When the ship goes down….




ya better be ready ..  AYEEEE!!! what’s happening I know , I know.. we have been out of commission for a few months but that’s what happens WHEN YOU FOOLS DON’T COMMENT OR NOTHIN hahah we start to feel unloved in the blogosphere .. hahahah.. anyhoo.. we are semi back .. we will attempt to hit you up with the new strains, situations and gossip.. BUT RIGHT NAH.. we are going to leave you with a Spring Gift if  you will .. My brotha from another mutha C-Minus of the Fantastic Four AND the fabulous Lenny Ducano  have slid thru with “SOMETHING FOR THE BLUNTED VOL. 1“: a gang of  Cypress Hill and more.. no sticks, no seeds rolled up especially for all of us stoners.. lol..



C-meezy and I go all the way back to our humble beginnings here in LA on Power 106 .. He thinks he is grown now.. hahaha.. he shares the obsession for all things green, metal, and  Prince related …. (i.e The Prince cover on the CypressHill mix lol..well that’s my fault .. )  anyway .. Check out the boy on BrealTV.. he spins on The Best Bud Show and The Dr. GreenThumb Show respectively .. you can also catch him allll over spinning good classic hiphop, metal,alternative,  funk, supporting Deftones, Birds of Satan, QOTSA and everythang else.. Full interview with this cat forthcoming.. Enjoy!!!

this post is sponsored by : Caviar Gold, Raw 1 1/4 papes, Raw Tips , Raw HempWick and one ChocoTease Buzz Ball ….. Ayeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cinnamon Tequila… Ayeeee!!!

cuervocinnamonwell one thing is for sure.. now that I am nestled all comfy like in Seattle , I see that it is rather chilly round these parts. liquor and spirits can certainly knock the chill off.. and what better spice to do it with than good ole CINNAMON.. . i had never laid my eyes upon A CINNAMON INFUSED TEQUILA. prior to coming down to the Northwest. . but dangit.. look at what I found mulling about the grocery store.. JOSE CUERVO .. Cinnamon Especial..

This special edition Tequila doesn’t seem to be available everywhere nationally , but here is a place you can order it online..  I haven’t tasted it yet but I WILL darn sure let you know when I do .. I did find daring drink recipe that could  call for this new cinnamon delight.. Check it out.. and let us now how right this cinnamon Jose Cuervo  .. got YOU.. LOL..


Jose Cuervo Cinge is a blend of Jose Cuervo Especial Tequila and an infusion of the finest cinnamon & other natural flavors. Perfect for a spicy and fiery shot of cinnamon and citrusy blanco tequila.http://lukasliquorstl.com/2013/09/19/jose-cuervo-cinge-cinnamon-infused-tequila/

Difficulty: Easy | Total Time: Under 5 mins | Makes: 1 drink

 Here is a recipe for the Rosa Mexicano… it requires cinnamon syrup .. so I feel like if you bring in this Jose Cuervo Cinnamon you may be able to skip a step.. LOL..

Rosa Mexicano’s perfectly balanced La Pinela cocktail is made with pineapple juice, cinnamon syrup, lime juice, and tequila.

What to buy: Licor 43 Cuarenta y Tres is a Spanish liqueur with great spiced notes and a vanilla flavor that’s often served on the rocks. It can be found at high-end liquor stores and online.  also.. YOU CAN BUY THE JOSE CUERVO CINNAMON.. 


  • 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
  • Lime wedge, for rimming the glass
  • Ice
  • 1 1/2 ounces silver (blanco), 100 percent agave tequila
  • 1 1/2 ounces naturally sweetened pineapple juice
  • 1/2 ounce Licor 43
  • 1/2 ounce freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 1/4 ounce Cinnamon Syrup
  1. Combine the sugar and cinnamon in a shallow dish. Rim a glass with the lime wedge, then coat the outside rim of the glass with the cinnamon-sugar mixture. Fill the glass with ice.
  1. Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice, add the remaining ingredients, and shake until the shaker is frosty, about 20 to 30 seconds. Strain into the glass.

recipe courtesy of http://www.chow.com/recipes/11040-la-pinela

Just in case you forgot THE INTERNET is dope.. Odd Future still ON THE MOVE..

