Just in case you forgot THE INTERNET is dope.. Odd Future still ON THE MOVE..

FEELGOODWE have enjoyed these kids from the very start.. YUP.. . Hopefully you have already copped this FEELGOOD.. and you certainly should have already been bumpin Dontcha!!!! and I KNOW  YOU WANT SOME of this nasty GolfWang FeelGood gear.. and shit..they are all over this blog.. this ain’t OUR first rodeo though Potna.




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cos-miley-cyrus-cosmo-march-cover-mdnNO I am not kidding. I know it sounds like the beginning of a joke.. but alas.. this collab certainly went down… Check Cosmo’s March issue for the deets on Miley’s forthcoming album.. She is a Poseur TO ME.. but I am just the mere messenger.. and some of our readers fuck with Miley.. AND OF COURSE.. WE ALL GET DOWN WITH TYLER.. here are some excerpts from COSMOPOLITAN’S MARCH ISSUE…..

Cosmo: If I asked you to rank the parts of your life that you feel most satisfied with–love, family, music, acting–what would be at the top?
Miley: Number one is my relationship with Liam. That’s what I feel the most confident in because you never know; there’s so much hype behind my new record, but it could come out and, worst-case scenario, everyone fucking hates it.

Cosmo: But you seem proud of it.
Miley: Definitely, it’s the second thing that I’m most content with. I’ve never gotten to make a record like this because Disney’s always been on my back saying, “You’ve got to promote the TV show in two months, so make sure your record’s done…and when you promote your record, can you promote the show, the movie, and the Hannah Montana record?” I was basically carrying two people’s careers and trying to make mine the priority. Now, it’s almost like being a new artist and trying to make a first impression.miley_cyrus I think the best thing I could have done was take those two years off to really live, because now people don’t think of me as who I was on the TV show.

Cosmo: You collaborate with many unexpected names on this record. Safe to say you have a new sound?
Miley: I wrote this song with Mary J. Blige, and Tyler the Creator heard it and said, “I am obsessed with this song, and I will guest on it if you promise me that you will keep it on the album.” And he killed it! I really didn’t want to make a hip-hop record, and I’m not trying at all to be a Rihanna or a Nicki [Minaj]….That’s not my vibe. When I was growing up, my older brother would sneak me Nelly CDs, my dad had me listening to Dolly [Parton] and Johnny [Cash], and my mom is a complete metal head. So this record is a weird mixture of all that.

*interjection.. MILEY YOU SHALL NOT FUCK WITH METAL.. (carry on) !!!!

Cosmo: What are you listening to?
Miley: Frank Ocean’s record is so good. And I like that he came out and admitted he was gay, because that still affects people’s careers. If you don’t think it does, it fucking does, and he did not care. I think it’s going to make him even bigger……………OK… MILEY… (sigh)!!!!  This issue will be available February 5… Enjoy


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Frank Ocean’s forthcoming album , CHANNEL ORANGE (Def Jam) will be released July 17.. check out one of the joints.. “Pyramids“.. and to you I say CLEOPATRA… ALSO .. he will begin his tour.. July 13.. Tour Dates after the jump..


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