NailsNugsNessesities is HERE ……


Hey everyone if you like artistic nails and KUSH NUGS … here is the page for you ….. @nailsnugsnessesities ….my sis @kaliforness has an awesome IG page where lovely nugs .. wonderful nail art and other ganja related products and tings are featured..8140CC8B-4A7B-4001-97BE-872E308CB518 SUPPORT THIS WONDERFUL MARRIAGE OF MARIJUANA AND CREATIVITY on @nailsnugsnessesities .. GO FOLLOW NOW .. it‚Äôs AWESOME ūüéĀūüéą‚ú®‚ú®‚ú®‚ú®ūü§ėūüŹĺ. ūüíÖūüŹĺūüíÖūüŹĺūüíÖūüŹĺūüíÖūüŹĺūüíÖūüŹĺ. #Repost @nailsnugsnessesities

I started this page as a way to showcase all my nail and nug pics that I’ve been taking over the years plus feature other cannabis culture related things, current nail trends as well as artsy stuff that I deem as dope and worthy. My goal is to continue to create content while continuing to support & network as a #CannabisConnoisseur within the #CannabisCommunity
With that being said I look forward to smoking, vibing and collaborating on all platforms I spoke of and more. Matter of fact I recently had the opportunity to reach out and work with this talented Sista & artist @goddessvibratesog who took the time to draw this beautiful colorful new @nailsnugsnesseties logo that I’m excited to put up as my profile picture and a new way to represent my brand. Thank you and shout out once again to @goddessvibratesog for the lovely art work as well as getting it done for me in a timely fashion. I’m forever grateful.   05E90BFF-C3E5-4D76-9269-B9C693A8A30A
To my followers thank you for clicking like and showing love. Make sure and stay tuned for exclusive content and other upcoming projects that I’m working on.

Is this thing ON !!!!! tap…tap


( insert random vintage Prince photo ) !!

Hey .. hAPPY NEW YEAR .. what’s good .. Ness and I have been gone quite a bit of¬†¬†time …¬† alot has happened .. lots of things have changed .. DUDE.. BUD IS LEGAL IN CALIFORNIA .. WHATTTTT !!..¬† sadly Obama was the president last time we all caught up with each other and HELL .. PRINCE and BOWIE were still on the planet the last time we were on here .. DAMN… ok well we will get into it ..¬† SuperNess is still smoking , traveling and flourishing in the lush evergreen backdrop of Seattle WA while I , BJ have been doing the same in nitty-gritty LA city . We both have had life changes , career changes , all types of experiences and changes, within that lengthy period of time that we have been absent from this platform . We are here to share some of our shit AND .. to get¬† back in the game because when we started this blog; there were not half the variety of weed blogs that there are today .¬† and thusly ;.. Banger Sisters are back..¬† just putting some feelers out there and testing some ADMIN changes we made before i hit y’all with all this bud and content .¬† So watch this space .. we want to know what you are smoking, how you are smoking it , where you got it ,¬† How it was grown , what you cooking , what movies and books are you into right now .. WHY you guys are out here rocking 2000 dollar Skechers …what the hell IS GOING ON I mean i am glad I am always high because damnit shit is so funny right now HA !!¬† ¬†IMG_2542

We will be sharing with you guys things that we think are dope to do read, watch , smoke, cook, eat as well¬† and Ness has a new feature just for the ladies who toke .. NUGS AND NAILS¬† .¬† soon we will be asking for pics of lovely manis with nuggs , bongs, blunts, joints ETC.¬† ¬†The page is in the process of a complete makeover¬† because she is a bit dated aesthetically, that being said it still has shit in the archives that OTHER BLOGS JUST AINT GOT and aren’t dope enough to know or care about .¬† ¬†Rare interesting content, like run on sentences will continue here on Bamboobanga .¬† When you want to have a good time and take a break from the gossip blogs ; come look at some random shit with US and smoke !!!¬† .. now bear with us because what those other blogs DO HAVE that we don’t is STAFF .. yes it’s just us two .. Ness and I and we like it like that , however with that dynamic duo approach comes a slower stream of posts , IN THE BEGINNING well the re re beginning because we been in this piece for roughly 10 yrs so HEY CELEBRATE .. WE WILL BE RIGHT BACK !!!!! .¬† ¬† 420BAMBOOBANGA RETURNS !!!








Pumpkin and Zucchini bread …



pumpkin-sliced-2Fall is in the air and so is the smell of baked goods, homemade soups, hearty chili’s, savory Crock-Pot dishes, casseroles and everything and anything that pumpkin can find its way into.

It’s the perfect time of year for foods that warm and comfort us. Best way to describe it : FOOD FOR THE SOUL

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite fall foods including some other awesome Autumn recipes from other bloggers who have shared their Fall favorites.

