AMY WINEHOUSE’S documentary hits theaters THIS FRIDAY …. AND why her DEMOS were destroyed .

This is bittersweet.. I have been waiting for this but I AM ALSO STILL HEARTBROKEN.. oh Amy,  why just.(sigh) ……….. 😦

30WINEHOUSE-articleLargeSoul bearing chanteuse , Amy Winehouse transitioned from this life in  2011; her demons finally got the best of her after a both public and private battle with life, shit, dope and more shit. We loved her for her scars as well as her gifts.  Amy left us with  gems beyond measure, she released an immense catalog of  work in her mere 27 years.  Winehouse left a legacy and made a lane of her own, she created her own IMPRINT; her work will soar with the legends after we are long gone.   This Asif Kapadia  directed, Cannes approved, documentary “Amy” is a compilation of over 100 interviews. The cohesive story is crafted by  piles of video footage, home movie clips and anecdotes and testimonials from some of Amy’s collaborators, Yasiin Bey, Mark Ronson, Pete Doherty , friends and family members  This project was initially started as a conceptual  marriage between Krishwerkz Entertainment, the label (UNIVERSAL U.K.) and the Winehouse family but where Mitch (Amy’s dad)  wanted to keep it cleaned up and genteel, Kaskadia and Co.  wanted to add the edgier nuances.   Mitch Winehouse has since announced that his family  has nothing to do with the film anymore ” It is both misleading and filled with basic untruths”.  Joe Cascarelli of the NY Times offers an in depth expose of the film here 


It is unclear to me if they want to present the “ugly” to put the butts in the seats or are they trying to connect the audience authentically with her actual struggle .  It will be scary to meet the demon that actually WON Amy’s fight but like every horror film we just HAVE TO SEE IT.. Amy never did conquer that unholy war she was so entrenched in. The battles to be free,  relationship woes, the clichéd “drug and alcohol” battle , the public scrutiny and the struggle to keep it original in an industry full of factory cut outs.   The culmination resulted in , well.. THE END RESULT .  Amy may be a cautionary tale of the wicked recording industry and it’s EXPECTED pits and foes but I believe or at least want to believe that it will also showcase and highlight Amy’s true production , writing and creating skills. Amy had an awesome sense of humor and a wicked modska/ rude girl/ vintage R&B/ jazz/ torch type  steez. We want to see her in all her Fred Perry glory.  We want to see her lamenting over Dinah Washington and Sarah Vaughn.  I want to see her joking with Mos Def and Nas.  I want to see what was beneath the beehive (literally and figuratively) , according to Kasadia this is the directive . He wants to break down the bullshit and the caricature and let you into the raw and actual .. Amy hits theaters nationally July 3, this Friday .movies-amy-poster

In other Amy news ..   It is reported that the potential demo renderings for her much anticipated unfinished third LP were destroyed. . Intentionally .. check out that story after the beat

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Sooo .. who wants to fight zombies .. all the way to the Bahamas… ON A FRIGGIN BOAT..

giphydarrylso.. here we have 3 fun-filled .. days of HORROR.. yes.. you will be on a SHIP traveling from Miami to the Bahamas… WITH ZOMBIES.. on the bright side .. Darryl and Beth will be there to protect you hahaahahah.. I think they should mix it with The Love Boat and have Captain Stubbing at the captains dinner zombied out .. or perhaps you might be able to get a Mojito from an Undead Isaac( anyways FOCUS..)  …   This Walking Dead themed cruise sets sail in January and is already filling up fast. The entire “Norwegian Pearl” will be chock full of zombies, games, functions, cosplay contests and cast members, (Sasha, Bob and Carl will also be there to name a few) .    I personally am in fact a Walking Dead super fan but i don’t know if I could deal with constant zombies on a fucking OCEAN LINER.. just me,  zombies , and the friggin OCEAN.. I don’t know .. The event is being called The Walker Stalker Cruise and this gig is GOIN UP .. i just think it will have to go up sans me though… tothedomeImagine leaving the boat club/bar/situation by yourself drunk as hell trying to get to the cabin, you gotta pee, you haven’t smoked any kush , and here come Davy Jones and some other gnawed up looking sumbitch .. On the other hand it’s a cruise .. so it’s probably gonna be fun..  I mean i would rather run from a half eaten ACTOR zombie than one of those blue tooth in the ear,  silk royal blue twin set, Huarache sandal wearing muhfuckas on the Funk Fest Cruise or something .  On some real stuff though , if you are brave and require this type of horror at sea to feel complete … check out  The Walker Stalker Cruise website for questions and to purchase tickets, while they still have them…



We gon’ be ALRIGHT … per K. Dot..

