The Block is Hot..

womens-platform-pumps-high-heel-chunky-heel-shoes-7da3I recall two years ago while noshing with Darlando Eanon.. on the interwebs that “this platform thing was going to get out of hand”.. His reply was simply “Enjoy the platform and stiletto .. because grandma’s chunk shall return and then you will be SORRY” ..HAHAHA” .. WELP .. (looks around) . your grannies chunky sandal heel is back.. THE FUCK YOU SAY,  you yell .. and I know, i SAID NO , AT FIRST TOO ..but look how cute they all are.. ..  I also know you ghetto bitches will not be releasing your damn “7” PLATFORM “reeed bottom”  stiletto situations..  ANYTIME soon.. so BECAUSE of that I am liable to just jump on board off top AGAIN ( I did it before) with the chunky heel with FERVOR. lol.. .  SHIT i know some of  you sistas that can’t manuever that thin ass stiletto heel should rejoice..blockpinkheel I FOR ONE,  am tired of you bitches walking around here like newborn horses ..teetering..big asses on little snap ass heels..  Here is the answer.. you can go pretty high and at least feel like you have a little more support.. you can do a minimal chunk .. or just go super WIDE it’s your choicE.. You can go flat.. or you can keep it PLATFORM for all you stack heel girl..  I dig it.. .. and you should too.. You don’t have to throw your Pigalle’s away boo.. just GIVE THOSE BITCHES A BREAK .. LOL..

block heels vary

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Fashion Tweekers…. Sky Ferreira and her boo ARRESTED ..

Welp..  another skinny ass model down.. HHAHAHAHA.Singer they say and fashion model Sky Ferreira (21) and her dude fashion model and indie band frontman Zachary Smith(28)  were arrested in New York on Friday . This shit is funny to me.. if you are mad.. then scratch ya ass til ya get glad.. Don’t trip she’s white her ass was probably out of lock up and back on the runway before she came down and your broke ass got up to go to work.. .. She is so chic.. 0_0

The couple were pulled over on the way to Mr Smith’s getaway home in the Catskills after making ‘several vehicle and traffic infractions,’ according to the Saugerties Police Department.  It was after police inspected the vehicle that they discovered 28-year-old Mr Smith, who was reportedly driving an unregistered Ford pickup truck with stolen plates without insurance or a license, had a ‘plastic bag containing 42 decks of heroin’, while Miss Ferreira ‘was found in possession of ecstasy and resisted arrest,’ said police.

This will just add to their appeal as if they were some type of righteous political prisoners.. You motherfuckers had ex and heroin.. COME ON SON.. Just as suspected the two were released and reunited so they could lament over the “injustices of the system”.. I swear.. white folk never seem to know how to ride dirty. ..hahah..I got 42 Stacks of that bad shit.. soooooo.. let me drive some faulty as truck, erratically,  with no insurance, stolen license plates, and we outchea as dirty as the bottom of a hot hoes foot on Western.. . This bitch had the gumption to PHYSICALLY SQUAB with the arresting officers.. LMBAO.. Now you know had that been a sista we would be having to raise funds and call Al Sharpton .. LOL..  Zachary ran to Twitter to defend him and his drugstore cowgirl.. ‘What you’re reading is a police blotter, not the outcome of a court case. These cops wanted to f*** us, and they did. Sky did nothing wrong.’  


Hold on while I fall out .. you fucked yourselves.. the two of you had just finished walking in clandestine shows, Sky for Marc Jacobs and Zachary for Yves Saint Laurent.. and the pressure just made them have to do THE EXTRA.. HAHAHAH..Ya’ll should have smoked a joint, or took a bong rip .. LOL.. I have always felt that Sky looked like she should have a permanent room at The Taj Mahal ( New Jack City).  This bitch looks straight out of Christian F , scars and itchy looking skin and all.. On the runway she is not even that dope.. yet these are the bitches THEY PREFER to just one or two Nubian models.. BUT I DIGRESS.. that’s a whole other can of Yams.. anyhoo.. check out her work, and the two of you .. BETTER CALL SAUL.. HAHAHAHAHA..

ZeZe look out boo!!!!!

ZeZe look out boo!!!!!

