chip nail and royal nug

P.R.Royal OG

Royal Og and Crumble

Royal OG with a lil Snoop OG crumble

Ok.. so sometimes a bitch cannot afford any of my lil cute 90 dollar a gram boutique bud providers or my favorite delivery situation.  My light bill might have been particularly aggressive that week or some other monetary bullshit went down and messed with my MEDICINE BUDGET ..Ya know.. the fund had been tampered with lol..  When the coin has been compromised and shit is tight, my people at KUSHMART always come through in a CLUTCH.   This spot has specials like Crazy 88’s and 5 gram TOP SHELF strains for minimal donations. They also offer BOGO deals EVERYDAY… so you can literally come in with a ten-dollar donation and leave with 2 GRAMS of good herbage. They also offer incentive programs for rewards, they have THE OG Rick Simpson oil. (which is hard to find), all kinds of waxes, crumbles and oils, their concentrate section is very large, in fact this is one of the LA homes for Kurupt’s Moon Rock… I am truly a pot snob and I couldn’t believe what I was able to get with a mere 40 Buck donation.. and hell if you need to donate less than that , you can STILL find a decent strain. This place comes through when the budget might not be on super fat … when you need to cop , FOR THE WHOLE WEEK with a little bit of nothing. You can also come here though when your pockets are ON MAYWEATHER status and you are only buying THE MOST QUALITY OF QUALITIES, the highest echelon of the KINE … I am just saying their price points are dope for the quality of the herb, you will get, if you are on a budget.  OH BUT THEY GOT THE LOUD THOUGH .. they are not just a budget spot ,let me be clear.

pr royal og 2Quality can never be placed in detriment, even with minimal ends and this local spot is guaranteed to have what you need. If you require a very high-end Kushington or a superb Indica Dominant Hybrid, if your preference is straight Sativa or you want cooking shake or butter, this spot here is your gig. Kushmart  has an impressive array of edibles; popcorn, brownies, Kiva Bars, Cheeba Chews, Gummy Bears even medicated sodas and beverages.   IT’S THE MART.. so whatever it is, herb related , it is HERE .It runs very concise, professional and quick , IF you know what you want already. The budtenders are friendly and seem to be capable and knowledgable of their strains .LOL.. BELIEVE ME . I AM THE ASSHOLE PATIENT. i need to know everything about the strain, “who it’s pappy” , what seed, what soil , it’s a hybrid of what, is that the CBD to THC ratio for today or is this old, have you smoked it , what’s the bouquet?????  I am kidding but I do like to know what’s up before i donate. I need for the herb to be sticky and soft, pungent and if it’s an OG I need the full body taste at the end.. I CAN’T BE FRONTED ON in the herb department and I always get what I need at Kushmart.



We actually medicate here at this blog,  it’s not just about being HIGH .. we use it  ( and get high, of course ) but we heal ourselves from our various ailments and it’s important that your budtender handle this process exactly like that, it is not the homies bud house , but a place where people who suffer can get their meds in peace.They have really cool people who work there and the atmosphere is lovely. Good music, quick assistance, knowledgeable budtenders, friendly faces, patient PATIENTS, lol.. this spot gets an A PLUS… KUSHMART JARMy favorite strains there are the staple Kushmart OG, The Matt’s P.R. (which you can always get a good deal on and this high-powered P.R. Royal OG that appears to be a mix of a HEAVY OG and a subtle P.R and the effects are ROYAL. This strain is not one that you will get on the BOGO or 5 GRAM deal BUT .. it’s a really awesome donation for a 3.5.. TREAT YO SELF .. SHOOT .  I enjoy their Snoop Og crumble as well and I do grab a lil bit of Moon Rock from time to time I always grab one 180MG Vanilla Chai Kiva Bar and a pack of RAWS…   so .. yeah .. !

Go Check out the good people of Kushmart .    It’s worth the experience.  Here is what I was listening to while blowing trees and writing this blog.. you know .. so you can feel it.. HAHAHAA

Take your FOOD into THE POOL.. HURRAY!!!!!

pizzapoolWhile Winter has finally come in Westeros, Summer is only days away HERE  in our part of world… . When invoking the name of the four seasons; Summer is probably the most beloved and celebrated.. Yes, It’s a time for Sunshine, BBQ’s , bikinis, board shorts and swimming Pools!!

No worries about Whitewalkers right now while the sun is” beatin down on my basebal hat”, my concern is staying chill because it will get hot as 3 dragons breathing fire in some places.  You can always cool down in the pool or FIND SOME FUCKING SHADE. Ha! Then again if you can get to the pool, beach or a body of water to your liking then may I suggest the newest CRAVE of a WAVE……FOOD FLOATIES!!!!!


There’s all sorts of snacks and treats you can float on. They didn’t have this stuff when I was a kid. So I’m totally fascinated by all of it. It’s all very cute. I’ve already imagined myself floating on a slice of pizza or perhaps a watermelon.  I hope a pineapple food floatie is made omg, I’d be ecstatic as i LOOOVEEE PINEAPPLE lol but until then I’ll float on anyone of these. They have many varieties ranging from the inexpensive kiddie toy , to the more advanced , pricey adult pool accoutrement ,like the remote control drink and snack caddy, to an inflatable, floatable BEER PONG STATION along with floating bars and islands that are larger than living rooms, ALL, for your pool.. … .  You can find most of these pool pieces at your local department or home specialty based store like , Wal-Greens, Wal-Mart, Target and/or Home Depot.  You may also find a large range of inexpensive fun pool accessories at Rite Aid, Lowes or Bartell’s. If you are really a poolside G.. you can order yourself a pool Donut while posted up in YOUR POOL, floating on a slice of pizza, smoking a joint and drinking a Mimosa delivered via pool caddy .. HA!!! ..  Check out Amazon or Ebay for some ONLINE good deals if you prefer to kick back and shop ..


floaties 2

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FELA KUTI.. Catch it when it’s in your city….