Come on Kendrick.. and right on the heels of his brilliant BET Awards performance of this joint “Alright” .. … he comes with an awesome Colin Tilley directed  visual for one of everybody’s favorites from Kendrick’s sophomore album , ” To Kill a Butterfly”…. Notice that West Coast backdrop .. WES ..WESSS. YA’LL…  Bompton Stand Up !!!!!!….




Ken Norton - Boxer June 12, 1978 X 22374 credit:  Bill Eppridge - contractWe have  lost another real one.   .Former heavyweight boxing champion and actor,  Ken Norton died at the age of 70 in Arizona, Wednesday morning.. . We remember him  for being the only man who had enough gumption to break  MUHAMMAD ALI’S jaw during a historical match in 1973.

We also remember his difficult to watch yet memorable portrayal of the infamous slave Mede in 1975’s “Mandingo” ..  Ken’s boxing career would continue peppered with many achievements and consequently just as many upsets. Norton is survived by his two sons, one of which is former NFL linebacker Ken Norton Jr., who won three Super Bowls over his 13-year career He is also currently the Linebacker/ Defensive Coach for the Seattle Seahawks.. You will be missed brother Norton. REST IN POWER BLACK HERCULES!!!!

.Find out more about Ken Norton’s illustrious boxing career over at USA Today Sports.. 


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Fashion Tweekers…. Sky Ferreira and her boo ARRESTED ..

Welp..  another skinny ass model down.. HHAHAHAHA.Singer they say and fashion model Sky Ferreira (21) and her dude fashion model and indie band frontman Zachary Smith(28)  were arrested in New York on Friday . This shit is funny to me.. if you are mad.. then scratch ya ass til ya get glad.. Don’t trip she’s white her ass was probably out of lock up and back on the runway before she came down and your broke ass got up to go to work.. .. She is so chic.. 0_0

The couple were pulled over on the way to Mr Smith’s getaway home in the Catskills after making ‘several vehicle and traffic infractions,’ according to the Saugerties Police Department.  It was after police inspected the vehicle that they discovered 28-year-old Mr Smith, who was reportedly driving an unregistered Ford pickup truck with stolen plates without insurance or a license, had a ‘plastic bag containing 42 decks of heroin’, while Miss Ferreira ‘was found in possession of ecstasy and resisted arrest,’ said police.

This will just add to their appeal as if they were some type of righteous political prisoners.. You motherfuckers had ex and heroin.. COME ON SON.. Just as suspected the two were released and reunited so they could lament over the “injustices of the system”.. I swear.. white folk never seem to know how to ride dirty. ..hahah..I got 42 Stacks of that bad shit.. soooooo.. let me drive some faulty as truck, erratically,  with no insurance, stolen license plates, and we outchea as dirty as the bottom of a hot hoes foot on Western.. . This bitch had the gumption to PHYSICALLY SQUAB with the arresting officers.. LMBAO.. Now you know had that been a sista we would be having to raise funds and call Al Sharpton .. LOL..  Zachary ran to Twitter to defend him and his drugstore cowgirl.. ‘What you’re reading is a police blotter, not the outcome of a court case. These cops wanted to f*** us, and they did. Sky did nothing wrong.’  


Hold on while I fall out .. you fucked yourselves.. the two of you had just finished walking in clandestine shows, Sky for Marc Jacobs and Zachary for Yves Saint Laurent.. and the pressure just made them have to do THE EXTRA.. HAHAHAH..Ya’ll should have smoked a joint, or took a bong rip .. LOL.. I have always felt that Sky looked like she should have a permanent room at The Taj Mahal ( New Jack City).  This bitch looks straight out of Christian F , scars and itchy looking skin and all.. On the runway she is not even that dope.. yet these are the bitches THEY PREFER to just one or two Nubian models.. BUT I DIGRESS.. that’s a whole other can of Yams.. anyhoo.. check out her work, and the two of you .. BETTER CALL SAUL.. HAHAHAHAHA..

