Siouxsie Sioux … We Love U… Halloween Muse!!

Siouxsie and the fucking Banshees!!!!!!!

No Halloween would be complete without the perfectly BEAT face of the one and only Siouxsie Sioux… Just the right amount of eeriness and SCENE..

she is a real glamour ghoul LOL.. *WINK*.. and that’s corny but you can’t whupp my ass so…

Siouxsie with Robert Smith

AMY WINEHOUSE’S documentary hits theaters THIS FRIDAY …. AND why her DEMOS were destroyed .

This is bittersweet.. I have been waiting for this but I AM ALSO STILL HEARTBROKEN.. oh Amy, ¬†why just.(sigh) ……….. ūüė¶

30WINEHOUSE-articleLargeSoul bearing chanteuse , Amy Winehouse transitioned from this life in¬†¬†2011;¬†her demons finally got the best of her after a both public and private battle with life, shit, dope and more shit. We loved her for her scars as well as her gifts. ¬†Amy¬†left us with ¬†gems beyond measure, she released¬†an immense catalog¬†of¬†¬†work in her mere 27 years. ¬†Winehouse¬†left a legacy and made a lane of her own, she¬†created her own¬†IMPRINT; her work will soar with the legends¬†after we are long gone. ¬† This Asif Kapadia¬†¬†directed, Cannes approved, documentary “Amy” is a compilation of over 100 interviews. The cohesive story is crafted by ¬†piles of video footage, home movie clips and anecdotes and testimonials from some of Amy’s collaborators,¬†Yasiin Bey, Mark Ronson, Pete Doherty¬†, friends and family members ¬†This project was initially started as a conceptual ¬†marriage between Krishwerkz Entertainment, the¬†label (UNIVERSAL U.K.) and the Winehouse family but where Mitch (Amy’s dad) ¬†wanted to keep it cleaned up and genteel, Kaskadia and Co. ¬†wanted to add the edgier nuances. ¬† Mitch Winehouse has since announced that his family ¬†has nothing to do with the film anymore¬†” It is both misleading and filled with basic untruths”. ¬†Joe Cascarelli of the NY Times offers an in depth expose of the film here¬†


It is unclear to me if they want to present the “ugly” to put the butts in the seats or are they trying to connect the audience authentically with her actual struggle . ¬†It will be scary to meet the demon that actually WON Amy’s fight but like every horror film we just HAVE TO SEE IT.. Amy never did conquer that unholy war she was so entrenched in. The battles to be free, ¬†relationship woes, the clich√©d “drug and alcohol” battle , the public scrutiny and the struggle to keep it original in an industry full of factory cut outs. ¬† The culmination resulted in , well.. THE END RESULT . ¬†Amy may be a cautionary tale of the wicked recording industry and it’s EXPECTED pits and foes¬†but I believe or at least want to believe that it will also showcase and highlight Amy’s true production , writing and creating skills. Amy had an awesome sense of humor¬†and a wicked modska/ rude girl/ vintage R&B/ jazz/ torch type ¬†steez. We want to see her in all her Fred Perry glory. ¬†We want to see her lamenting over Dinah Washington and Sarah Vaughn. ¬†I want to see her joking with Mos Def and Nas. ¬†I want to see what was beneath the beehive (literally and figuratively) , according to Kasadia this is the directive . He wants to break down the bullshit and the caricature and let you into the raw and actual .. Amy hits theaters nationally July 3, this Friday .movies-amy-poster

In other Amy news ..   It is reported that the potential demo renderings for her much anticipated unfinished third LP were destroyed. . Intentionally .. check out that story after the beat

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Today … Deborah Harry is SEVENTY … YEARS OLD..

blondieWE¬†love you Debbie… you are perfection .. let’s celebrate the life of the Blondie frontman, B-girl, (YESS B-GIRL and we can debate this all day nuugga..) and¬†all around rock goddess today … Here’s to you Ms. Harry ¬†Your awesomeness has not been wasted on us. Nobody has filled her shoes yet and please don’t come over here talmbout Gwen Stefani… Gwen is cool but this here IS DEBBIE DAMNIT. She has left her footprint firmly planted in the foundations of everything from art to music. blondie01We will not even try to break down¬†how many trends she has mothered.¬†¬†Hell Deborah was ¬†A PLAYBOY BUNNY goshdarnit. I appreciate the fact too that Debbie is simiply growing older, she is not running around here with DDD titties, a snatched grill overdoing it. ¬†Note to Madonna , although you are not quite 70 yet, BISH THIS IS HOW TO DO IT. ¬†She is a powerhouse of a woman then , now and forever. She taught me to “Rip her to Shreds” and also informed me that the “Tide is High”¬†. so covet¬†your seat in the celestial landscape woman. We are forever ¬†inspired…¬†HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY DEBORAH HARRY ¬†sidenote: Aren’t she and Chris Stein just the ultimate in relationship GOALS OMG..¬†