FEELGOODWE have enjoyed these kids from the very start.. YUP.. . Hopefully you have already copped this FEELGOOD.. and you certainly should have already been bumpin Dontcha!!!! and I KNOW  YOU WANT SOME of this nasty GolfWang FeelGood gear.. and shit..they are all over this blog.. this ain’t OUR first rodeo though Potna.




and don’t forget this.. TONIGHT AT 9PM PACIFIC .. Check out ..Tyler’s Tamale situation.. I am not exactly sure what that means and I am scared.. LOL.. GO OVER TO ODDFUTURE.COM and don’t be late..


Hey .and one final thing.. Tyler is doing this lil set at Low End Theory 10/9 Weds Night.. If you are at least 18.. Go Check it Out.. you can purchase tickets at the door.. BUT HURRY ..you know it’s going to fill up.. OKAY.. do a search for other OF shit…they are all over the blog..  Support them ..go to ODDFUTURE.COM and BUY SHIT.. OK.. just buy alllll of their shit.. those are our babies.. hahahaha.. 

Rihanna … all i see is dolla signs.. blunt in mouth.. yada yada lol..

aight .. we know ya’ll wanna see it .. but the real work was put in by Ms. Nicole “The Pole”  she is AMAZING.. she never stripped.. and taught herself how to do ALL OF THIS.. from Youtube.. .. THROW IT UP … THROW IT UP..


Here is Nicole’s audition.. I MEAN.. COME ON.. WERQ

umm so yeah.. you can check her out .. more from Ms. Nicole Williams after the jump.. I am totally going to enroll in a class .. FOR FITNESS.. COME ON NOW.. 🙂 Continue reading

Tangerine Queen…

tangerine-dream-sativa-490mSo .. this weekend I ran into this really cute Tangerine Sativa during  my weekly  Bubba Expedition at Aardvarks Dispensary.. and damnit.. THEY WERE WIPED OUT.. I WEPT.. there is no more BUBBA.. omg.. but through my tears my usual budtender presented this lil girl.. The smell alone was is really REALLY CITRUSY..TANGERINE FRUIT It smelled as if I just bit into a cold fresh Florida Orange.. lol.. I usually don’t buy STRAIGHT SATIVA but i wanted to give this one a try.  I got a little Earth Og too.to replace that raging INDICA thirst I had come there for,  but SuperbbNess and I have reviewed that wonderful strain (Earth)  a thousand times on 420Bamboobanga.. I thought I would take the time to enlighten you on this new sweet tangy tartness of Ms. Tangerine. the sativa that blew me away.  It crumbles well and was cool to the touch.20130922_161222. I really didn’t need to put it in my grinder.  I really tripped at how the actual smell and the burn smell is spot on with a real big ass tangerine.. It almost felt like incense or something.. The smell is awesome and the taste is just as sweet.  Of course I mixed it ..my joints usually start sativa or hybrid and end with the knock you on your ass KUSH..   Halfway through the joint I got quite giggly and melancholy.. My head was tight and I could move away from the joint for a spell and that is an awesome sign.   I would strongly suggest finding this strain in your area.. I find the high to be heavy but you are able to work with objects and hold conversations.. My mood was light and fluffy and it made me want to watch a comedy .. so I watched “Valley Girl” with NIc Cage.. hahahah.  Tangerine is the shit ya’ll..


The Block is Hot..

womens-platform-pumps-high-heel-chunky-heel-shoes-7da3I recall two years ago while noshing with Darlando Eanon.. on the interwebs that “this platform thing was going to get out of hand”.. His reply was simply “Enjoy the platform and stiletto .. because grandma’s chunk shall return and then you will be SORRY” ..HAHAHA” .. WELP .. (looks around) . your grannies chunky sandal heel is back.. THE FUCK YOU SAY,  you yell .. and I know, i SAID NO , AT FIRST TOO ..but look how cute they all are.. ..  I also know you ghetto bitches will not be releasing your damn “7” PLATFORM “reeed bottom”  stiletto situations..  ANYTIME soon.. so BECAUSE of that I am liable to just jump on board off top AGAIN ( I did it before) with the chunky heel with FERVOR. lol.. .  SHIT i know some of  you sistas that can’t manuever that thin ass stiletto heel should rejoice..blockpinkheel I FOR ONE,  am tired of you bitches walking around here like newborn horses ..teetering..big asses on little snap ass heels..  Here is the answer.. you can go pretty high and at least feel like you have a little more support.. you can do a minimal chunk .. or just go super WIDE it’s your choicE.. You can go flat.. or you can keep it PLATFORM for all you stack heel girl..  I dig it.. .. and you should too.. You don’t have to throw your Pigalle’s away boo.. just GIVE THOSE BITCHES A BREAK .. LOL..