ZeZe look out boo!!!!!

ZeZe look out boo!!!!!

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yes .. Sheek Louch , JadaKiss (with hair lol) , and a thinner but just as ill, Styles P are BACK!!!          “Summers too Hot”  was released at the end of August but we weren’t back yet LOL.. so enjoy!!!   I think this is dope.. but what do YOU think???


I am excited about this since The Lox’s last release was in 2000.  “We Are The Streets” was a classic..  The word on the street WAS that the boys were going to rock with MMG.. no word as to whether or not that is official at this time..

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QUESTLOVE: Soul Train: The Music, Dance and Style of a Generation

soultrain coverYes.. this chicken drumstick making .. (no really his buttermilk fried drumstick game is apparently WICKED )  , drum beatin,  Afro donning brotha has done it again,  right on the heels of this summer’s best seller  “Mo Betta Blues: The World According to Questlove”  .  Mr. Late Night pens yet another must read documenting the power , influence, admiration and souuuulllllll  of our beloved “Soul Train”  .

Soul Train: The Music,Dance and Style of a Generation 

Check out  a little Isley Bros. denim twin set magic right chea as preparation for the spirit of the book. You know,  it is rumored that Ahmir”Questlove” Thomson possesses the most vast collection of Soul Train episodes in the entire world.. Questlove  He is well versed in Soul Trainology lol.. he can tell you who was on keys in the back during  Taste of Honey’s performance of Sukiyaki LOL..  as most of us black kids growin up in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s would be. No I am lying he really will throw the third percussionist from the left’s name and resume’ from the Roy Ayers Ubiquidity ep in your face before you can remember which fool he is talking about .. HAHA..  ..   This book also includes a foreword from Gladys Knight  so you know it’s real lol and a preface by NICK CANNON.. (yeah I know but Nick is bringing Soul Train back to television this year on NBC )


I am going to pre order this soft cover gem as it is not being released until Oct 22.  Check it out , you can’t go wrong with Questlove B.

Let’s throw  some Distortion to Static in the mix just to cement the point  all the reasons to support Mr. Ahmir lol.. Roots Crew Though..

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Simply Serena…

Hey guys, SuperbbNess here coming to you live from the NorthWest.     I am hollering at you straight from the  Puget Sound  baby..Ayeeeee!!!     Yes I recently moved to Seattle, WA and it’s awesome.. Bee told ya that things were changing around here and boy HAVE THEY !!!  Keep it here so you can learn about the happenings in and around the Seattle region, learn about new strains, local dispensaries, the new weed climate, and all types of local awesome activities .  I also got  you on all the  regular goings ons in the world at large.that I usually cover and share..  YOU  know how we do!!!!  I documented the actual trek me and family took from LA to WA… It’s exciting , so be looking  forward to sharing that crazy experience with me in a few days.. NOW… that the pleasantries have been exchanged LOL..


serena trophyAllow me to congratulate ya girl Serena Williams on her 17th YES.. 17th Grand Slam and 5th Us Open title.. .. I MEAN DAMN.. Serena is a CHAMPION..  The Williams Sisters  together  are a major situation  , having  earned 22 Doubles Titles and a host of sports accolades both together and individually.   They both will serve you on ALL SURFACES (grass, clay, hot coals) …  .. OK..  serena-williams-white

Serena dominated Victoria Azarenka 7-5, 6-7, 6-1, in the US Open Final this past Sunday.  She is well on her way to becoming the highest ranking female tennis player in the world OF ALL TIME.. She is already No 1 in WTA Rankings.  Martina Navratilova has cited that “Serena should be ranked in the top 5 of all time , Navratilova also stated that , “It’s not just about how many slams you win or how many tournaments you win – it’s just your game overall. And she’s definitely got all the goods.”  Well we agree.. YOU GOT THE GOODS GIRL.. This is awesome since she has just come back from a series of surgeries after 2010’s accident with a piece of glass in Munich .  This injury kept her out of the game for over a year and she came back like WHAT!!    420Bamboobanga would like to congratulate you Serena. Keep on sis. !!!!

