneakersWell it all started a few years back.. when those WHO COULD rushed out to grab the hidden wedge classics offered by Isabel Marant...ON THE STREET | Isabel Marant these shoes could be seen on the well heeled feet of everyone from Gwen Stefani to Beyonce‘   ( Love on Top video)… They are quite the find.. and  IZZY’S (Isabel Marants) are not cheap.

These joints start at about $650 per pair.   We knew here at Bamboobanga that something this simple would SURELY be duplicated.. and BAM.. in steps Nike, Puma, Giuseppe Zanotti, and EVERYBODY with a wedge sneaker at varied price points..  I feared that we would leave this shoe in 2012 but alas it is very much alive and still kicking and I believe they are  brilliant..  This sneaker has the same impact that the Manolo Blahnik “TIMS” did several years back.  A masculine shoe was recrafted for our delicate B-girl feet .. hahaha .. and ladies from the runways to the ghettos are jumping onboard.

NIKE has even created a re working for the CLASSIC DUNK .. with the hidden wedge heel.. EXCELLENT..

You can find the Nike joints priced anywhere between 120.00 and 150.00


Nike and Puma version after the JUMP!!  Continue reading

Perfect Bitch.. Oh Really Kanye????

This will probably make Kim’s stock go up.. Initially I didn’t want to believe this shit having seen her very boring ass tape with Ray J.. I knew she couldn’t have gotten down with some pros.. But .. Adult film veteran  Julian St. Jox  states quite the opposite, in fact Julian states that in 2001 Ms. Kartrashian, a brotha who came with her to said function and fellow adult performer Emily Ann had a nice little tryst at a swingers party at The Wyndham Hotel here in Los Angeles.

According to The Huffington Post: 


St. Jox claims that 20-year-old Kim showed up at the Wyndham Hotel in Culver City around 11:30 p.m. with a black man, who may have been her then-husband, music producer Damon Thomas, though it’s not clear if he was her escort to the party.

“She wasn’t known at the time at all, not like today, but for everyone who frequented these parties, she was interesting because she was a new face,” explained St. Jox, who told the website that he and his date, a fellow porn actress named Emily Ann, were instantly interested in Kim and propositioned her, which led to some heated dancing.   St. Jox alleges that the three of them later found a private room, and got to know one another intimately. “[Kim] looked like she was enjoying herself very much,” the 45-year-old adult entertainer claimed.

WHATTT!!! Now I have an inside source and I strongly believe that these allegations are true.  The other participants have no reason to lie.. Keep it here on, so you can watch this whole tale unravel..  More facts to come .. Stay Tuned!! *sidebar*  You wonder what the hell are you covering this for BJ.. WELL the story is so shocking and it is time for this Kardashian bullshit to end sorry Ye!!! lol.. I have a feeling this won’t stop it though LOL!!!

No Church in the Wild… The Throne/ Frank Ocean

I did like this song..but I am only posting it BECAUSE OF FRANK OCEAN.. I am tired of The Throne.. #JACKBAIT      lol.. i kid i kid..

Great visuals.. but isn’t it a little fucking late lol.. ijs..

James Pants.. – THIN MOON and 1988

…………The hell…… is a James Pants I inquisitively asked my boy.. I am sure I had heard his name vaguely .. but I SLEPT .. .. my son quickly put me up on game..LOL.. I FOOLS WITH this regular looking white man!!  Apparently this cat has been out since like 08.. Go figure .. he is a Stones Throw artist, was discovered by Peanut Butter Wolf and he is awesome!!  Apparently this is his THIRD album.. HAHAH .. How SUS do I “oh son , is this a new situation”.. SMH…

He is a mixture of electro boogie, like 80’s New Wave, a dash of synth pop .. Hell it’s a mash up installment of good shit mashed together to make BETTER SHIT LOL.. I really like this cat.. He also did a great remix to Tyler the Creator’s “SEVEN” , James remixed The Last Dance from the Bastard album and they are huge fans of each other.. IT’S WHAT THE KIDS ARE LISTENIN TO .. LOL..  Thanks Nak


To learn more about this fella take it over to StonesThrow.  Thin Moon right chea!! Continue reading

It’s Black History Month..Lets look at the most influential BLACK PEOPLE IN METAL AND ROCK ETC.

As a sista it has always been important for me to express myself through HARD ROCK, PUNK AND METAL.. don’t get it twisted.. as you see we fools with FUNK, OLDIES, JAZZ and especially HIP HOP.. but right now.. I would like to reflect on some of the most influential BLACK PEOPLE IN METAL AND ALTERNATIVE..

The crew at YELL Magazine did a dope piece on their top 11.. and of course we  have thrown some of their choices in with our owns.. For the full YELL list . Go there and check it out It’s pretty ill.. IT’S DOPE!

Here are a few of our favorite brothers and sisters who got down on the other side of thangs.. starting with our forefather The Honorable JIMI HENDRIX.. with his black Band of Gypsies lol.. Get into it.. HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!!