Debbie Harry of Blondie at the opening og Blondie in Camera exhibition Mirandy Gallery London 1978

I am not going to disrespect you guys and give you the history of Blondie or Deborah .. if you need enlightenment.. take that ass to Wikipedia… ( some of the basic shit is probably true, ha) Clearly if you are on Bamboobanga YOU ARE KINDA well versed in this braud already .. Let us HOPE .. (side eye ) .. alright .. SMOKE WELL.. and listen to some of our favorite Blondie chunes on the next page ….¬†¬†yeah yeah RAPTURE is over there… I know that’s what ya want ..¬† Continue reading

For the love of CHINOOOOOOO..

Deftones vintagePosting this for sis.. Chino Moreno is her husband IN HER HEAD.. (you know that fool is happily married B) HAHAH..nah but she really loves Deftones as do I and of course they have been staples in the skate community since day one.. I hope you guys went out and got ‘Koi No Yokan’… it’s really pretty epic.. Check out Romantic Dream and this epic Jason Park situation.. Lowkey looks like a Lakai ad..LOL..

About the new video, Moreno said this to writer Hardeep Phull:

“When we started this record cycle, we decided that we didn‚Äôt want to make any videos whatsoever. They‚Äôre not much fun to make and they usually turn out pretty corny. But this was an idea that we were interested in because we‚Äôre all very keen skateboarders and we like the idea of marrying one of our songs to someone as talented as Jason Park.”


Go here to purchase the newest album or any DEFTONES album YOU DON’T HAVE LOL.. .. AND THEY EVEN HAVE THAT SHIT ON VINYL.. so OG.. i swear.. ¬† RIP CHI.. WE STILL MISS AND LOVE YOU BROTHA!!!!!! ¬†You still in the mood for more¬†Deftones.. Put their name in the search.. THEY ARE ALL OVER THIS FUCKING BLOG.. since THE BEGINNING .. ENJOY!!!



grace_jones__by_Jaleel_Royomg.. omg. finally the day has arrived.. ¬†Grace Jones is penning a memoir.. She always swore that she never would do it ¬†.. but all praises , the Sepia Goddess has decided at the tender age of 65 TO SHARE and I am elated. ¬†She figured it was time and that if she didn’t do it somebody else would.. .. Oh . Grace.. She truly is the reason why I sing.. She reveals her experiences with everyone from Andy Warhol to Arnold Schwarzenegger. I REALLY cannot wait.. Gallery publishing has announced that the book is as of yet untitled but it should be hitting shelves next Fall.


Look around the blog.. Do a Grace search on the blog.. We have soooo much Queen Grace over here man…

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RIP JIMI HENDRIX.. You are the best to ever do it….

My StoneFree hoodie.. SO YOU KNOW IT'S REAL...

My StoneFree hoodie.. SO YOU KNOW IT’S REAL…

43 years ago today .. we lost a real one.. We miss you Jimi but your talent lives on.. there is so much Jimi on our blog as it is.. but make sure to keep it here as I post stories from my forthcoming trip around his city.. You see I not only moved to Seattle, but JImi’s hometown.. RENTON, WA.. that’s where I am at .. and this is where he was raised.. All Praise to Jimi … He was the man…

When I die, I want people to play my music, go wild and freak out and do anything they want to do.………Jimi Hendrix¬†


Rare video of Jimi with The Band of Gypsy (greatest guitar solo ever right chea) ¬†performing “Stone Free” .. ayee so are we!!!

One more added date for Slayer’s Palladium Show..

slayers current lineupSooooo …...Slayer’s show 10/28, ¬†at Hollywood’s infamous Palladium sold out quick as fuck.. ¬†I know because just like Sabbath.. Nak and I ¬†had been waiting and pounced on pre-sale tickets faster than Kerry King shreds… ¬†I really personally don’t give a damn about those of ¬†you who didn’t make it a PRIORITY to get your fucking tickets ..LOL.. HOWEVER.. the band is more gracious.. THEY HAVE ACTUALLY ADDED an additional date 10/ the Palladium stop.. ¬†so now your late asses can also be there to mosh yourselves straight into HELL.LOL.. . slayer-wallpaper-hdI also appreciate that they added it before the original show.. I made moves son, so I want THE CLOSING SHOW.. ¬†LOL. ¬†yeah I know I ain’t shit but you’ll forgive me after you reminisce ¬†and listen to the original Haunting the Chapel version ¬†of Aggressive Perfector… ENJOY.. NOW Go Here¬† and get whatever tickets are remaining.. . .Keep your horns high, and if you see me .. don’t ask to hit my joint.. OKAY!!!!!!! . RIP JEFF HANNEMAN and fuck SPIDERS!!!