serena5th grand slam

“When you’re always trying to write history, or join history in my case, maybe you just get a little more nervous than you should,” she said later. “But I think that’s kinda cool because it means a lot. It means a lot to me, this trophy. It makes me feel I’m still fighting to be part of this fabulous sport.” …….. Serena Jameka Williams 2013

RIP .. SUGARFOOT.. NOW you are truly FREE…

ohioplayershoneyWe want to send our most heartfelt condolences out to the family and friends of Mr. Leroy ” SugarFoot “ Bonner, frontman and guitarist for the illustrious OHIO PLAYERS, also known as...” The Ohio Untouchables”. Mr. Bonner coined a vocal situation that would later be used by everyone from Roger Troutman to Larry Blackmon… He passed away at that age of 70 but had been touring all year and still had dates to fulfill in 2013.  It is good he passed doing what he was born to do.  At press time, there are still no details as to how he died but keep it here as we will be following this story and updating accordingly.  We  actually found out via Dawn Silva’s (Original Bride of Funkenstein’s) facebook page.

He was a beast to watch live and a survivor off of the stage..  The Ohio ohio-players-1975-diamond-far-left2-300x249Players paved the way for most of the midwest funk of the 70’s and 80’s Soul eras respectively.  Who can remember his vocals on joints like ““I Wanna Be Free”, “Skintight”, HELL, and Love Rollercoaster to name a few.  TVONE’s award winning docu-series aired an excellent  episode of “UNSUNG” featuring THE OHIO PLAYERS in 2011.  Check their schedule because I am sure they will be rebroadcasting it in commemoration of a brotha , that according to Grandma on FUNKY WORM “was funkier than 9 cans of shaving powder” LOL.. We will miss you and your EPIC FRO Mr. Bonner..

Sit back and relax and listen to some of the funk provided by our FUNK FOREFATHERS..


sugarfoot (1)






cos-miley-cyrus-cosmo-march-cover-mdnNO I am not kidding. I know it sounds like the beginning of a joke.. but alas.. this collab certainly went down… Check Cosmo’s March issue for the deets on Miley’s forthcoming album.. She is a Poseur TO ME.. but I am just the mere messenger.. and some of our readers fuck with Miley.. AND OF COURSE.. WE ALL GET DOWN WITH TYLER.. here are some excerpts from COSMOPOLITAN’S MARCH ISSUE…..

Cosmo: If I asked you to rank the parts of your life that you feel most satisfied with–love, family, music, acting–what would be at the top?
Miley: Number one is my relationship with Liam. That’s what I feel the most confident in because you never know; there’s so much hype behind my new record, but it could come out and, worst-case scenario, everyone fucking hates it.

Cosmo: But you seem proud of it.
Miley: Definitely, it’s the second thing that I’m most content with. I’ve never gotten to make a record like this because Disney’s always been on my back saying, “You’ve got to promote the TV show in two months, so make sure your record’s done…and when you promote your record, can you promote the show, the movie, and the Hannah Montana record?” I was basically carrying two people’s careers and trying to make mine the priority. Now, it’s almost like being a new artist and trying to make a first impression.miley_cyrus I think the best thing I could have done was take those two years off to really live, because now people don’t think of me as who I was on the TV show.

Cosmo: You collaborate with many unexpected names on this record. Safe to say you have a new sound?
Miley: I wrote this song with Mary J. Blige, and Tyler the Creator heard it and said, “I am obsessed with this song, and I will guest on it if you promise me that you will keep it on the album.” And he killed it! I really didn’t want to make a hip-hop record, and I’m not trying at all to be a Rihanna or a Nicki [Minaj]….That’s not my vibe. When I was growing up, my older brother would sneak me Nelly CDs, my dad had me listening to Dolly [Parton] and Johnny [Cash], and my mom is a complete metal head. So this record is a weird mixture of all that.

*interjection.. MILEY YOU SHALL NOT FUCK WITH METAL.. (carry on) !!!!

