Happy Birthday Pac

No need for a long post… THE WORLD CELEBRATES YOU TODAY PAC.. and over here we we celebrate you all the time….

Past Pac Posts!!  ( yup that’s where some of your favorite joints are ) … Holla if ya hear me, Gotta Get Mine, Hit em Up,  etc..      

Tupac Amaru Shakur       6/16/71-9/13/96


Tupac Shakur The Source Awards. The Paramount Theatre, N.Y.C. April 25, 1994.


Ken Norton - Boxer June 12, 1978 X 22374 credit:  Bill Eppridge - contractWe have  lost another real one.   .Former heavyweight boxing champion and actor,  Ken Norton died at the age of 70 in Arizona, Wednesday morning.. . We remember him  for being the only man who had enough gumption to break  MUHAMMAD ALI’S jaw during a historical match in 1973.

We also remember his difficult to watch yet memorable portrayal of the infamous slave Mede in 1975’s “Mandingo” ..  Ken’s boxing career would continue peppered with many achievements and consequently just as many upsets. Norton is survived by his two sons, one of which is former NFL linebacker Ken Norton Jr., who won three Super Bowls over his 13-year career He is also currently the Linebacker/ Defensive Coach for the Seattle Seahawks.. You will be missed brother Norton. REST IN POWER BLACK HERCULES!!!!

.Find out more about Ken Norton’s illustrious boxing career over at USA Today Sports.. 


See the most poignant scene from MANDINGO after the jump..  Continue reading

RIP JIMI HENDRIX.. You are the best to ever do it….

My StoneFree hoodie.. SO YOU KNOW IT'S REAL...

My StoneFree hoodie.. SO YOU KNOW IT’S REAL…

43 years ago today .. we lost a real one.. We miss you Jimi but your talent lives on.. there is so much Jimi on our blog as it is.. but make sure to keep it here as I post stories from my forthcoming trip around his city.. You see I not only moved to Seattle, but JImi’s hometown.. RENTON, WA.. that’s where I am at .. and this is where he was raised.. All Praise to Jimi … He was the man…

When I die, I want people to play my music, go wild and freak out and do anything they want to do.………Jimi Hendrix 


Rare video of Jimi with The Band of Gypsy (greatest guitar solo ever right chea)  performing “Stone Free” .. ayee so are we!!!

RIP .. SUGARFOOT.. NOW you are truly FREE…

ohioplayershoneyWe want to send our most heartfelt condolences out to the family and friends of Mr. Leroy ” SugarFoot “ Bonner, frontman and guitarist for the illustrious OHIO PLAYERS, also known as...” The Ohio Untouchables”. Mr. Bonner coined a vocal situation that would later be used by everyone from Roger Troutman to Larry Blackmon… He passed away at that age of 70 but had been touring all year and still had dates to fulfill in 2013.  It is good he passed doing what he was born to do.  At press time, there are still no details as to how he died but keep it here as we will be following this story and updating accordingly.  We  actually found out via Dawn Silva’s (Original Bride of Funkenstein’s) facebook page.

He was a beast to watch live and a survivor off of the stage..  The Ohio ohio-players-1975-diamond-far-left2-300x249Players paved the way for most of the midwest funk of the 70’s and 80’s Soul eras respectively.  Who can remember his vocals on joints like ““I Wanna Be Free”, “Skintight”, HELL, and Love Rollercoaster to name a few.  TVONE’s award winning docu-series aired an excellent  episode of “UNSUNG” featuring THE OHIO PLAYERS in 2011.  Check their schedule because I am sure they will be rebroadcasting it in commemoration of a brotha , that according to Grandma on FUNKY WORM “was funkier than 9 cans of shaving powder” LOL.. We will miss you and your EPIC FRO Mr. Bonner..

Sit back and relax and listen to some of the funk provided by our FUNK FOREFATHERS..


sugarfoot (1)





happy bday Aaliyah.. you are still missed baby girl….

Okay so .. I did a wonderful retrospective on the beautiful  Ms. Haughton , LAST YEAR  on the eve of her passing.. … all of your favorites are there…  Check it Out!!!   oh and if you are looking for that Drake trash.. you won’t find it here.. Sorry.. Check the other blogs.. they got that shit on REPEAT.. AD NAUSEUM.. Carry ON!!!




It is unfortunate that we have lost so many in the last 30 days.

We here at this blog cannot keep up with all of the untimely deaths that have occured within a 30 day period..   We clown and post things of a more “party” nature here at bamboobanga but TRUST we surely do feel the hole in the sky that has been made by some of our legendary ICONS.. The black community and the world as a whole have recently lost Etta James, Don Cornelius, and WHITNEY HOUSTON.. words cannot express..

We chose not to add to the blogosphere ,  material that was already out there  ad nauseum. We instead encourage you to go to the tried and trues like Bossip.com , ConcreteLoop, Crunk and Disorderly or the blog of your choice to get that full coverage ..then come back here and get into some of this art, music, and other stuff.. ..

All jokes aside though.. .. we did want to express our deepest sadness and our sincerest offering of  gratitude for these gems giving ALL of themselves so that we could be inspired.  Thank You.. and may your journeys be peaceful!!!!

We will miss Etta James, Whitney Houston, and Don Cornelius. We will not judge them for any missteps they may have taken in life,  but instead will bask in the contributions and body of work left for us to cherish FOREVER..So much has been said about these trailblazers and we decided that we would just keep it 100 and not get involved with the drama created by some of it.  We understand how tough these times are and how beautiful life is . So I guess what we could take from this is .. Live Each Day as If it’s your last.. and tell those that you love that you love them everyday.. Don’t wait .. We also learned that the media are some racist bastards too but that’s another post.. Whoo Saaa!!! Lighters Up.. PEACE!!