block heels vary

More Chunky fun after the jump..  Continue reading

MellowHigh’s Tour Dates… plus.. Hodgy , Leftbrain and Domo get their yoga on with Uncle Rus..

Catch these cats if they come to your town.. more dates to be added SO HOLD ON chil’ren.. ..


Mellowhigh and Jasper get their chattaranga on.. WTF is Russell Talmbout .. hahahaha

Shit around the blogosphere…

We appreciate you guys showing support and coming to our blog .. it is a an acquired taste.. We tend to think of our little slice of the internet as “special” there truly is no wonder as to what you will roll up on here.. You won’t come across too much gossip here unless it is simply too funny to not comment on . SuperbbNess and I DO SEE ALL though.. and just because it’s not on 420Bamboobanga does not mean .. we won’t lead you to it.. For Example. We could really give a fuck about Drake’s album .. but we will lead ya to it because we know YOU care. No judging   HAHAHA..  we love ya’ll  and don’t want you to SUFFER due to our cynicism …. .. So join us as we give you a rundown on some of the shots being heard around the INTERWEB.. lol.. 


photo credit.. stolen from my girl Shawn Barton’s FB page.. HAHAHAHA.. she slays me

sidebar: This here photo embodies the way we feel about some of this bullshit going on ..Not the good shit.. THE BULLSHIT !!!!!! 

Drake is trying to be Hip Hop’s Thom Yorke His weepy album leaked. Get a tissue..  Check it out at MTV

The Game and Drake do something awesome for unfortunate family .. Bossip.com

Lenethia “NeNe” Leakes homegirls bring it to Marlo Hampton about her bridesmaid status 24 Wired.TV

Meemaws in Doc Martens with Clara Bow haircuts and fabulous headwraps.. I am here for it……… Daily Mail

Get a bar of Nicki Minaj’s line.. She’s feeling “sexy and romantic”… OK.. NecoleBitchie

Is Carmen Bryant still salty about Nas , talks threesomes, Kelis, and mental health .. WHAA..  Mediatakeout

Grape Stomper.. Strain to look out for…

GrapeStomper- .. from the strain “Sour Grape,” this hybrid is a … ’ Chemdog Sour Diesel, SourGrapes has quite the pedigree. Slightly … , Sour Grapes also features a strong, fruity aroma similar to grape candy … found under the name “Grape Stomper.” Leafly definition

Toke of the Town , one of our favorite bud blogs around here has a cool column now called Cannabis Encyclopedia .. It is basically a database which breaks down some of  your favorite strains.. from parent plants to test results.   This weeks strain for  discovery  is a beauty called Grape Stomper.. It seems to be  Sativa dominant as the Male parent plant is a Sativa “ChemDog Sourdiesel” and the Female is a female Purple Hashplant.  Together they have created this beautiful Hybrid known as Grape Stomper.. “sometimes called Sour Grape”   From what I understand it gets it’s frostiness from the male plant and it’s smell and flavor from Mama Purple Hashplant lol.. The feeling is said to be Sativa like in nature.   Complete tight head high (compliments of the so called Headband/ChemDawg situation)  with a little dose of body freeze from Mama Hashplant ( Indica).