Cosmo: What are you listening to?
Miley: Frank Ocean’s record is so good. And I like that he came out and admitted he was gay, because that still affects people’s careers. If you don’t think it does, it fucking does, and he did not care. I think it’s going to make him even bigger……………OK… MILEY… (sigh)!!!!  This issue will be available February 5… Enjoy


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What!!!! Sloane shut La Williams DOWN

sloancoatYes folks, if you follow Tennis you know and already understand the powerhouse that is 19 year old tennis phenom.. Ms. Sloane Stephens... She has been slayin on the clay (or grass for that matter) for a few years,  and let’s face it she is already equipped with the aristocratic moniker a’ la Crystal Carrintgon or Dominique Devereaux . You would surely hope a sister named Sloane would whip some high end ass on the tennis court or croquet field.. LMBAO Okay but seriously she shocked the world with this one, you do realize that Serena Williams has not lost a set in like 20 matches or something.. and the last match she lost was in August.. Sloane came in ranking 40th in the world and caused a historic upset .. Ms. Stephens is not just a fledging new face, she is a force to be dealt with,   She has had a strong steady presence in the tennis community respectively since she was 16 at best.  She is the youngest tennis player ranked with the WTA ; the girl is but a teenager.   I believe her ranking will now rise to 25th after her Australian Open performance.    Tuesday , she defeated one of the baddest sistas to do it ,  Ms. Serena Williams in the quarterfinals of the AUSTRALIAN OPEN… The match started off with the usual Williams domination but come the second set.. things were looking a little gnarly.  Serena even went as far as to destroy her racquet and melt all the way down after the second set.seranasloan The end result would be the second biggest upset of the week next to Beyonce’  lip -synching The National Anthem..             SLOANE TRIED IT.. 3-6, 7-5, 6-4 and Ms. Williams was officially done for the day! We celebrate Ms. Stephens, although much ado is being made about the fact that Serena was in fact suffering from a back injury coupled with that nagging ankle situation.  She was a wounded warrior out there trying to make it happen , many will say that Stephens basically seized the moment.. she back handed her damaged opponent into submission. Serena Williams would not agree that the injury was the only reason that Stephens won the match, she is honest in stating that “everyone in there is suffering from some type of injury” .   She is not going to let her inability  to perform at one hundred percent take the shine from Sloane’s obvious triumph..   Stephens  is set to battle it out Thursday with the Number One ranking player IN THE WORLD Victoria Azarenka………………….. sloanstephensskirt   Check highlights and Serena racquet wrecking tantrum after the JUMP Continue reading

The Greatest….. Happy BornDay Sir.. Muhammad Ali

I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’ 
Muhammad Ali 






Sabbath is coming!!!!!

……well at least if you are in Australia, New Zealand, or JAPAN!! .. tour dates for 2013 have been announced.. We are waiting with baited breath.. for the US announcements.. Good Gravy I hope this happens.. I am also elated because it must mean that Tony Iommi is feeling well enough to tour and record the forthcoming new Rick Rubin produced album.


Keep it here on Bamboobanga420 for more deets..

HOPEFULLY there are still tickets available in your area.. Check with LiveNationAUS

Tour Dates so far:


First Auckland show already SOLD OUT!!!!


MELBOURNE        ROD LAVER ARENA            MONDAY APRIL 29        2nd show
MELBOURNE        ROD LAVER ARENA            WEDNESDAY MAY 1    sold out!

Black Sabbath will also be headlining Sunday night’s Ozzfest Japan lineup.

The festival will be a two day event held at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, Japan on Saturday May 11 and Sunday May 12, 2013.

While you wait you should go pick up IRON MAN: The Best of Black Sabbath .. 

you’ll have to pay in pounds or some shit..because I believe this collection is only available abroad for now.. you can also check .. HMV and Amazon.UK..

………and DJANGO was his name YO!!!

“oh ya’ll gone get together with Calvin in the bye and bye REAL SOON”……


OKAY.. first things first.. HAPPY NEW YEAR.. we were gone.. but now we’re back.. and what better catalyst to thrust us back into the blogosphere for 2013 but Quentin Tarantino‘s celluloid offering “DJANGO UNCHAINED .