Here is a pretty awesome mash up ..Whitney w/ Rhianna.. No really it’s dope LOL..

Aww.. 😦

Peaceful Journey Mr. Heavy D..

Wow and at only 44 years young .. SMH..

Dwight Arrington Myers- We got NOTHIN BUT LOVE 4 YA!!

First Smokin Joe Frazier.NOW HEAVY D.. . in fact.. we follow HEV on Twitter and he was just sending love to Joe Frazier just shy of 16 hrs ago. It’s really shocking.

I had the opportunity to build with Heavy D a few years back when I was working on a project with Dj Spinderella and Pete Rock.. He was very gracious, cooked a dope meal and I got to play with his beautiful daughter who was a baby at the time.. I sat in awe in his living room as He, Spin and Pete talked about touring back in the day and laughed until the wee hours about Trouble T-Roy while exchanging hilarious anecdotes about them all growing up together. The man was a comedian and a FINE actor. We were just discussing how he performed seamlessly at the BET Awards without missing a beat. Quite honestly he was the HIGHLIGHT of the damn thing.

I sat in his living room mouth agape, like wow.. when I was 14 you could have never told me that I would be breaking bread with the one and only Heavsta.. and that goes for Spin and Pete too.. That was an awesome day and I am glad I can reflect and store in my mental cabinet. He was a fantastic emcee, trailblazer, wonderful poet, thespian of both film and stage and just a down right endearing brother. I know that he was greeted at the gate by Trouble T-Roy.. as a B-GIRL.. i can honestly say .. YOU GUYS ARE MISSED..

Mount Vernon STAND UP.. .. Let’s Celebrate for a real one.. …

Some of Heavy D’s classics and collaborations after the kut Continue reading

RIP Fred Shuttlesworth…

This brother passed yesterday … Mr. Shuttlesworth was a building block in the Civil’s Right’s movement.. Sir.. your contributions will not be overlooked.. May your journey be peaceful

The Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth, a blunt-talking preacher who braved beatings, bombings and fire-hosings to push Birmingham, Ala., to the forefront of the civil rights movement and advanced the historic fight with a confrontational strategy that often put him at odds with its most charismatic leader, died Wednesday. He was 89. .. LATIMES.COM

"The tear gassing and beating of Negroes in Selma, Alabama, yesterday . . . upon orders of Governor 
Wallace clearly dramatizes . . . that Negroes are not respected . . . and are treated worse than cattle."  
Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth 


Read his full situation .. 

RIP STEVE JOBS… (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011)

As you rush out to put that pre order down on the new Iphone 4S.. Take a minute and reflect.. 56 years is mad young .. and just look at all he accomplished with that time.. This man’ s mind was wonderful..  You will be missed.. Steve Jobs.. We will continue to utilize the tools you left us with.. PEACE!!

In August we posted his moving commencement address for Stanford’s class of 05.. Enjoi..



“Bill Gates‘d be a broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram when he was younger.”


“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”


Life is brief, and then you die, you know?

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.”

August’s Steve Job’s Post.. Listen to his brilliant words about living YOUR best life.. Don’t let the dogma of the Rat Race , s top you from being the best you..


Happy Birthday Amy.. we miss you dearly …

here is the video of Body and Soul,  from Tony Bennett’s forthcoming album, DUETS 2

“Body and Soul” I mean who else but Amy Winehouse.

WHO THE FUCK ELSE.. I mean this song has been recorded by divas like Billie Holiday, and Sarah Vaughn.. Amy tossed her ring in the basket and pulls it off..  Mr. Bennett  of course made this song a  classic LONG ago… Good to feature Amy in this version..

we love and miss u so much.. words cannot express.. she was a classic..

She and Nas shared the same birthday and had plans to have a joint birthday celebration.. had she still been here..

Amy loved some Nas.. “Me and Mr Jones” was an ode to her favorite emcee.

Nas enjoyed Amy as well and loved her like a sister.  Crazy that they shared the same birthday right?

“She was a genuine person. She was like real,” recalled Nas of the soul songstress, whose song “Me & Mr. Jones” was reportedly written about Nas. “She was struggling with a lot of things in her life, but she was a real artist. She was like a little sister to me. We had the same birthday so she just had this big, big spirit for this little body. I wish she was here today. God bless her soul.” …NAS 

More Amy after the jump.. there is another page.. AAHH..go here………… Continue reading

So Young.. So Promising.. (1/16/79– 8/25/01)

Yes the Anniversary was yesterday.. had technical difficulties and dammit this was done.. We gon’ celebrate babygirl all weekend dammit… OK…

I always liked Aaliyah..she was an innovator. I dare say if she were still alive a lot of chicks wouldn’t be eatin.. and a lot of what’s popular now in female R & B would probably never come to fruition.. Aaliyah Dana Haugton was not extra, just laid back and fun…  she was always.. COOL.. 10 years already ..DAMN!!

Bamboobanga420.. sends a special prayer and shout out to Ms. Aaliyah Haughton and her family..  Go to Itunes and buy all her shit..show her you loved her..

More video .. after the Kut!! Continue reading

RIP Nick Ashford.. oh boy here we go….

How unfortunate.. I can’t see Valerie without Nick.. just doesn’t seem right. like Ruby Dee without Ossie..

Rest in Peace Nick.. if you don’t know who this is SHAME ON U..

valerie and nick have only penned some of your favorite classic joints!!!

And don’t ever forget that Nick’s hair was always laid like an emcee after Rock the Bells, laid like a cotton field down south smh.. LAID..AIGHT!!!!

This performance is from the annual Sunset Junction street fair in 2006, which by the way has tentatively been cancelled (more on that later).. BOOOO..

More Nick and Val… Continue reading