JIMI HENDRIX  with The Band of Gypsies MACHINE GUN

Bad Brains  Big TakeOver LIVE AT CBGB’S

Slash of Guns and Roses… PATIENCE..

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FELA KUTI.. Catch it when it’s in your city….

Me and Sis recently caught “Fela” when it was home in LA at The Ahmanson.. We went not once but twice.. it is a truly inspiring and emotional journey through the Nigerian musician’s difficult , soulful and rebellious life. FELA, directed by Tony Award Winner and choreographer,  Bill T. Jones,  tells the riveting story of Fela Kuti,  “King of Afro Beat” from his early beginnings and influences to his mother’s untimely death at the hands of Nigerian police.

 We laughed , cried, were jubilant and impassioned.  This piece is awesome catch it when it’s in your town.  Don’t just go see it because of Will and Jada or Jay-z (producers of the show) get into the man and his music.. His music is funky and should have been played in  your households growing up . It mos def was represented in The Banger Sisters lives..  

Sis said that when she dies bring her back as a KUTI QUEEN so she can devastate masses with her leg straps and booty rotations lol..Beejay is crazy ya’ll .. Anyway enjoy ..Fela’s Tour . Look next time your ass is at The King of Diamonds..tip the dancer heavily hell , it’s part of our ancestry..These sistas be gettin it. I wonder if they were tipped with Cowry shells. I believe all of these sistas were wives of Fela Kuti himself.  SCANDAL lol.. anyway we love them and we love him.  Roll up some E’BO AND GET INTO IT !!!!

Schedule after the jump along with some other kuts.. YEAH YEAH!!!!! Continue reading

let’s take it back… 25 lighters on my dresser… Lil Keke

I just posted that Big K.R.I.T heater “Money on the Floor” , so quite naturally it made me think of LIL KEKE’S classic right chea!!! LOL….Actually me and sis.. have been singing this song in our heads for weeks lol.. See everytime we go to the DTPG dispensary downtown , they have this big basket of lighters. We always grab like 5 lighters each and the joke was..” I NEED 25 LIGHTERS ON MY DRESSER” LOL.. so clearly it needed to be posted.. and clearly I may have surpassed the 25 lighters rule…..  Don’t judge me, when you blow trees you know the damn lighters always come up missing!!!!!!  One must have back up !


HOUSTON beeeeeen on that Trill shit and the tradition continues. Sheeit we been foolin with Houston since the Geto Boyz , ODD SQUAD and MC Choice.. (yeah google her) ya’ll don’t know nuttin bout dat now do ya? I mean we be on Texas like JR EWING.. We bout that life !! LOL..

Here at Bamboobanga420 we fools with the classics allll day !!!! RIP FAT PAT AND DJ SCREW!!

Urgent : The City is starting the process to close our Cannabis Dispensaries

URGENT: If you live in the Los Angeles, CA area, your attention and activism are needed.


 Moving with uncustomary speed, and skirting propriety in their haste, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office will address The Safety Committee in closed session tomorrow, January 13, 2012, to recommend a total ban on Medical Cannabis Facilities.  If the Safety Committee chooses to do so, they may vote for a ban, and send the motion to the City Council for approval. 
 If the City Council acts with the same alacrity the Safety Committee does, all medical cannabis collectives in the City of Los Angeles could be ordered to close within a month.
 The Security Committee has chosen to schedule the meeting to discuss all this at 8:45 A.M. tomorrow, and relevant documents were posted on-line today, giving the public no time to weigh- in on this issue.
 During the recent holiday, in a campaign spearheaded by Americans for Safe Access, medical cannabis patients sent over 16,000 emails to Los Angeles City Council Members, asking them to reject a ban and instead enact reasonable regulations.
The Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance (GLACA) has collected over a thousand letters from patients and their caregivers, asking the authors of the two motions to ban to withdraw their motions and enact sensible regulations instead. GLACA will present these letters to the Los Angeles City Council tomorrow during the council meeting.
“The City Attorney is moving with such haste that he cannot have possibly considered some very viable alternatives. As a result, the health and safety of the sick and dying in Los Angeles may be at risk, and that is unacceptable to us.  We will be at the Security Committee Meeting tomorrow with our lawyers, in the hopes we can persuade the Safety Committee to delay a vote until this matter is fully briefed,” remarked Yami Bolanos, President and Founder of GLACA.
What:      Public Safety Committee Meeting to Discuss Medical Cannabis Ban
When:     Friday, January 13, 2012
Time:       8:45 AM
Location:  Los AngelesCity Hall
                 200 South Spring Street
                 Los Angeles, Ca 90012
                 Room 1010

Santi’s coming.. Yaaayyyy!!!