The Story follows a bounty hunter( under the guise of “dentist”), Dr. King Schultz as he scours the Texas backwoods for The Brittle Brothers.  There is a huge bounty on their heads and he aims to acquire it.   He has no idea what the brothers look like , so he enlists the help of brother Django (Foxx)  to assist.  Django is found on the slave line marching barefoot through the woods on his way to a plantation.   Schultz finds the group, acquires Django  and adventure , murder and mayhem ensue.   Django agrees to be an assistant Bounty Hunter to Schultz as long as he gets to slide through Candyland Plantation and  rescue  his beautiful, german speaking  wife , Broom Hilda portrayed eloquently by Scandal actress, Kerry Washington  (there is a reason for the moniker ) ,who has been sold to the plantation as a “comfort girl”.    Together Django and Hildie.. suffered many atrocities at the hands of their slave masters and plantation workers.  The worst punishment , being separated, as slaves being married was strictly forbidden and their slave master was a HATER …django-unchained-poster-slice

If you are sensitive to the word NIGGA.. this is not the flick for  you it’s peppered generously throughout the movie. The word NIGGA , NIGGER or even NIGGALES (HERCULES) shall be heard every other frame damn near.  This did not deter SuperNess and myself however because we are Tarantino files LOL . The acting is superb , Kerry Washington was brillliant in her few scenes but the stars were undoubtedly  Christoph Waltz (Dr. Schultz)  and Samuel L. Jackson as “Stephen” , a real live Uncle Ruckus.. OMG .. he will go down in history as the most hated NIGGA on FILM since SPIT murked RAMO ..  forevah .. HAHAH .. I loved it!!!!django shooting

The movie was supposed to take place in 1858 , in the South ummm, us black folk were not exactly being treated nor spoken to with dignity nor were we called Sirs, Madames, or Queen and King  so.. I am just sayin… Tarantino captured the ruthlessness and dirty ways of most white people of that time.   Most of his films are gritty and uncomfortable in places but that is what make them so endearing .    If you left this movie feeling anything other than satisfied that DJANGO got his just desserts in the end .. My NIGGA you are just SUSS .. hahaha ..

For SuperNess and I ,  we both left the theater  basking in the spiritual glow of Nat Turner LOL , yes there are beatings, yes there is slave suffering, blood, and foul language .  Hell there is even humor , Rick Ross has a song in the damn movie , I mean it is a full SHOW .. Our message .. get blowed ..go see it ..

broom hilda

Don’t hate on the flick because a white man made it and it contains the word NIGGA .. You see how stupid that sounds.. Some of you act as if you had to return to Big Daddy’s Plantation directly after viewing the movie .. NIGGAS YOU ARE FREE for the most part .. You are not scheduled to bail any cotton in the forseeable….Stop it.. and Spike Lee .. you are brilliant but go listen to same jazz and sit yo Mars Blackmon ass down.. (and before you start .. we listen to jazz here.. but this nigga SPIKE,  he needs to soothe himself)

See Ya at the Movies.. or IN  them .. LOL..

Summer of Sony 4 Spring Edition

Perfect Bitch.. Oh Really Kanye????

This will probably make Kim’s stock go up.. Initially I didn’t want to believe this shit having seen her very boring ass tape with Ray J.. I knew she couldn’t have gotten down with some pros.. But .. Adult film veteran  Julian St. Jox  states quite the opposite, in fact Julian states that in 2001 Ms. Kartrashian, a brotha who came with her to said function and fellow adult performer Emily Ann had a nice little tryst at a swingers party at The Wyndham Hotel here in Los Angeles.

According to The Huffington Post: 


St. Jox claims that 20-year-old Kim showed up at the Wyndham Hotel in Culver City around 11:30 p.m. with a black man, who may have been her then-husband, music producer Damon Thomas, though it’s not clear if he was her escort to the party.

“She wasn’t known at the time at all, not like today, but for everyone who frequented these parties, she was interesting because she was a new face,” explained St. Jox, who told the website that he and his date, a fellow porn actress named Emily Ann, were instantly interested in Kim and propositioned her, which led to some heated dancing.   St. Jox alleges that the three of them later found a private room, and got to know one another intimately. “[Kim] looked like she was enjoying herself very much,” the 45-year-old adult entertainer claimed.

WHATTT!!! Now I have an inside source and I strongly believe that these allegations are true.  The other participants have no reason to lie.. Keep it here on, so you can watch this whole tale unravel..  More facts to come .. Stay Tuned!! *sidebar*  You wonder what the hell are you covering this for BJ.. WELL the story is so shocking and it is time for this Kardashian bullshit to end sorry Ye!!! lol.. I have a feeling this won’t stop it though LOL!!!