Me and Sis recently caught “Fela” when it was home in LA at The Ahmanson.. We went not once but twice.. it is a truly inspiring and emotional journey through the Nigerian musician’s difficult , soulful and rebellious life. FELA, directed by Tony Award Winner and choreographer,  Bill T. Jones,  tells the riveting story of Fela Kuti,  “King of Afro Beat” from his early beginnings and influences to his mother’s untimely death at the hands of Nigerian police.

 We laughed , cried, were jubilant and impassioned.  This piece is awesome catch it when it’s in your town.  Don’t just go see it because of Will and Jada or Jay-z (producers of the show) get into the man and his music.. His music is funky and should have been played in  your households growing up . It mos def was represented in The Banger Sisters lives..  

Sis said that when she dies bring her back as a KUTI QUEEN so she can devastate masses with her leg straps and booty rotations lol..Beejay is crazy ya’ll .. Anyway enjoy ..Fela’s Tour . Look next time your ass is at The King of Diamonds..tip the dancer heavily hell , it’s part of our ancestry..These sistas be gettin it. I wonder if they were tipped with Cowry shells. I believe all of these sistas were wives of Fela Kuti himself.  SCANDAL lol.. anyway we love them and we love him.  Roll up some E’BO AND GET INTO IT !!!!

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Last minute gift ideas…. Bijouxbaskets

Go Check out Bijouxbaskets… they have loads of wonderful gift ideas .. Ms. Marian not only creates custom made to order baskets but she also has custom designed scented candles, decorative flasks, special baskets for graduates, teachers, kids and even pETS.. Yes get lil DIOR’S (blank stare), christmas basket just for him… The pets need baskets too!!!  There are Holiday baskets, Naughty baskets, Daddy baskets and just because baskets and gifts. She even has Kosher gifts for those who dance the Horah and eat latkes… Bijouxbaskets ..great crafted gifts to get you in the holiday spirit. This was posted on Sunday so that marks the end of her appearances at The Melrose Trading Post until mid January. .. but .. if you are one of those that has to grab a present after Christmas or perhaps you have birthdays or other events coming up, (like Valentine’s Day Feb 14)  visit her site online and look around.

Bijoux baskets can currently be purchased at the Melrose Trading Post located  at FairFax High , 7850 Melrose ( Fairfax) LA, 90046.  Ms. Marian Stuart will return mid January with lots of Valentines Day and other gifts.

She has also prepared some fabulous gifts for VALENTINES DAY .. Get your stuff early… all of her products sell out.. SHE HAS ALL TYPES OF VALENTINES DAY BASKETS from sweet and demure to KINKY lol..

Ms. Stuart has also been a collector of vintage jewels and baubles.  She sells these exclusive pieces at ridiculously agreeable prices. Check her out at the Melrose Trading Post or if it’s too late holla at her at Bijouxbaskets.com   You can also always find Bijouxbaskets online. If you still want Christmas gifts BE QUICK.. Christmas is Sunday so you probably have until Tuesday to get an order in for delivery.  Anyhoo..   Go Check it out and finish that Christmas list or just simply shop and if you miss Christmas.. REMEMBER VALENTINES DAY IS AROUND THE CORNER!!!!!  

Erotic Nights Gift Set perfect for Valentine's Day

Hey … here’s some shit to do…..


This is one of Quentin Tarantino’s classic flicks right here.. come watch a cop get his ear cut off IN WIDDDEEE SCREEENNN LOL.. Join hands between the food trucks to dance and sing “Stuck in the Middle with You”… lol.. and question “why the fuck I have to be Mr. Pink”.. I love this and thanks to Ffer Zopko,  Nicole Denise Butler and the good folks at outdoorcinemafoodfest.com for this awesome LA summer event..

For more info… take it over to outdoorcinemafoodfest.com

Let’s watch one of our Favorite Movies – RESERVOIR DOGS – on a three stories tall, 52 feet wide screen in the Park under the Stars with our closest Friends!
Featuring the Best Food Trucks in Los Angeles…Lee’s Philly, Nom Nom, White Rabbit, Fresh Fries, Papas Tapas, Border Grill and Lake Street Creamery. It’s the ultimate picnic in the park – no basket required!

Kick back and enjoy your gourmet street food in a beautiful park under the stars. BYO… Blankets, Beverages and Booze! Dogs are welcome, but on a leash.

Doors Open: 5:30pm
Band: 6:30pm
Movie Begins: 8:30pm
Food Trucks Till Approx: 9:30pm

Tickets: $10
Groups of 4: $8 each
Kids 12 & under: $5
(please note: movie is rated R, parental discretion advised)

Online Ticket Sales end at 2pm the day of the event.
Tickets available at the door, but we highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance. Ticket holders are first in the door at 5:30pm. Group package discounts are only available online. Any individual tickets not sold prior to the event will be available at the door.

Parking: $10

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