That being said I had recently been craving some Pumpkin Zucchini Bread so I decided to make a loaf. I got the Pumpkin and zucchini last weekend when I went to the Pumpkin Patch which is also a farm. They had lots of fresh goodies for a little of nothing. I love getting produce for a bargain. The remaining ingredients needed, I already had and didn’t have to purchase.


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yup ..tonight it’s time for more carnage ….

zombie-heads-lego…………… if you were not horrified enough … pour out a likkle cherry wine for Ab and Glenn…oh how we weep … what does this do to the team… Will Rick ever regain his g status … How will Maggie move forward……. OH THE HORROR AND THE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN …… sigh .. anyhoo .. ¬†LEGO never dissapoints let’s relive this Negan and Lucille dance… ¬†….. HERE …. ¬†and then let’s ROLL UP .and get ready for tonights bullshit ….. . you know this stuff¬†gets uglier ¬†every week…. tis the damn season …. ¬†CHEERS…


wow… i need all of these … I NEED TO RE-ENACT every kill… remember the brutal disposal of NICK .. hahaha ( aah memories ) ….. to be a kid again ….





yes… indulge yourself THIS HALLOWEEN.. ALL BLACK EVERYTHING … INCLUDING .. WINGS …. are you into.. if so… ¬†here ya go …


Hot sauce? Check. Bloody Mary mix? Check. The creepiest, most vile-looking chicken wings you’ve ever seen? You better believe it. If there’s ever a time to eat something that looks like it flew straight out of hell, it’s Halloween. Of course, this recipe from Smoky Ribs BBQ¬†also packs enough flavor to be a part of your grill game year-round.


  • 24 ounces Louisiana hot sauce
  • 1 tablespoon¬†black food dye
  • 18-24 fresh whole chicken wings
  • 1¬Ĺ¬†cups Bloody Mary mix
  • Splash hot sauce, to taste
  • 3-4 splashes¬†Worcestershire sauce
  • ¬Ĺ¬†lime, juiced
  • Red food dye
  • Cornstarch slurry
  • Celery salt
  • Fresh-cracked black pepper, to taste



  • Combine 24 ounces of hot sauce with 1¬†tablespoon of black food dye, and mix¬†well.
  • Place the¬†chicken wings into a 1-gallon Ziploc¬†bag and cover them with black hot sauce.¬†Seal, and toss the chicken in the marinade until thoroughly covered. Place the bag in the¬†refrigerator¬†and flip it¬†every 30 minutes for 3 hours.
  • While the chicken is marinating, pour the Bloody Mary mix into a pot.¬†Bring it to a¬†simmer, and then add¬†several dashes of hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, lime juice, and 1 tablespoon of¬†red food dye. Bring the mixture to a simmer again, and¬†add 2¬†tablespoons of cornstarch slurry to thicken.
  • Remove the wings from the Ziploc¬†bag. Place them in a¬†shallow dish to catch the drippings, and inject¬†the Bloody Mary mixture into the¬†drumettes¬†and the flats of each wing. Once all wings are fully injected, place them on a grill or smoker over indirect heat. Season with celery salt and pepper, and¬†cook¬†until they reach an internal temperature of¬†170¬įF.
  • Remove the wings from the grill. Garnish with fresh parsley, and serve with celery sticks and the¬†dressing¬†of your choice. (Note: Because of the vibrancy¬†of the Bloody Mary injection, the wings will look and¬†appear raw even when fully cooked, which is why it’s¬†important to check them with an internal thermometer¬†before taking them off the grill.)

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Siouxsie Sioux … We Love U… Halloween Muse!!

Siouxsie and the fucking Banshees!!!!!!!

No Halloween would be complete without the perfectly BEAT face of the one and only Siouxsie Sioux… Just the right amount of eeriness and SCENE..

she is a real glamour ghoul LOL.. *WINK*.. and that’s corny but you can’t whupp my ass so…

Siouxsie with Robert Smith

This cake will really set your Halloween party OFF!!!

repost from from 5 YEARS AGO ..WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU … !!!!!

If you are into yummy desserts, like us here at Bamboobanga420, you must understand that this jawn will completely BODY your party.. just add this, THE PERFECT DJ.. and Voila’..

The cake itself is an illustrious MARBLE.. FEAT both VANILLA AND CHOCOLATE… Nutella buttercream and ¬†ganache spiders complete this ghoulish delight..

If you need to know what GANACHE is it’s okay.. we have other recipes coming up for the NOVICE CHEF.. so just look at the pretty pictures lol..

Now..this here is not for the NEW COOK.. your skills must be ready lol.. You should be a lowkey Patti Labelle or Duff Goldman on the 1’s and 2’s .. .Complete Recipe after the Jump!!! Continue reading

White Chocolate Ghost!!!!!