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The Greatest….. Happy BornDay Sir.. Muhammad Ali

I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’ 
Muhammad Ali 






Bringing the wedge into 2013..

isabel marant street style sneakersWell it all started a few years back.. when those WHO COULD rushed out to grab the hidden wedge classics offered by Isabel Marant...ON THE STREET | Isabel Marant these shoes could be seen on the well heeled feet of everyone from Gwen Stefani to Beyonce‘   ( Love on Top video)… They are quite the find.. and  IZZY’S (Isabel Marants) are not cheap.

These joints start at about $650 per pair.   We knew here at Bamboobanga that something this simple would SURELY be duplicated.. and BAM.. in steps Nike, Puma, Giuseppe Zanotti, and EVERYBODY with a wedge sneaker at varied price points..  I feared that we would leave this shoe in 2012 but alas it is very much alive and still kicking and I believe they are  brilliant..  This sneaker has the same impact that the Manolo Blahnik “TIMS” did several years back.  A masculine shoe was recrafted for our delicate B-girl feet .. hahaha .. and ladies from the runways to the ghettos are jumping onboard.

NIKE has even created a re working for the CLASSIC DUNK .. with the hidden wedge heel.. EXCELLENT..

You can find the Nike joints priced anywhere between 120.00 and 150.00


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Air Yeezy 2… The Shoes… It’s gotta be the shoes!!

Damnit .. word on the streets is that they have been released in Australia???  Take it over to to find out where the hell you can get them right now !!!! If that’s possible.. I know most of you had your eyes glued to Ye’s feet during the Watch The Throne tour.. Niggaz are going to be NEONED out on some TRON SHIT this summer LOL..  I believe they will price at about 139.00 to 150.00 .. GOOD LUCK HUNTING OUT THERE !!

Footwear… the essentials for 2012

Steve Madden ankle booties

Steve Madden ankle booties (see more lace up boots

Atacoma's from 09

Booties are still what’s up in 2012. You are lucky if still have 09’s wedge lace ups from Acne Atacoma.. those are still bangin even though they are old.. My favorite were the black and metal joints.. the Steve Madden knockoffs were awesome too..

Jessica Buurman offers a wonderful wine lace- up the LADEE going for

Jessica Buurman $199.00

$199.00 a pop, which considering is not as expensive as some of these joints.  New Years has passed but lace up booties and shoes are not going anywhere it seems.  I for one am all for it.

Boots are still the business ladies we got about 2 more months of KNOCKIN BOOTS LEFT lol.. remember to buy classic pairs like riding boots are basic colors so that you can continue to wear them years from now.  Keep the “ON TREND” joints to a minimum because who wants to pay $8003.00 for a boot and the bitch can only be worn that season LOL.. For real.. I don’t believe I have seen any of you sistas pull out that damn Manolo Blahnik Timberland that was all the rage a few years back.. EVEN THOUGH .. they would still work . More Shoe Magic after the Kut!!!

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The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

halleloooooo!! I so heart an awesome Coffee Table book.. Here is a classic being offered from the one , the only , Jean Paul Gaultier

Published by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Abrams…with editing from  Thierry-Maxime Loriot and contributions from Suzy Menkes. This is 424 pages of Gaultier at close range.. it will run you about $149.00 but hey.. that’s cheaper than a pair of Gaultier underwear so have at it LOL..

This is a great stocking stuffer for your in house fashionista… or simply get it for yourself

Get it here.. The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

Other notable books one should have at fingers reach:

100 Unforgettable Dress… Hal Rubenstein

Irreverent ………Carine Roitfield 

and let us not forget the piece de la resistance:

The Mikki Taylor penned Commander in Chic”, a guidebook through all things saavy and Mrs. O.. NO not Oprah but Mrs. Obama.  Yessss Michelle Obama is clearly the most fashionable first lady since THEEEE JACKI O.. so with that being said,  of course Ms. Taylor would be more than qualified to render the first lady the “Commander in Chic”..

I just love a great book man, hopefully the lady in your life does as well.. it’s a lot cheaper than that 2500.00 tennis bracelet she has dubiously requested lol.

Happy Shopping..

I must get these today…

You know i luh this young boy..ASAP ROCKY.. Harlem Stand UP lol.. but anyhoo..I need these mini pieces..

.. Chace.. hook yo sista up lol..

Yeah that’s Chace from Strong Arm Steady my little brother HA…. Follow him on Twitter ChaceInfinite that’s @ChaceInfinite

ASAP ROCKY photo courtesy of Chace Infinite's

Follow the ASAP crew.. @LiveLoveAsap  on Twitter..


Yeah..that was Real Brief..that is all..

Snakes in the Grass… SNAKESKIN ALL FALL..

