Black People who rock.. THE PLUS LESSON!!..

Now this performance was originally in the first draft of my Blacks in Metal and Rawk.. .. and I said NO.. I am always shoving my saviour PRINCE lol.. down ey’body’s throat  I DELETED IT.. ..HOWEVER.. I am giving him his own PER REQUEST OF THE HOMIES..  The Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame performance..where he showed his entire black ass.. Tom Petty really did feel like a refugee that night LOL..Special shoutout to the home Cminus.. Follow him on twitter @CMinusFan4… for making me put him back in the line up LOL ..mwahs.. !!!!!


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It’s Black History Month..Lets look at the most influential BLACK PEOPLE IN METAL AND ROCK ETC.

As a sista it has always been important for me to express myself through HARD ROCK, PUNK AND METAL.. don’t get it twisted.. as you see we fools with FUNK, OLDIES, JAZZ and especially HIP HOP.. but right now.. I would like to reflect on some of the most influential BLACK PEOPLE IN METAL AND ALTERNATIVE..

The crew at YELL Magazine did a dope piece on their top 11.. and of course we  have thrown some of their choices in with our owns.. For the full YELL list . Go there and check it out It’s pretty ill.. IT’S DOPE!

Here are a few of our favorite brothers and sisters who got down on the other side of thangs.. starting with our forefather The Honorable JIMI HENDRIX.. with his black Band of Gypsies lol.. Get into it.. HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!!

JIMI HENDRIX  with The Band of Gypsies MACHINE GUN

Bad Brains  Big TakeOver LIVE AT CBGB’S

Slash of Guns and Roses… PATIENCE..

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niggas in poorest… Yasiin BEY (MOS DEF)

Wow.. as usual Mos is laying it down the way only he knows how..   Here he masterfully re-works Niggas in Paris .. I don’t think it’s a diss either.. you know this is what my dude does.. Remixes shit with a more relative tone.. IT’S DOPE AS HELL!!!!!We hear you though Mos.. ” We will not get caught up in the throne”  not that we don’t fool with Ye and Jay.. but damn.. that shit is not relative with what most of us are REALLY going through.. At any rate this song and video was put together to commemorate the death anniversary of  the late Malcolm X.. It also includes a clip from El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz himself..


Rella Rella Rella.. Check it out .. NEW OF!!

This video is retarded lol… and that’s not PC but neither am I and NEITHER IS THIS.. HILARIOUS…  Also don’t forget to catch em in your town.. Go Here>>>> for deets   ODDFUTURE.COM

hey and that kid with the fro… is awesome.. but i am biased maybe LOL.. GOLFWANG!!!!!!!  YESSIR!!

The Gospel According to The Tabernacle….Silly..

Aah yes the homies Tabernacle MCZ are at again..Born Allah and Panama Redd have come with another smokin situation..from the album, “B-Boy Prophecies: The Life of Himothy” (still available on Itunes)    “Silly” feat. K.I.T.S.  was produced by our loved one Sha-Fiq of Sa-Ra Creative Partners..  Get into it..

SuberbbNess and I have been on thIS song.. We heard this in the studio and went CRAZY… We were just talkin about how the video has that 3Xdope feel to it.. You youngsters don’t know what the hell i am talking about hahaha anyway.. ..Great video too.. VERY PROUD.. !!! Follow Tabernacle Mcz on Tumblr.. and Twitter.. @tabernaclemcz.

If you didn’t catch the West West video.. Take it here

Good luck to our boys.. they are pushing their line hard.. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTISTS.. SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND..and SUPPORT THE TABERNACLE … that is where all the skill went.. ya’ll are missing out.. !!!Now I am gonna walk up out this post like BOOM BOOM BELINDA!!!!

Happy 64th Tony Iommi

Join Bamboobanga420 in wishing .. Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi  A STRONG HAPPY BIRTHDAY..  let’s also continue to pray that he kicks cancer in the ass!!

this is a dope piece put together to Behind the Wall of Sleep…. Bill Ward’s drum solo is ghetto as hell on this lol.. it’s dope and raw.. when they were youngstaz.. anyhoo enjoy this .. and HAPPY BDAY MR. IOMMI we plan on keeping you here for a long time.. Now here is ..