Here are some wonderful Munchies for the Holidaze!!!

Melt the white chocolate in a double boiler over medium-low heat or in the microwave for about 1 minute. Just make sure to stir it often to keep the chocolate from burning. For the best results, chill ghosts until you’re ready to serve them.


1 1/2 cups white chocolate chunks, melted
3 dozen pieces dried fruit (such as banana chips, prunes, apricots or pineapple slices)
2 tablespoons dried blueberries or currants
1 tablespoon sunflower seeds


Line two large sheet trays with parchment paper. Transfer chocolate to a small, deep bowl.

Working with one piece of fruit at a time, dip one end into the chocolate, leaving only the last quarter inch or so exposed; shake off excess chocolate and transfer dipped fruit to prepared sheet tray. Drizzle a bit of extra chocolate around the bottom left and right sides to form the shape of a ghost, then use the blueberries, currants or sunflower seeds to make eyes. Repeat process with remaining fruit and chocolate then chill until completely set, about 1 hour.

Enjoy!!!! TRICK OR TREAT!!!!!

Go get Anita the Beast… It’s Nightmare time..

Well here’s and oldie but goodie lol..


and yup it’s the actual video.. u know u had never seen this shit !!! LOL


We hit u with the classics..



The Corpse Reviver Shot… OOOOHHHHH !!!

How about a creepy cocktail to serve the adults at your Wicked/Haunted Halloween Party, the “Corpse Reviver Shot” kills it every time! The Corpse Reviver family of cocktails were quite popular around the turn of the century, the 20th century that is– as a “hair of the dog” reviver, to pick you up and refresh you after a heavy night out. Times have certainly changed and now Corpse Revivers are back and waking up the dead. LOL.

As part of an old family of cocktails “The Reviver” began to die out after prohibition when complex ‚Äúup‚ÄĚ drinks went out of fashion, and now the category is all but dead. I actually stumbled across three different drink recipes for the Corpse Reviver Shot 1 & 2. Pick Your Poison and ENJOY!

Corpse Reviver Shot 1
1 ounce Brandy
1 ounce Orange Liqueur
1 ounce Lemon Juice
1 dash Grenadine

Add all ingredients to a mixing glass or shaker. Shake with ice, strain, and load plastic, food-grade syringes. To serve, keep syringes on ice. Scale as needed to serve 1 or 100.

Of course if you are more afraid of syringes than Dr. Conrad Murray .. try this simple option:

Another recipe for Corpse Reviver #1 sans  syringe and over ice.
Corpse Reviver (No. 1)

2 shots Cognac

1 shot apple brandy or Calvados

1 shot sweet vermouth

Stir well with ice and strain in to a cocktail glass.

for more on this DEADLY DRINK and yet another OPTION.. Be Brave and take it HERE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Continue reading

Today … Deborah Harry is SEVENTY … YEARS OLD..

blondieWE¬†love you Debbie… you are perfection .. let’s celebrate the life of the Blondie frontman, B-girl, (YESS B-GIRL and we can debate this all day nuugga..) and¬†all around rock goddess today … Here’s to you Ms. Harry ¬†Your awesomeness has not been wasted on us. Nobody has filled her shoes yet and please don’t come over here talmbout Gwen Stefani… Gwen is cool but this here IS DEBBIE DAMNIT. She has left her footprint firmly planted in the foundations of everything from art to music. blondie01We will not even try to break down¬†how many trends she has mothered.¬†¬†Hell Deborah was ¬†A PLAYBOY BUNNY goshdarnit. I appreciate the fact too that Debbie is simiply growing older, she is not running around here with DDD titties, a snatched grill overdoing it. ¬†Note to Madonna , although you are not quite 70 yet, BISH THIS IS HOW TO DO IT. ¬†She is a powerhouse of a woman then , now and forever. She taught me to “Rip her to Shreds” and also informed me that the “Tide is High”¬†. so covet¬†your seat in the celestial landscape woman. We are forever ¬†inspired…¬†HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY DEBORAH HARRY ¬†sidenote: Aren’t she and Chris Stein just the ultimate in relationship GOALS OMG..¬†




Debbie Harry of Blondie at the opening og Blondie in Camera exhibition Mirandy Gallery London 1978

I am not going to disrespect you guys and give you the history of Blondie or Deborah .. if you need enlightenment.. take that ass to Wikipedia… ( some of the basic shit is probably true, ha) Clearly if you are on Bamboobanga YOU ARE KINDA well versed in this braud already .. Let us HOPE .. (side eye ) .. alright .. SMOKE WELL.. and listen to some of our favorite Blondie chunes on the next page ….¬†¬†yeah yeah RAPTURE is over there… I know that’s what ya want ..¬† Continue reading