This is a controversial strain due to the lineage of the male plant “Snowman” a Sativa. alleged to be  bred from the legendary Chem 91. Chem 91 is now known as ChemDawg (OG KUSH AND SOUR DIESEL HYBRID)  but this Elite Genetics line has been noted as being actually HEADBAND CUT as opposed to Chem 91 ..pure and clean..I wondered about the ChemDawg as I recall Chem 91 and once I got ChemDawg thinking it WAS THAT , and it wasn’t.. I haven’t fucked with ChemDawg or Sour Diesel since.. that being said . I really want to try this strain and you should too if it is in your area.. I don’t usually fool with Sours or the derivatives of , but this bud looks wonderful with all it’s frostiness and I am always down for a good Hybrid.. see ya next time until then .. TOKE IT UP …

Chem 91 (1) (small)-578x473

Original Chem 91 parents (Og Kush / Sour Diesel)

sidebar: Rumor has it that  If you walk into a dispensary and they say they have Chem 91 it is super doubtful.. Chemdawg is actually more HEADBAND .. if you follow me.. ANYWAY back to this Grape Stomper

Read more about these amazing little nugget over at Toke of the Town.  Check them on our blog roll.. TOKE OF THE TOWN…..

Cannabis Encyclopedia is our column which seeks to educate about the wide variety of strains available on the market. Ry Prichard is the writer, photographer, and researcher behind CannabisEncyclopedia.com, an extensive web portal of cannabis information. He spends most of his days navigating the weed jungles of Colorado.

Are you high right now.. because these aren’t spinning….

420Bamboobanga loves art.. if you have been following our itty bitty blog you will already know that.. We also like to cater to the senses…especially after you have just burned one.. Enjoy this series.. of OPTICAL ILLUSIONS.. guaranteed to make you “back up off of it and put yo JOINT down” .. hahaha.. Peace!!


f you move your mouse pointer across a vertical row and you focus on it, you will probably see the image moving in waves. Photo from Ahsphysics

f you move your mouse pointer across a vertical row and you focus on it, you will probably see the image moving in waves. Photo from Ahsphysics


This is Colossal.. Christopher Jobson

Fashion Tweekers…. Sky Ferreira and her boo ARRESTED ..

Welp..  another skinny ass model down.. HHAHAHAHA.Singer they say and fashion model Sky Ferreira (21) and her dude fashion model and indie band frontman Zachary Smith(28)  were arrested in New York on Friday . This shit is funny to me.. if you are mad.. then scratch ya ass til ya get glad.. Don’t trip she’s white her ass was probably out of lock up and back on the runway before she came down and your broke ass got up to go to work.. .. She is so chic.. 0_0

The couple were pulled over on the way to Mr Smith’s getaway home in the Catskills after making ‘several vehicle and traffic infractions,’ according to the Saugerties Police Department.  It was after police inspected the vehicle that they discovered 28-year-old Mr Smith, who was reportedly driving an unregistered Ford pickup truck with stolen plates without insurance or a license, had a ‘plastic bag containing 42 decks of heroin’, while Miss Ferreira ‘was found in possession of ecstasy and resisted arrest,’ said police.

This will just add to their appeal as if they were some type of righteous political prisoners.. You motherfuckers had ex and heroin.. COME ON SON.. Just as suspected the two were released and reunited so they could lament over the “injustices of the system”.. I swear.. white folk never seem to know how to ride dirty. ..hahah..I got 42 Stacks of that bad shit.. soooooo.. let me drive some faulty as truck, erratically,  with no insurance, stolen license plates, and we outchea as dirty as the bottom of a hot hoes foot on Western.. . This bitch had the gumption to PHYSICALLY SQUAB with the arresting officers.. LMBAO.. Now you know had that been a sista we would be having to raise funds and call Al Sharpton .. LOL..  Zachary ran to Twitter to defend him and his drugstore cowgirl.. ‘What you’re reading is a police blotter, not the outcome of a court case. These cops wanted to f*** us, and they did. Sky did nothing wrong.’  


Hold on while I fall out .. you fucked yourselves.. the two of you had just finished walking in clandestine shows, Sky for Marc Jacobs and Zachary for Yves Saint Laurent.. and the pressure just made them have to do THE EXTRA.. HAHAHAH..Ya’ll should have smoked a joint, or took a bong rip .. LOL.. I have always felt that Sky looked like she should have a permanent room at The Taj Mahal ( New Jack City).  This bitch looks straight out of Christian F , scars and itchy looking skin and all.. On the runway she is not even that dope.. yet these are the bitches THEY PREFER to just one or two Nubian models.. BUT I DIGRESS.. that’s a whole other can of Yams.. anyhoo.. check out her work, and the two of you .. BETTER CALL SAUL.. HAHAHAHAHA..