The Original “War Pigs”..  same music.. different lyrics = WalPurgis…

ya know things like “eating Dead Rats innards”.. THERE IS THE DIFFERENCE LOL..

FELA KUTI.. Catch it when it’s in your city….

Me and Sis recently caught “Fela” when it was home in LA at The Ahmanson.. We went not once but twice.. it is a truly inspiring and emotional journey through the Nigerian musician’s difficult , soulful and rebellious life. FELA, directed by Tony Award Winner and choreographer,  Bill T. Jones,  tells the riveting story of Fela Kuti,  “King of Afro Beat” from his early beginnings and influences to his mother’s untimely death at the hands of Nigerian police.

 We laughed , cried, were jubilant and impassioned.  This piece is awesome catch it when it’s in your town.  Don’t just go see it because of Will and Jada or Jay-z (producers of the show) get into the man and his music.. His music is funky and should have been played in  your households growing up . It mos def was represented in The Banger Sisters lives..  

Sis said that when she dies bring her back as a KUTI QUEEN so she can devastate masses with her leg straps and booty rotations lol..Beejay is crazy ya’ll .. Anyway enjoy ..Fela’s Tour . Look next time your ass is at The King of Diamonds..tip the dancer heavily hell , it’s part of our ancestry..These sistas be gettin it. I wonder if they were tipped with Cowry shells. I believe all of these sistas were wives of Fela Kuti himself.  SCANDAL lol.. anyway we love them and we love him.  Roll up some E’BO AND GET INTO IT !!!!

Schedule after the jump along with some other kuts.. YEAH YEAH!!!!! Continue reading

let’s take it back… 25 lighters on my dresser… Lil Keke

I just posted that Big K.R.I.T heater “Money on the Floor” , so quite naturally it made me think of LIL KEKE’S classic right chea!!! LOL….Actually me and sis.. have been singing this song in our heads for weeks lol.. See everytime we go to the DTPG dispensary downtown , they have this big basket of lighters. We always grab like 5 lighters each and the joke was..” I NEED 25 LIGHTERS ON MY DRESSER” LOL.. so clearly it needed to be posted.. and clearly I may have surpassed the 25 lighters rule…..  Don’t judge me, when you blow trees you know the damn lighters always come up missing!!!!!!  One must have back up !


HOUSTON beeeeeen on that Trill shit and the tradition continues. Sheeit we been foolin with Houston since the Geto Boyz , ODD SQUAD and MC Choice.. (yeah google her) ya’ll don’t know nuttin bout dat now do ya? I mean we be on Texas like JR EWING.. We bout that life !! LOL..

Here at Bamboobanga420 we fools with the classics allll day !!!! RIP FAT PAT AND DJ SCREW!!

Ayeeeee!!!..Big K.r.i.t………. Money on the Floor..

Pick that money up off the floor potna!!!

Here’s a little country fried trill for ya on this Sunday Afternoon..Big K.R.I.T,  The return of 8ball and MJG, with Tittyboi or 2Chainz (whichever you prefer lol)…

Go buy his new single “Money on the Floor  over on Itunes  and check out the rest of his situation .!! Follow him on twitter: @BIGKRIT

He is underrated in our honest opinion .  He needs to be getting way more shine.  Big K.R.I.T (King Remember In Time)  is currently signed to Def Jam Records, we are expecting huge things from him this year.

Tyler with BadBadNotGood… Orange Juice

BadBadNotGood is a little jazz trio that Tyler collaborates with.. I love this video because it shows that this nigga is not all farts and Thrasher shirts.. The kid got talent. Odd Future is currently touring around the world again.. They recently  performed at Australia’s Big Day Out.. !! Check their tour schedule here…     Also go check out an OddFuture Pop Up Shop in your city..Those shits are everywhere!!!!!!


Bambi.. Azealia Banks..

I am sure that like me you guys have already seen this sista entertain the KAIZER HIMSELF.. SIR KARL LAGERFELD… SHE ENTERTAINED HIM in his house ok..Chateau de Lagerfeld dammit.. On January 25th he had a gathering in celebration of his line with Net-A- Porte’   I love her even more.. anyway if you haven’t seen that performance.. go after the jump and peep it. .  