Yes Crockpot Coconut Lime Chicken…

Crockpot-Coconut-Lime-Chicken-1It’s summertime , and clearly it’s too damn hot to be toiling over the stove or oven all day.. The perfect remedy for the girl on the go , or the homemaker who also happens to hold down a full time job.. coupled with a hungry family ;¬†A CROCK POT.. ( hears angels sing) …. The Crock Pot has been the key for me , my mama , her mama , yo mama etc, they have all utilized this amazing piece of culinary PLUG IN wizardry for beans and greens while they sleep in. It makes Oxtails and Beef rib tips just slide off the bone. Nothing can compare to the free feeling of¬†simply ¬†tossing some seasonings, veggies, and meat of choice .. ( or not) into that big ole pot , simmer it on low and carry on with the day ( or take your ass to sleep) ¬†. ¬†It works for Sunday dinners and those quick weekday dinners after work , when you are too tired to look at a pot and too HUNGRY to stand for 30 minutes cooking ANYTHING.. Cook while you work or twerk .. but just let it sim simmahh by itself for a few hours.. During the summer we will be hooking you guys up with all kinds of Crock Pot ideas. ¬†We cater to the comfortable stoner here . we need breaks and we also like food HA!! ¬† ¬†The wonderful people over at The CrockPot Gourmet have prepared a delicious Coconut Lime Crock Pot Chicken that is truly divine.. just pair it up with a quick salad and there you have it .. Dinner is served !!!

Crockpot-Coconut-Lime-Chicken-6 (1)

Recipe is on the next page..   Continue reading

Sooo .. who wants to fight zombies .. all the way to the Bahamas… ON A FRIGGIN BOAT..

giphydarrylso.. here we have 3 fun-filled .. days of HORROR.. yes.. you will be on a SHIP traveling from Miami to the Bahamas… WITH ZOMBIES.. on the bright side .. Darryl and Beth will be there to protect you hahaahahah.. I think they should mix it with The Love Boat and have Captain Stubbing at the captains dinner zombied out .. or perhaps you might be able to get a Mojito from an Undead Isaac( anyways FOCUS..) ¬†… ¬† This Walking Dead themed cruise sets sail in January and is already filling up fast. The entire “Norwegian Pearl” will be chock full of zombies, games, functions, cosplay contests and cast members, (Sasha, Bob and Carl will also be there to name a few) . ¬† ¬†I personally am in fact a Walking Dead super fan but i don’t know if I could deal with constant zombies on a fucking OCEAN LINER.. just me, ¬†zombies , and the friggin OCEAN.. I don’t know .. The event is being called The Walker Stalker Cruise and this gig is GOIN UP .. i just think it will have to go up sans me though… tothedomeImagine leaving the boat club/bar/situation by yourself drunk as hell trying to get to the cabin, you gotta pee, you haven’t smoked any kush , and here come Davy Jones and some other gnawed up looking sumbitch .. On the other hand it’s a cruise .. so it’s probably gonna be fun.. ¬†I mean i would rather run from a half eaten ACTOR zombie than one of those blue tooth in the ear, ¬†silk royal blue twin set, Huarache¬†sandal wearing muhfuckas on the Funk Fest Cruise or something . ¬†On some real stuff though , if you are brave and require this type of horror at sea to feel complete … check out¬†¬†The Walker Stalker Cruise website for questions and to purchase tickets, while they still have¬†them…



Things to stare at while high….Yeah man..

Smoke one or two .. and enjoy the juxtaposition of what’s real and what’s not… negative space vs. everything else… Are you high.. because in reality this shit ain’t moving ..LOL..

rob gonsalves – magic realism




more illusions to the naked eye…..

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Take your FOOD into THE POOL.. HURRAY!!!!!

pizzapoolWhile¬†Winter has finally come in Westeros, Summer is only days away HERE ¬†in our part of world…¬†. When¬†invoking the name of the¬†four seasons; Summer¬†is probably the most beloved¬†and celebrated.. Yes, It’s a time for Sunshine, BBQ’s , bikinis, board shorts and swimming Pools!!

No worries about Whitewalkers right now while the sun is” beatin down on my basebal hat”, my concern is staying chill because¬†it will get hot as 3 dragons breathing fire in some places. ¬†You can always cool down in the pool or FIND SOME FUCKING SHADE. Ha! Then again if you can get to the pool, beach or a body of water to your liking then may I suggest the newest CRAVE of a WAVE……FOOD FLOATIES!!!!!