ZeZe look out boo!!!!!

ZeZe look out boo!!!!!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2423560/Model-couple-busted-ecstasy-traffic-stop-end-fashion-week.html#ixzz2fBUCmaia 
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

More Sky after the jizzump Continue reading

Welcome to Seattle ..Smell the Flowers…

IMG_20130906_230044_258Sooo, Im sure you’re all interested in knowing what kind of herbal equality Ive scored since my arrival to the Great Emerald City.  This is the first bud I smoked the first night here, besides the buds I copped before I left Cali,. Unfortunately, I dont have a name for it. How about “Welcome To Seattle” . Lol. Fuck it. It was a gift. What I can tell you is that these flowers had a sweet smell to them. When I first opened the package and caught a whiff I kept saying to myself damn that smells really sweet. It wasn’t like my typical pungent OG kush smell. It was very much different. The buds were nicely compressed together compared to it being loose and leafy. I really admired staring at the crystals that were throughout the bud itself. Every time I broke a nug piece off the dust from the crystals would get on my fingers. Yesss, I licked it off. Its just weeeeed. Lmaoff. Once I got it rolled up and took my first toke it was smooth sailing with a sweet LOUD AROMA. It was such a good high I was excited with the fact that it was POURING DOWN & doing some serious THUNDERING & LIGHTNING. Everything at that moment seemed to fit perfectly. I was in a state of euphoria while being at one with nature itself. This was a random beginning of my new BUDDING relationship in the NorthWest. I look forward to getting more in depth as I explore new green terrain in my new city .. I can’t wait to share more with you guys on the sights, sounds, and herbage around me.. until then.. KEEP BURNIN’  …


Here is a little classic to blow to.. !!!!!!


darlandoA lot  of you  watch E’s Reality show, Total Divas;  The cameras  follow the hectic lives of the LADIES of WRESTLING.  Tomorrrow nights  episode  concludes the first half of their debut season  with a FAMILY DINNER.    Nikki Bella’s boyfriend, WWE’s superstar John Cena, calls a a huge dinner.. with his ENTIRE family.   I know, doesn’t  sound so salacious right .. well.. this dinner not only drives a wedge between  Ms. Bella and fellow wrestling Diva  Nattie, ( Nikki has to skip out on her wedding to nosh with her man’s fam in Boston)  but it also introduces us to John’s brother Steven and his delicious boyfriend ,actor and industry tastemaker  Darlando Eanon.divastotal

Be prepared to experience the wedding of Natalya and TJ (maybe) as he questions his bride to be and consequently considers cancelling the nuptials after discovering  that his beloved  Nattie recently spent time with some other man. OOOOOOH CHILE.. OK..

UPDATE Darlando and Steven  will be live tweeting during tonights broadcast .. that’s @itsmedarlando and @thatstevecena … HOLLER AT THEM .. 

eva marieNewbies Eva Marie and Jojo continue their drama tinged relationship  as Eva basks in her Maxim success and Jojo wallows in the fallout from that dreadful singing debut from the previous episode… Find out if  Whiny Vincent and Ariane are still together and watch as people get hurt, heal, holler, tap out  and be Divas.. on Total Divas…check your local listings Total Divas comes on Sunday Nights on E Networks 10/9 C  PREVIEW AFTER THE JUMP

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Kirk Cameron…. Xyzyx


This is my favorite joint from this band.. Xyzyx (pronounced Zizixx) is an awesome band based in Los Angeles on the come up.. I have caught them live and they kick ass.. GO GET EM GUYS!! We will have more to come with these cats on the blog.. in  a hot minute.. So stay posted!!!!!!
subscribe to their Youtube Channel   it rocks .. and support them when they are in your city !!!!!!


Perfect Bitch.. Oh Really Kanye????

This will probably make Kim’s stock go up.. Initially I didn’t want to believe this shit having seen her very boring ass tape with Ray J.. I knew she couldn’t have gotten down with some pros.. But .. Adult film veteran  Julian St. Jox  states quite the opposite, in fact Julian states that in 2001 Ms. Kartrashian, a brotha who came with her to said function and fellow adult performer Emily Ann had a nice little tryst at a swingers party at The Wyndham Hotel here in Los Angeles.