This is her newest joint “Bambi” which samples  “The Repitition Kills You” by the Black Ghosts    This song was used for Thierry Mugler’s 2012 Fashion Show.. She is just doing all types of thangs.. GET IT AZ….

Not up on Ms. Banks well we tried to TELL YA!!!!!!    See Ms Banks and Karl after the JUMP!!

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Happy bornday Raekwon!!!

The Chef is cooking ..  Peace to the God and Have a Happy Born Day..

on this grand day of Knowledge Wisdom..

Now normally we go a little deeper than this as we have been fucking with Rae since Day one.. No time for a retrospective .. so let’s just hit ya’ll with the obvious.. FOR NOW LOL

Some Ice Cream with that Cake..

Santi’s coming.. Yaaayyyy!!!

Yup our girl Santi White is on the way back into our lives.. She mesmerized everyone in 2008 with her successful effort “SantoGold”.  A lot of you guys got familiar with her and a lot of us ALREADY HAD GOTTEN acquainted with her when she was the leader singer of STIFFED..  Her new album entitled “Master of  MY Make Believe”, is scheduled to be released sometime this year.. It will feature production from Major Lazer’s Switch, TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek, Greg Kurstin and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Nick Zinner .  If they use the joint GO, which features my fav Karen O‘ , it will then include production from Q-TIP as well..

Let’s enjoy some Santi White shall we..


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Mark Ronson, E. BAdu, Mos Def “A La Modeliste”

Yo mama don’t wear no drawers.. I was there when she took em off!!!

I got popped in the mouth one time for that little childhood limerick. Funny though hahaha!!!!

This classic bayou flavored situation comes from the Re: Generation music project. This film will be released February 16th and 23rd ONLY.

You can see members of The Dap Kings, Trombone Shorty and  Zigaboo Modeliste, grab your Cajun Seasoning and get on in here!!!!

The Re: Generation project follows several deejays as they re-work five traditional styles of music.   We will see Dj Premier, Skrillex, The Crystal Method , Pretty Lights and of course Mark Ronson as they retweak everything from traditional Zydeco to classical orchestra.

Nas joins Premo for a classical joint with The Berklee Sympony Orchestra.

Go check out Nas, Premo, and the Berklee Orchestra after the kut Continue reading

Iggy Azalea!! The Last Song!!

Well we certainly hope not (THAT IT’S THE LAST SONG).. lol..

Alright Iggy we see you and when u come up off of Slauson.. come check bamboobanga for an can also hook a bitch up with some Brazilian Wavy lol.. (yeah we know you got that HURR company lol)

Check her out here too..WE AIN’T NEW TO THIS..

Well Chrissy has been gangsta for a minute lol..

Remember Apache.. yeah this was my shit. He had many bitches rocking Carhartt lol.. anyways.. look who it is @ 0:17.. yUP THAT’S MRS. JONES .. lol.. rocking her TAN bandana.. also I believe I see Nikki D, Jazzy Joyce, a few other female emcees from back in the day.. This shit made me get up and BOGLE LOL.. two fingers hhahaha!




AND IN OTHER NEWS.. Today is David Bowie’s 65th Birthday.

Everyone wish The White Duke a happy birthday dammit!!! WHY!!! iT’S DAVID FUCKING BOWIE.. and he is married to the real “hottest chick in the game” ..LOL..

Jean Geanieeee..


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So.. Rick Ross’s mixtape dropped today .. Go download it for FREE ..

There are appearances by NAS, PHARRELL, JOHN LEGEND, DRAKE, FRENCH MONTANA.. and a whole slew of other niggas..  Enjoi!!

Stay Schemin.. feat. Drake and French Montana


RAPSODY “ABC” and “All Black Everything”.. New Mixtape Download.

Yesss!!!!!.. I told you to have faith, the real female spitters are HERE LOL!!

Check out Rapsody ALL BLACK EVERYTHING and ABC . The IWWMG and JAMLA teams stay winning, and you know we love RAPSODY!!!!!.

.. If you are in LA January 6th you can see her and the IWWMG/JAMLA crew,  9th Wonder , Median, and Phonte’ (heyyy) at The Key Club on Sunset.  Go get ya tickets Kid

We see you still shining Ms. Rap.  Rummage through our blog people we have Ms. Rapsody all up and through LOL!!

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