There’s all sorts of snacks and treats you can float on. They didn’t have this stuff when I was a kid. So I’m totally fascinated by all of it. It’s all very cute. I’ve already imagined myself floating on a slice of pizza or perhaps a watermelon. ¬†I hope a pineapple food floatie is made omg, I’d be ecstatic as i LOOOVEEE PINEAPPLE lol but until then I’ll float on anyone of these. They have many varieties ranging from the inexpensive kiddie toy , to the more advanced , pricey adult pool¬†accoutrement ,like the remote control drink and snack caddy, to an inflatable, floatable BEER PONG STATION along with floating bars and islands that are larger than living rooms, ALL, for your pool.. … . ¬†You can find most of these pool pieces at your local department or¬†home specialty based store like¬†, Wal-Greens, Wal-Mart, Target¬†and/or Home Depot. ¬†You may also find a large range of inexpensive fun pool accessories at¬†Rite Aid, Lowes or Bartell’s. If you are really a poolside G.. you can order yourself a pool Donut¬†while posted up in¬†YOUR POOL,¬†floating on a slice of pizza, smoking a joint and drinking a Mimosa delivered via pool caddy .. HA!!!¬†.. ¬†Check out Amazon or Ebay for some ONLINE good deals if you prefer to kick back and shop¬†..


floaties 2

More Pool Shenanigans and a little poolside inspiration…. ¬†after the break !!!!!! Continue reading

Sound Bites: The Goodies… The Parliaments x Parliament

The Journey of a beat:


The Parliaments..”All Your Goodies Are Gone”.. . in 1967 ¬†George said.. “Let me give it to ya’ll like this here”


Parliament …In 1974, ¬†after many more joints and trips… George STILL REFUSED the loser’s seat., ya’ll gone get this work.. REWORKED IT….!!!. ¬† ¬† “All Your Goodies are Gone”. off the Up for the Down Stroke LP.. ( that’s real 70’s .. read it in a Frankie Crocker voice..”off the elllll peeeee ) HAHAHAAH … . the more gangsta , funk face version…

and then in the 80s Herby Luv Bug sped it up .. and VOILA.. Salt N Pepa

Everybody Get Up !!!!

shut up ….. ¬†you know ya’ll used to fuck with this… hahahah ..


Sound Bites: Wu-Tang Edition

Quick journey of a beat !!!!


First there was:

The Charmels: As Long as I Got You

Charmels 5

and then RZA went here it with it  C.R.E.A.M


and these dope dudes felt this way about it .. El Michels Affair ….C.R.E.A.M


( okay so obviously fools know this came from from 2009’s El Michels Affair’s “Enter the 37th Chamber Wu tribute album) ¬†but lame ass Youtube wouldn’t let me share that one so here it is, from The Chef soundtrack lol.. ¬†but lowkey that¬†¬†Chef soundtrack is good as hell .. so there’s that .. PEACE!!



Dispensary Review: Bud to go!!!! HerbPlease.Com

herbpleaseEvery week Superbbness and I will be giving you the goods on the local herb shops between good ole LOS ANGELES and the NORTHWEST region ( where the shit is completely¬†LEGAL BABY ..AYEEEEE!!) ¬†I just recently really got into bud delivery services here in LA ¬†. ¬†In the past I have actually been against this because last year i tried a service which shall remain nameless , and the herb was cool but I only had TWO choices.. the hell… I shop for bud like fruits and veggies.. I am like E-40 widit .. I NEED “CHOICES” DAMMIT .. anyway.. ¬†i went online to and chose my flowers from a wonderful list of trees .They have Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids.. So there I sat in my pajamas and bonnet, mouse in hand¬†. ONLINE.. like it was crazy. just point and click like I was on Amazon buying books or some shit . I am just gleefully filling my cart . I was a bit nervous though because clearly a picture of some herb is one thing but the texture, smell and feel AND GOODNESS is a hole nug of another color.. I would have held a fool hostage up in here if he had got here and the shit looked like oregano .. HAHA .. it would be some smoke in the city and I ain’t talkin about KUSH SMOKE lol..just kidding.. I would have kindly sent him on his way without my coin BUT LUCKILY FOR ME that was not the case. The initial time they visit , they take a pic of your Doctor’s Rec and ID and after that no need until you of course renew ¬†your recommendation. ¬†They also have all sorts of deals and specials which is awesome. They do offer incentives with recycled bottles and Yelp Reviews which is always dope along with friendly and knowledgable honest delivery dudes.