Yup our girl Santi White is on the way back into our lives.. She mesmerized everyone in 2008 with her successful effort “SantoGold”.  A lot of you guys got familiar with her and a lot of us ALREADY HAD GOTTEN acquainted with her when she was the leader singer of STIFFED..  Her new album entitled “Master of  MY Make Believe”, is scheduled to be released sometime this year.. It will feature production from Major Lazer’s Switch, TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek, Greg Kurstin and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Nick Zinner .  If they use the joint GO, which features my fav Karen O‘ , it will then include production from Q-TIP as well..

Let’s enjoy some Santi White shall we..


Lights out and STIFFED SHIT after the kut Continue reading

Iggy Azalea!! The Last Song!!

Well we certainly hope not (THAT IT’S THE LAST SONG).. lol..

Alright Iggy we see you and when u come up off of Slauson.. come check bamboobanga for an can also hook a bitch up with some Brazilian Wavy lol.. (yeah we know you got that HURR company lol)

Check her out here too..WE AIN’T NEW TO THIS..

Well Chrissy has been gangsta for a minute lol..

Remember Apache.. yeah this was my shit. He had many bitches rocking Carhartt lol.. anyways.. look who it is @ 0:17.. yUP THAT’S MRS. JONES .. lol.. rocking her TAN bandana.. also I believe I see Nikki D, Jazzy Joyce, a few other female emcees from back in the day.. This shit made me get up and BOGLE LOL.. two fingers hhahaha!




RAPSODY “ABC” and “All Black Everything”.. New Mixtape Download.

Yesss!!!!!.. I told you to have faith, the real female spitters are HERE LOL!!

Check out Rapsody ALL BLACK EVERYTHING and ABC . The IWWMG and JAMLA teams stay winning, and you know we love RAPSODY!!!!!.

.. If you are in LA January 6th you can see her and the IWWMG/JAMLA crew,  9th Wonder , Median, and Phonte’ (heyyy) at The Key Club on Sunset.  Go get ya tickets Kid

We see you still shining Ms. Rap.  Rummage through our blog people we have Ms. Rapsody all up and through LOL!!

Interview with Rapsody  and “ALL BLACK EVERYTHING” after the kut Continue reading

I knew this was going to happen.. Azealia Banks Vs. Kreayshawn

I fux wit them both..but I knew this sista was going to come for the head of KreayShawn smh.. it all started because Kreayshawn RT’d a PornHub link to Banks’ “212” video.. which was featured here on… That’s too bad..  I feel that Banks is a doper emcee but Kreayshawn is a young street bitch , white or not while Banks is more FAME school Broadway bound , rapper slash actress..  ETC.

Can’t You Bitches All Get Along ????

I have no dog in this fight.. but I wanted to share the slab of beef.. with you faithful readers lol.. Ya’LL love the Smut!!!

Read the entire tweet by tweet situation over at Global Grind.. I have no time for the play by play.. But Russell ass got staff over there for this type of Print Screen Capture shit LOL..

I gotta admit Kreayshawn was an easy target Azealia.. I like you sister but what was your video doing on PornHub anyway.. I believe it was just a link that chick has been biggin you up all month.   Anyways go to Global Grind ..weigh in.. while I go and purchase some Equality .. See Ya Later..  I guess Azealia told Kreayshawn ” I’MA RUIN U CUNT” lol.. she told the bitch she was going to “sit on her face” .. I guess it’s safe to say that most of these young chicks are on pussy LOL.. oK.. MY OLD ASS HAS TO GO NOW.. MWAHS. 

Congrats to Pharrell Williams…

Alright.. my interest has been RE- IGNITED in the 84th Annual Academy Awards.. I was cool on this gathering per the Brett Ratner/Eddie Murphy fuckery that reared it’s head this season.. HOWEVER

Pharrell Williams has joined forces with Hans Zimmer. The two will be  music consultants for this years telecast.






We are still posting OOGIE BOOGIE VIDEOS… tis the season and this joint is chock full of COOL COSTUMES .. and






WOW.. they really scared the shit out of this baby for this video SMH… AND I LAUGHED LOL.. that is wrong..BUT TODAY IS HALLOWEEN ..soOO.. it’s ok to scare BABIES AND OLD FOLKS LOL..




Music To Driveby: Khakis, Chucks & Crocasacks

Music To Driveby: Khakis, Chucks & Crocasacks. dOWNLOAD THESE NOW!!

Live Amoeba Bday Celebration from   11/13/10

Check out this shit right here.. Monalisa’s Podcast.. Something for the West Coast LOL.. Paid Dues, King T..Payback..l, vintage WC and the Maad Circle.. Siouxsie and the Banshees..hell my krocasacks stayed laced up LOL..

Yup..that is Steve Wonder.. and Yes she is good like that.. *Kanye Shrug*

this mix made me cry because of “Tricky” and that goddamn Sheila E instrumental…LAWD LAWD HOW DID U KNOW lol..

check out a wonderful interview with her and another fab female deejay on ..Dj88’S  BLOG OF’s awesome and magically delicious..

follow them both on twitter.. and come correct.. i would hate to fuck you up..LOL

dj 88