According to The Huffington Post: 


St. Jox claims that 20-year-old Kim showed up at the Wyndham Hotel in Culver City around 11:30 p.m. with a black man, who may have been her then-husband, music producer Damon Thomas, though it’s not clear if he was her escort to the party.

“She wasn’t known at the time at all, not like today, but for everyone who frequented these parties, she was interesting because she was a new face,” explained St. Jox, who told the website that he and his date, a fellow porn actress named Emily Ann, were instantly interested in Kim and propositioned her, which led to some heated dancing.   St. Jox alleges that the three of them later found a private room, and got to know one another intimately. “[Kim] looked like she was enjoying herself very much,” the 45-year-old adult entertainer claimed.

WHATTT!!! Now I have an inside source and I strongly believe that these allegations are true.  The other participants have no reason to lie.. Keep it here on Bamboobanga420.com, so you can watch this whole tale unravel..  More facts to come .. Stay Tuned!! *sidebar*  You wonder what the hell are you covering this for BJ.. WELL the story is so shocking and it is time for this Kardashian bullshit to end sorry Ye!!! lol.. I have a feeling this won’t stop it though LOL!!!

NAS .. SAYS.. “LIFE IS GOOD”.. i heard that..



Read about the whole Nas/ Summer Jam Nick Minaj.. situation.. over here.. we have an opinion about that shit .. but will talk about it a little later.. hahahah..

Awkward Black Girl .. Season 2

Yup.. there is a Season 2 and it can be seen on The “IAMOther” youtube channel.. Good show.. The good part of the internet.. Sidebar: When was the last time extra P was this close to a NIGRESS.. IJS.. I still luh you though boo..LOL..


http://www.issarae.com    or follow her awkward ass .. @issarae

Ben and Jerry’s Euphori Lock


This is awesome if you have kids or a spouse lol.. or just greedy ass homies who help themselves to your bong, or your last rolling paper, snatch out of your roach stash, or drink the last of Kool Aid,  (WHEN IT’S JUST A “SWALLA IN THE CONTAINA”)..ooh ok i digress.. i went post Della Reese on that ass lol.. anyway .. Keep EVERYONE out of your PINT.. LOL..

Grease is the Word…

So today’s Nug Porn comes courtesy of The Apothecary 420 … as you know this is  one of my favorite dispensaries in LA.  It’s local , the staff is knowledgeable and very cool.. Prices range from mid to extremely high lol.. BUT.. I would put my money behind ANY bud purchased here.. I have gotten an excellent 1/8 of Louis XIII for a cool 45.00 and the herb was epic..The Banger Sisters are Pot Snobs.  Quality to me is more important than quantity.. So trust me when I tell  you that this herb is TOP CHOICE.. GREASE  is a strong firm Indica.  It’s  forest green with enough crystals sprinkled gingerly over the orange hairs to MAKE it look like it is frosted.. It’s ICEEEE SON !! lol.. anyway .. The High is head heavy and long.. it makes your head feel floaty LOL.. 

If you are a baby lung individual ..don’t smoke this then go to work..you will feel TOO HIGH and GIDDY LOL..  There is NO HERB though I can’t WORK with .. ijs.. Sativas are cool for those who  require lighter fare, and like to toke one before work.. but I usually go with an over the top INDICA all the time. lol.. The Apothercary420 has HIGH GRADE  Sativa’s too which I blend sometimes when I want my whole body AND Head to feel relaxed..The best herb they have on the menu in my opinion is The Mars Og ..which is so buttery I wanted to mix it with garlic lol..AGAIN..these treats are on the higher end of things but to me it’s worth the doe.. FOR THAT TOP SHELF DRO… LOL..  It’s an Exclusive Flower as is Grease…  So Check it out.. If you are into high quality NUGS.. Go Check out this spot .. and like their FACEBOOK PAGE..     Go  Quick Check them out.. Quick before it’s all gone….  tell em Bamboobanga420 sent ya!!!  HIT US BACK.. and let us know what you been smoking on .. Be Peace and may your bongs always be FREE OF BOOF!