Okay so getting to the herbals… TeslaOGMy favorite connoisseur strain is “Tesla OG”. this is a STRONG indica dominant HYBRID.. these types are my favorite strains. ¬†I rarely smoke straight Indica and when I do i mix it with just a little TOP SHELF sativa. ¬†I love Indica so i do need that to be dominant BUT .I¬†like that little Sativa head high that slides through with the Indica’s body high . Ok so The Tesla OG is outstanding¬†¬†you do get exactly a gram though when you buy 1 GRAM lol.. I am just keepin it 100 but the price is cool when you get 1/8ths and upwards . I would suggest getting more than a gram to get more bang for your buck, they have a 4 gram lil power pack that i always get and it’s beneficial to the pocket ūüėČ ¬† ¬† The other strains are great as well .. The tried and true Platinum Bubba Kush, an Indica hybrid of Platinum OG X¬†Bubba Kush. She¬†offers the¬†earthy , hearty like warm¬†taste with a real stoney head and body high¬†asoociated with¬†an Indica dominant/ Sativa strain..Superb…¬†Vanderbilt OG is another¬†special strain and it is ¬†PART OG , PART PURPLE Hybrid¬†and is slightly sweeter¬†to the taste than the Tesla.,the feeling is very floaty and after I smoked it I cleaned the kitchen and organized the fridge IJS.. I always get the Jack Herrer when i order here because he truly is the King of Sativa strains.¬† Jack is my favorite daytime herb, I get so much done during the day when i smoke a little Mr. Herrer, It is usually my Wake and Bake strain. ¬†Classic Jack YOU KNOW!!!!! ¬† Edibles and everything you may need like papers, tips, blunts etc can be delivered with your meds, if you are in need. The concentrates are impressive, ¬†right now i am working with a Blue Dream Crumble which i sprinkle generously through my Tesla/Jack joints. ¬†They have a good selection of waxes, crumbles, melts and bubbles, all reasonably priced.HERBPLEASEPACKAGE ¬†Don’t pass up the edibles section. They have Kiva Bars , Gummy Bears , HOney, Cheeba Chews and ey’thang in between. ¬†I would suggest you really be BUYING some shit when you hit them up .. don’t be a jackass and try to get a hot DUB DELIVERED LOL.. don’t be that GUY .. Donate generously .. I really do enjoy this spot the packages are discreet and the drivers , again ,are always accommodating. ¬†You order online , they call to confirm and you are on deck in about 30 minutes. ¬†*sidenote: Don’t¬†be trying to get no herb DELIVERED in your dusty ass , dangerous neighborhood* …you already know . ain’t nobody fucking with Western ,not really Crenshaw, ¬†Normandie, ¬†anything past Olympic traveling South ¬†lol.. Pico .. USC AREA fa sho but any other part of Vermont not around Ktown you can FAGETTIT ¬†. if it’s treacherous .. HELL NO ..LOOKS like dat ass will be in line at the spizzle .. AND THAT’S OK.. ( now my area is not all that great but i am ME there’s that lol.. favors in the Kush community and that lot haahah )

“Power” Season 2 premiere hits Starz record with 1.43 Million Viewers

Photography By Myles Aronowitz

Photography By Myles Aronowitz

Oh¬†yes! ¬† ¬†Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson talks enough shit but thankfully he can back it up . He waged war against urban powerhouse “EMPIRE” and I will be damned if he didn’t¬†set a new standard at his own network; ¬†letting the Empire team knows that Power would not be denied and is still a top contender as a television heavyweight¬†..The asshole that we hate to love is back along with the rest of the exceptional cast for Season 2 of the gritty street drama , “POWER”. ¬†The record-breaking debut has set a new viewership high bar¬†, knocking original Starz series¬†Spartacus :Vengeance (1.39 million) ¬†out of their dominant spot for an opening season premiere for the network .There has been an 32% increase in viewers¬†since the Season 1 finale in August of 2014 . Power has also experienced a 209% viewership boost¬†from last season’s initial episode and ¬†some are¬†attributing this extra spike¬†in Power fans¬†to¬†residual left over ¬†“Empire” interest. ¬†The success of the Fox Networks ghetto baby has sparked America’s interest in the urban experience, but that is just the word on the street or should I say the marketing round table. ¬† 50 is probably not going to agree with that little nugget , I am sure he will accredit the attention to the great writing, action and twisted story of loyalty , betrayal, sex, juggin’ murder ¬†and drama . powerseason2¬†I have no idea as i appreciate each show for its individual nuances, ¬†but I do know that¬†Power¬†is an exciting, raw¬†show and we at Bamboobanga have been watching since the first season . ¬†We know the ladies are tuning in for those sexy love scenes with gorgeous brother Omari Hardwick, bring on more chop down scenes please ¬†and thank you ..!!!!! Listen the ladies agree , Ghost is the man with his cheatin ass ….¬†¬†HE LOOKS GOOD and those love scenes are extra spicy…. Curtis seems to be donning his hats as executive producer and cast member like a champ . ¬†He gets more screen time this season as ¬†“Kanan” ( Jackson) has been released from prison and is now plotting Ghost’s( Hardwick) expedient ¬†demise.TOMMYKANN ¬†He is trying to wipe our guy off the map with his shit eating grin LOL.. Tasha, Ghost’s main woman and wife¬†( Naturi Naughton) is still plotting and scheming to keep her man in these streets and Tommy (Joseph Sikora) is still representing as a street soldier demanding Ghost keep his focus on the dope game. ¬† Ghost is still fucking with ( figuratively and literally) the Feds. ¬†He can’t seem to shake Angela ( Lela Loren) who is his old love but also unbeknownst to her and HIM , trying to put her boo thang (Ghost) in prison for life. She works for the D.A. and his case is the one she is trying to crack in the realest of ways. HA! .OMARI. ¬† Of course there is more infidelity , jealousy , thirst, sex and confusion but that is all the stuff that ratings dreams are made of . The supporting cast¬†rocks as well . The soundtrack deserves some serious recognition as Saturday’s debut ¬†ep offered joints by Drake, Pusha T, and Chase and Status. ¬†¬†This thing is loaded with hood goodness but has the slickness of a well produced network drama.¬†¬†Congrats POWER team, it looks like the second season is starting off successfully …and ¬†.. the riveting series has just been renewed for A THIRD SEASON . ¬†So kudos again ..We look forward to the rest of the season .. . Check below for¬†more of what’s to come in Season 2 of the Starz original¬†POWER.