Frank Ocean’s forthcoming album , CHANNEL ORANGE (Def Jam) will be released July 17.. check out one of the joints.. “Pyramids“.. and to you I say CLEOPATRA… ALSO .. he will begin his tour.. July 13.. Tour Dates after the jump..


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Umm..Lauryn.. I am gonna let you finish..but girl.. this is some bullshit..

LOL.. IJS.. Now let me preface this by saying..I am in no way .. supporting the IRS, I cannot deny nor confirm that their allegations in reference to Ms. Hills tax standings are true or false.. HOWEVER… Girl..

I am tired of this stance she always takes.. this  amalgamation of big words and rhetoric thrown together in a bullshit salad to SAY SOMETHING i guess about the ill will of the industry and the saftey of her family and the lowkeyness of her chakra’s and whatever the fuck.. YET.. We must address you as Ms. Hill and not look you in the eyes.. Now SISTAS.. HOLD YOUR HEADWRAPS TIGHT.. You are not going to like this part.. THIS BITCH NEEDS TO HANDLE HER BUSINESS.. no really .. if it’s false.. which I am more than confident that it could be.. .. then HANDLE IT.. if it is true .. THEN DELIVER THE YIPPERS.. damn.. see although I have always appreciated her talent.. I thought she was a NUT from Day one..that’s just me… and it’s ok.. I am crazy too hell.. but stop playing the victimized revolutionary who was just sitting back , riding Marley dick, reading the bible and learning those 3 chords on the guitar.. LOL.. Your fans love you girl.. just stay silent .. and handle your shit .. smh.. Here  (Lauryn’s mish mosh of a rebuttal , I guess) is the THESIS ..  We ain’t got room for all that over here.. on another note though: SHIT WAS ALL GOOD JUST A WEEK AGO !! Check out Nas and Lauryn’s Epic Summer Jam performance after the Kut Continue reading

Happy Bornday Kanye…

…through clenched teeth .. I say this .. LE SIGH.. I am not feeling this Kardashian and Kanye union.. it’s so fake.. but anyhoo.. here is what she allegedly purchased for his 35th bday .. They have been dating roughly a month .. discuss amongst yourselves.. That’s 750,000 yippers of bullshit right there!!

check below.. for Ye’s G.O.O.D MUSIC situation “MERCY”.. it’s dope..

We still fools with you though.. You are somewhat of a genius.. Oh yeah and before we forget .. here is a list of all of the stores that will have those Yeezy II’s They drop June 9th .. and there are all type of covert techniques that will be implemented to purchase these bastards.. WOW..  .. Thanks Complex..

Watch the Throne.. Run the Seven Kingdoms…

Here is the real “Throne” to watch.. here is the seat that everyone is after from King’s Landing to WinterFell lol..     If you cannot squab in the battle like Khal Drogo .. then you should just break out with 30 racks.. AND DO WHAT LITTLE FINGER WOULD DO.. Buy the muhfucka.. hahaha.. I AM NOT KIDDING.. If you are a very rich nerd.. you can purchase this piece for your art room , or dining room.. Maybe if you have a Game room.. hell I don’t know.. I would post this bitch on the front porch … and serve KoolAid to the kids .. HAHHAHA.. !!!!

Purchasing this throne of many kings swords .. has now been made possible by HBO.. who by the way sell many odd and exclusive artifacts from most of their awesome shows.. Can’t wait to see what they offer from True Blood.. BUT I DIGRESS..  Go here for more deets.. 

The replicas are made from hand-finished, hand-painted fiberglass and fireproof resin, weigh 350 pounds and measure 7 feet, 2 inches tall; 5 feet 11 inches deep; and 5 feet 5 inches wide.  I want one.. 😦 of course I am not that paid.. so … looks like I will have to just join the Battle LOL.. AND NOW THEIR ARE FUCKING ZOMBIES???????

Lord Have Mercy Queen Grace.. Honored be Thy Name..

Here at The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Situation.. This 64 yr old goddess.. HULA HOOPS THROUGH THE ENTIRE “Slave to the Rhythm”.. HULA HOOPSS.. THE ENTIRE TIME.. if you don’t believe in GRace.. YOU JUST AIN’T SHIT .. i am done.. Good Day!!!!