Happy Birthday First Lady Michelle Obama… Still beautiful and still an inspiration….

michelleglasses Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama.. You are an inspiration.. Continue to thrive and support our fabulous President.. You are a mother, a friend,a wife, a daughter and a positive force . How about the fact that the FLOTUS was once Mr. Presidents BOSS.. lol.. I know that’s right..  I may be biased but it is safe to say that Mrs Obama just may be the best damn First Lady this country HAS EVER HAD!!! … I mean you know Eleanor Roosevelt could not hula hoop nor Teach you how to DOUGIE… and not since Lady O have you ever witnessed a First Lady lookin as fly in designer frames…. CONTINUE TO SERVE.. HAPPY 49TH LADY.. 

Michelle-Obama-Kai-Milla michelle hulahoop



Michelle Obama Discusses Arts And Humanities Education At The White HouseMichelle Obama Discusses Arts And Humanities Education At The White House


Lord Have Mercy Queen Grace.. Honored be Thy Name..

Here at The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Situation.. This 64 yr old goddess.. HULA HOOPS THROUGH THE ENTIRE “Slave to the Rhythm”.. HULA HOOPSS.. THE ENTIRE TIME.. if you don’t believe in GRace.. YOU JUST AIN’T SHIT .. i am done.. Good Day!!!!



Craigs List for Rich fucks.. James List..

I am sure if you are Pharrell or Jay-Z , one would have no reason for fucking around on Craig’s List looking for expired Mac Panther Programs or jobs in production.. I would guess you have no use for that cat’s used G5 with the bootleg of Final Draft 8.. NO ..THAT IS MY LINE..however.. this is how the rich people shop…

James List.. 

$ 1,817,963 you got that..

or how bout this…

$ 75,000,000 that is a steal LOL

  • Private Island Paradise
  • Location: The Bahamas
WONDERFUL DAHLING.. LET ME CALL MY BROKER… umm do ya’ll fuck with Netspend.. OH NO..


Either they don’t know… don’t show…..

Although we kee kee alot here at Bamboobanga420 , the world’s conditions do not fall short from our view.  It is an absolute travesty what is happening at the horn of Africa.  Somalia suffers , in the last 90 days , there has been a loss of over 29,000 children alone. Unfortunatley more losses are expected.

By all accounts, the famine is the worst humanitarian disaster to strike the region in decades, made all the more dire by Somalia’s isolation and inaccessibility to aid workers. “If this were Haiti, we would have dozens of people on the ground by now,” Eric James, an official with the American Refugee Committee, told the Times. “It is safe to say that many people are going to die as a result of little or no access.”
Slates’ Home

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Obama’s and Herb…

Hell naw.. no government in me sensimillia.. so I for one am happy!!!!! They tax everything as it is already. We dont need em’ taxin the ganja. 
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Can you imagine either going to the dispensaries or local spots( for those with out the proper consent) and you paying to get a gram or an eighth and they throw that 8.25 tax shit on there. Well….if you a major bud head like the banger sisters, you gone be mad as HELL. For me and my fellow stoners it’s already LEGAL. We never have a problem getting what we want when we want it. So again…….I suggest we dont go opening up a can of worms, because do we really want them throwing taxes on the trees we blowin? Just some Herb for thought.

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Obama Comes To California


President Obama will tour Southern California on Wednesday and Thursday, with stops at town hall-style meetings in Los Angeles and Costa Mesa and a visit to ” The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.” Obama’s visit is being touted by NBC as the first guest appearance on the show by a sitting president. Obama is expected to discuss the economy and how his administration is dealing with the global meltdown. Continue reading