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so we are cinephiles here at Bamboobanga …. we are totally obsessed with FILM, Art,Kush and Television , ¬†respectively .. Superbbness and I both come from film and television backgrounds so we always are watching something AWESOME WHILE¬†SMOKING ¬†SOMETHING…


Growing up ..i was obsessed with being a teen and taking shit over… I mean i was all things emo and angsty .. I am also deep into NOSTALGIA.. right now . i am going to share with you some of my favorite GET HIGH FLICKS.. where the fucking kids were NOT ALRIGHT ¬†…

let’s start with 1979’s Over the Edge.. now if you saw the recent Kurt Cobain documentary “Montage of Heck” .. you would see that Cobain found inspiration in this little flick as well.. It was also one of the first films¬†for Matt Dillon and Vincent Spano.. aww they were babies..¬†overtheedge2

The gist is that essentially this new little desert town , New Grenada . thinks that the local rec center THAT CLOSES AT 6PM.. is enough to provide entertainment and containment for their young people.. The adults basically ignore them until one of the kids gets a hold of a pistol and starts foolin around, ¬†and accidentally (err) shoots and kills a local police officer .. UH OH .. the next night the old folk gather to decide what to do … and during that time .. ALL HELL BREAKS LOSE.. and the kids are in charge like Charles HAHAHAHAH… it’s cheesy and awesome… This movie¬†also has a damn awesome soundtrack¬†( good luck finding it though) ¬†, Jimi, Cheap Trick , (lots of Cheap Trick) , Van Halen, and The Ramones to name a few.. ¬† Director¬†: Johnathan Kaplan …….Starring: Matt Dillon, Vincent Spano , Pamela Ludwig


My next favorite is 1983’s Suburbia .. now i have put this joint on here so many times.. but hell.. that was years ago so HERE IT IS AGAIN LOL.. .. So it starts off .with a teenage runaway chick hitch hiking, she is picked up by a lady with a baby .. the car gets a flat, (this was before cell phones ) .. the lady gets out to use the payphone on the side of the freeway and her baby ¬†is mauled and killed by a rabid stray dog (off camera of course BUT STILL LOL) .. .. ¬†GOT YOUR ATTENTION.¬†yeah that’s how i felt as a preteen LIKE OMG, WHAT THE FUCK , hahaha ..surburbia

We then see¬†young Evan with his bitter drunk ass mama going through it .. He goes to see TSOL .. somebody slips him a mickey and he meets up with blonde coiffed punk ¬†Jack who offers him a place to stay … Evan is like fuck it ..”my life is shit anyways” .. and on their way to the raggedy ass squat house. ¬†(T.R House, which is a raggedy squat house in an unincorporated part of land off the 605) .. they ¬†pick up another wayward kid.. Joe Schmo who is salty¬†because his dad is gay … soooo anyways a bunch of shit goes down .. the house is full of young punks, ONE OF THEM a very young FLEA FROM THE CHILI PEPPERS ha he plays a dude with a rat named RAZZLE. AAAH ¬†Flea!!!!!!!!!!
fleaandratThe young squad¬†becomes THE REJECTED.. erego the moniker,T.R. ¬†These kids¬†loot to live, get drunk , and revolt against “THE MAN” .. ¬† yadda yadda .they become the neighborhood menaces .. . it all ends in a culmination of FUCK .. this is one of my favorite flicks… it’s cheesy too .. but as a young PUNK (in my mind).. this told my story hahahahah.. ¬† A cautionary tale of Mohawks and rebellion .. most of the actors were not actors¬†but real local punks and i have always thought that was really rad.. never mind that it was not going to be in line for any Academy Awards hahahaha… ¬† Penelope Spheeris of “The Destruction of Western Civilization” documentaries did a cool job with this low budget nugget.. so roll up .. lay back and enjoy.. also get up and dance around when “Washed Away” comes on.. that’s the jam .. AYEEEEEEE ¬†Director and Writer : Penelope Spheeris ¬†Starring: Chris Pederson , Bill Coyne, Jennifer Clay and FLEA ..¬†Suburbia-Dress-10

moving on to 1983’s. The Outsiders” LET’S DO IT FOR JOHNNY” ..