News about Slayer WINE.. and the current lineup .. on the next page…. CLICK CLICK BOOM..¬† Continue reading

Trees… Trees.. and more Trees..

Well Cheech and Chong ¬†(Ness and I ) have now been spread between two states lol.. I shall be covering the herb reviews onbongpr this end.. Lovely Los Angeles.. and sis Ms. SuperbbNess will be handling all things Kush related in the Lush Pacific Northwest.. SEATTLE to be exact.. I can’t wait to hear about the fresh tangy ¬†flowers she encounters on that side of town.. YUMMMERS.

LOL.. but anyhoo.. ¬†Today’s posts are being fueled by PR King Kong.. I know the names can get cheesy and at this ¬†point , it’s hard to keep up, but please be clear … I will never forsake a good strain due to a goofy ass name LOL.. I focus on the taste, iciness, and moistness. ¬†I prefer a slightly sweet taste with minimal scratch through my throat LOL.. I have also been smoking more from the bong as opposed to my usual ELEMENTS or RAW ¬†rolling papers. ¬† I find the high cleaner, better, and longer lasting.. I still love my J’s though. I will never just stop smoking joints but it is a great way to conserve ya trees.. . Feel Me!!


It appears this is the marriage of the dominant Private Reserve and the robust King Kong strain, ¬†both intense Indicas.. The taste has a sweet almost “sativaish” flavor to it. ¬† The high is exactly what you would expect from an OG.. Very heavy in the head, super kick back, this is not the strain to smoke when you are about to do a workout.. or hike.. lol.. ¬† ¬†PR King KOng is the “sit yo ass down and play GTA5” type of deal…. ¬†Just chillllllllllll.. This is good when one is feeling nauseous or suffering from some upper body pain like a neck or toothache… Very soothing to the mind as well.. i pretty much just coasted.. ¬†I stumbled across this herb at one of my weekly local ¬†herb haunts “Herbman Collective” located in the hood on Western right off of Exposition.. you ¬†know .. right next to Tracy’s Belizean restaurant.. I sometimes slide in there after my Herbman purchases and grab some stew chicken and rice .. ayeeeee.. !!!!!! ¬† Shout out to my BELIZEANSSS ..


We have been coming here for a minute and this is probably one of my favorite strains from them so far.. Hopefully they get another batch because I went in yesterday and got the remaining balance.. HAHAHAHAHA.. I couldn’t help it .. I ¬†panicked.. BUT .. they have another store on Western and Washington.. and I am sure they have more of it there.. Check them out .. they have a wonderful array of well priced kush’s… Tell em The Banger Sisters sent ya!!!!!

Alright enough Uncle Rick James would say “It’s time to smooooke”

Happy Birthday First Lady Michelle Obama… Still beautiful and still an inspiration….

michelleglasses¬†Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama.. You are an inspiration.. Continue to thrive and support our fabulous President.. You are a mother, a friend,a wife, a daughter and a positive force . How about the fact that the FLOTUS was once Mr. Presidents BOSS.. lol.. I know that’s right.. ¬†I may be biased but it is safe to say that Mrs Obama just may be the best damn First Lady this country HAS EVER HAD!!! … I mean you know Eleanor Roosevelt could not hula hoop nor Teach you how to¬†DOUGIE… and not since Lady O have you ever witnessed a First Lady lookin¬†as fly in designer frames…. CONTINUE TO SERVE.. HAPPY 49TH LADY..¬†

Michelle-Obama-Kai-Milla michelle hulahoop



Michelle Obama Discusses Arts And Humanities Education At The White HouseMichelle Obama Discusses Arts And Humanities Education At The White House


The Greatest….. Happy BornDay Sir.. Muhammad Ali

I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’¬†
Muhammad Ali 







Helen Folasade Adu.. Girl.. I can’t believe your ass is 53.. IMPOSSIBLE.. ¬†Hers is a love I have cherished since “84’s Diamond Life.

¬†Let’s put our hands together and light a spliff for the beautiful Nigerian/British Swan.. SADE…. wow..

sadehairHere at bamboobanga420,¬† we specialize in all things herb related.. (amongst many other things).. Who here can say that they haven’t gingerly placed their SADE entire catalog in the CD player , rolled a fatty, AND VEGGED THE HELL OUT!! ¬†Not only is she beautiful but she is cool as a the other side of the pillow… I love how she releases an album; like every DECADE.. and falls right back in line with her original nuance. ¬† Sade does not go and retain a rap from Rick Ross, or production of DeadMau5 or whatever the hell is HOT on the pop charts.. She stays eloquently in HER LANE.. and dominates…( I mean there was that remix for “Moon and The Sky” with Jay Z that I did not appreciate).. BUT .. I DIGRESS.. LET’S CELEBRATE.. MS. ADU.. and all of her gifts and simple beauty..