Mitchell and Ness Snakeskin Lakers Joint $400.00

Well now.. Fall is upon us, time to put away the Herve Leger bandage dress (will that fucking thing ever die) and the booty shorts. No more platform sandals for ladies and v-neck T’s for brothas,  will now need the Pharrelesque cardigan to compliment.. as it’s getting nippy..



Not since the 80’s have I needed to adorn so much snakeskin.. I mean damn I long for my EK’s with the snakeskin on the side and my matching curve Nails with Snakeskin all over in Avocado Green..YESSSSS… I won’t be going back to that and neither should you ..but ladies and gents. allow me to introduce you to the SNAKES.. you should not avoid..

check out these boots.. you could certainly “push it along” in these joints..


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These are awesome..although a sista might have to place them in the etagere lol.. yes i am country we have one LOL.. These are too damn high to be skating around in. I love Keith Haring.. he was the consumate artist.. I have a huge (print lol) of Free South Africa in the office. I really love how the Fashion Houses are keeping him noteworthy.. Allow Nicholas Kirkwood to step in. You have seen his shoes on Nicki Minaj, Beyonce’ , Rachel Zoe, and Foxy swears she stays in em. (however per that last shoot in the WonderBra i might beg to differ lol).. They are funky and the heel is quite recognizable from 4 blocks away lol.


Thanks to the folks at for this little Nugget of info.. Check them out.. I stay there daily lol…

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Grab your credit cards..THERE A SALE..SALE..SALE..

Ladies get your asses over to Net a Porter NOW.. they are having a MAJOR SALE on everything.. jumpsuits, dresses, shoes , bags, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney , and I am talking about GOOD DEALS.. CHECK IT OUT ..while it’s still going.. 


More color for the summer..

Bags , BAgs, and more Bags.. that is all.. LOL.. get you some color.. ladies..

These are actually quite inexpensive for Balenciaga bags.. Honestly these are steals , NOT FOR ME, for the average Balenciaga bag consumer these are close to unbelievable LOL.. i love these little mortgages.. *sniff* warms the heart..

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YO .. i am about to take it back to Swatch Watches…

These pieces are cute , easy to take care of , and available in EVERY color option.

For those of us who can bear to remove our Rose Rolex Datejust situation… lol or can’t afford that .. Roll over to learn about this Swatch Double wrap watch Continue reading

Do you have enough LV to do this ??

Louis Vuitton commissioned British artist Billie Achilleos to create these animal sculptures in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the Louis Vuitton SLG Savoir Faire collection. She created these by sacrificing A LIONS SHARE of handbags and accessories. *blank stare* wasting all those good Damier and Monogram on some damn stuffed animals .. I AM SO KIDDING lol.. Gucci Gucci Louie Louie Fendi Fendi Prada… basic bitches wear that shit but I don’t even bothaaa!!!  sheeit NOW I am really playin lol..

Billie Achilleos courtesy of Chameleon Visual Limited and Louis Vuitton 2011

Photos courtesy of Chameleon Visual LTD and

More Pieces

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What’s in the BAG this summer..

Antik Batik $390.00 not too bad ehh..

Behold Antik Batik’s  “Costa Besace”,  appliqued PYTHON shoulder bag.. and the price is not higher than giraffes P*&^Y..                                                                  

 LADIES it’s time to add some color to that fine collection of Epi and Damier LV specialties … (yeah right broke bitches lol).. just kidding.. anyway .. carry those.. AND .. bring some color into the well…    I really enjoy the size of these gems right here.. u don’t need a body bag size purse in the summer to carry your EBTcard, pack a gum, rolling papers , ID , lighter and sack a weed.  it’s not that serious to house your lip gloss in a goddamn garment bag just to go to the club so stop… LOL.

It’s summer and it’s all about the beautiful shades of color.  Magenta, Lilacs, shocking pinks and purples, these are better colorful options to add to the ENSEM(ensemble), than that ratchet FUSCHIA china doll wig yo ass was eyein at the wig shop.. GIRL STOP.. GET DAT ASS A BAG ..

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Rip Jonas… Wow..

so young .. i hate this part.. 

Co-founder of LRG , Jonas Bevacqua was found dead today in his Laguna Beach home.  This is awful.. this kid was only 34.  No official word as to his cause of death at this time , however when we learn more .. so shall you..

Here is a great story on his success and the rise of the LRG brand ; I am sure all of you own at least one piece.