So this little gem is probably the most¬†POPULAR .. amongst ¬†you reading this..I mean ¬†who doesn’t say “Stay Gold” ..or “Let’s Do it for Johnny” .. on the regular hahahah ..Now this group of teens were not neccessarily trying to TAKE OVER per se’ but they still struggled with every young person’s relatable need tosurvive, ¬†fit in and rule in their region.. . I remember crying when Karate Kid ( Johnny Cade played eloquently by the forever young Ralph Macchio) ¬†died .. HE WAS JUST TRYIN TO SAVE THE BABIES YA’LL…….( tears) ….johnny There is not really a huge breakdown for this classic as the story is quite cut and dry .. ¬†.. S.E. Hinton’s novel inspired¬†this celluloid treasure , it is the age old battle between the Have’s and the Have nots ensues.. with much carnage and fervor…. as a young-un i am sure i had a crush on the ENTIRE gorgeous cast LOL… Basically a rumble between the poor Greasers and the ballin Socs ends with a death and then it’s really ON.. This is one of my faves and the cast is BANANAS ..Director: Francis Ford Coppola Starring:¬†Tom Cruise, Diane Lane, Ralph Macchio, Patrick Swayze ,Emilio Estevez, Leif Garrett, C.Thomas Howell ¬†*fun fact: author of novel S.E. Hinton is featured as a nurse in the hospital where Johnny dies*)

1983’s ¬†RumbleFish …


Here is another classic that we have featured here on Bamboobanga BEFORE,¬†(in case you missed our last Rumblefish piece.. here ya go )¬† but¬†no worries, allow me to REITERATE the greatness of this joint here. ¬†Rumblefish was boasts almost the same cast as The Outsiders and is inspired by and based on Hinton’s novel “Rumblefish” . The screenplay was written on the weekends when Coppola and Hinton weren’t filming The Outsiders, talking about WORK ETHIC …MAN.. ANYWAY .. this movie is literally a cornucopia of young eighties actors on the come up .. Matt Dillon is a long way from Shady Pines¬†as young teenage hard head, Rusty James; he and his crew roam the HARD streets of Oklahoma¬†City looking for some trouble and gang activity .. if he is not with his squad¬†, ( Laurence Fishburne, Nicolas Cage,Christopher Penn , and Vincent Spano AGAIN.. ) then he is boo’d¬†up with his lovely girlfriend .. Patty (Diane Lane)¬†.dianelane rumble

Rusty’s mom bounced awhile back and left him and his brother Motorcycle Boy (Mickey Roarke)¬†¬†with their drunk, welfare recipient dad ( Dennis Hopper) . Motorcycle Boy has just turned 21 and is the local OG in the neighborhood , MB¬†leaves the city and in his absence Rusty tries to follow in his footsteps ,wreaking havoc and rumbling in the streets until his older brother returns and tells him to straighten up. ¬†Rusty and his crew will have none of that ; it is still all about the turn up for them as they participate in extreme teenage mischief and illicit behavior¬†¬†that will undoubtedly lead to their young demise .¬†Motorcycle Boy appears to everyone to be losing his mind when in fact he just wants to keep it cool and just get to the shoreline LOL.( no really he has an obsession with seeing the water). This is¬†not only great film, but the soundtrack is awesome too. Stewart Copeland ( Police) used experimental methods to score the film, getting assistance from Wall of Voodoo’s Stan Ridgway ¬†for the popular title track “Don’t Box Me¬†In”. Copeland also used the new (at the time) composing and tempo software, ¬†Musync, an editing program allowing him to mix ambient sound from Tulsa’s streets within the actual soundtrack of the film.

Rumblefish is a poignant coming of age piece¬†that allows for us to see the struggle between becoming a man and trying to find one’s place in an uninspiring environment . Two brothers are on opposite paths , yet both seem to lead to¬†the¬†inevitable destruction of the very fabric of who they are and who they are TRYING TO BECOME . (*Author S. E. Hinton makes a quick appearance as a local prostitute in this one*)¬†

Director: Francis Ford Coppola Writers: S.E. Hinton and Coppola Starring: Mickey Roarke, Matt Dillon, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Chris Penn, Sofia Coppola, Vincent Spano, Dennis Hopper  ( More teen fuckery after the break) YO..THERE IS A SECOND PAGE YOU TWEAKER!!!!!!!!  Continue reading