1980's Sade

1980’s Sade




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Get into the soulful stylings ..of Mr. Alexander O’ Neal.. because we said so…

mr.oneal black and whitLook here.. ya’ll gone deal with Mr. O’ Neal on this day by god!! ¬†Shit it’s still the 80’s in the bamboobanga office.. We bump this nigga a few times a week.. NOVEMBER 15 is a HOLIDAY DAMNIT.. for this was the day .. a black boy by the name of Alexander was bought into the world…. ¬†Before there was Shaq .. we only gave a damn about this O’ NEAL..

Get a bar.. and don’t bring yo ass over here talmbout his teeth and dope problem.. HE IS WORKIN.. ON HIMSELF .. LOL..

We ain’t gone let you “CRITICIZE”¬† Mr. O’ Neal … hahaha..

Alexander O'Neal - Fake (12Inch) (1987) (NL)

This man soared under the production of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (The Time).. so yes .. he was yet another brick in the Minneapolis Music ¬†Machine.. (so thank Father Prince) although he is a country boy from Mississippi. ¬† ¬†He shined (both aesthetically and theoretically) ahem.. ¬†and teamed up many times with our girl Cherelle for classics like Innocent, Saturday Love, and Never Knew Love Like This… they were our Captain and Tenille, our Elton John and KiKi Dee if you will.. ENOUGH TALKIN.. get out your best cha cha shoes.. and let’s get to steppin!!!!!!


We gone start it off with one of my favorites… “SUNSHINE” This is a live performance for The Prince’s Trust in 1989.. yess they was rockin with our boy IN EUROPE AND WHATNOT.. Ya’ll better understand the crystal clearness of this man’s vocal’s before the yayo ravaged those vocal chords.. DAMNIT SANG IT MR O’NEAL!!!

Get a load of these 80’s coifs and ensembles children!!!!


What’s Missing?

alexander white


Sabbath is coming!!!!!

……well at least if you are in Australia, New Zealand, or JAPAN!! .. tour dates for 2013 have been announced.. We are waiting with baited breath.. for the US announcements.. Good Gravy I hope this happens.. I am also elated because it must mean that Tony Iommi is feeling well enough to tour and record the forthcoming new Rick Rubin produced album.


Keep it here on Bamboobanga420 for more deets..

HOPEFULLY there are still tickets available in your area.. Check with LiveNationAUS

Tour Dates so far:


First Auckland show already SOLD OUT!!!!


MELBOURNE        ROD LAVER ARENA            MONDAY APRIL 29        2nd show
MELBOURNE        ROD LAVER ARENA            WEDNESDAY MAY 1    sold out!

Black Sabbath will also be headlining Sunday night’s Ozzfest Japan lineup.

The festival will be a two day event held at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, Japan on Saturday May 11 and Sunday May 12, 2013.

While you wait you should go pick up IRON MAN: The Best of Black Sabbath .. 

you’ll have to pay in pounds or some shit..because I believe this collection is only available abroad for now.. you can also check .. HMV and Amazon.UK..

…And Nikki Giovanni just to name a few..


My personal favorite collection of her poetry comes from “Black Feeling, Black Talk”.. ¬† Here is one of my favorites..

The True Import Of Present Dialogue, Black vs. Negro (For Peppe, Who Will Ultimately Judge Our Efforts)
by Nikki Giovanni

Can you kill
Can you kill
Can a nigger kill
Can a nigger kill a honkie
Can a nigger kill the Man
Can you kill nigger
Huh? nigger can you
Do you know how to draw blood
Can you poison
Can you stab-a-Jew
Can you kill huh? nigger
Can you kill
Can you run a protestant down with your
’68 El Dorado
(that’s all they’re good for anyway)
Can you kill
Can you piss on a blond head
Can you cut it off
Can you kill
A nigger can die
We ain’t got to prove we can die
We got to prove we can kill
They sent us to kill
Japan and Africa
We policed europe
Can you kill
Can you kill a white man
Can you kill the nigger
in you Continue reading


Yeah Motherfucker.. IF YOU DON’T KNOW NOW … YOU KNOW..

A little old school.. HELL AWAITS.. 1985.. like real old Kerry with crop old.. hahahha.. and Tom’s hair is VANGLORIOUS .. LOL..

Full 50 minute Slayer situation from The Big 4 (2011)  after The JUMP..  Continue reading

Lord Have Mercy Queen Grace.. Honored be Thy Name..

Here at The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Situation.. This 64 yr old goddess.. HULA HOOPS THROUGH THE ENTIRE “Slave to the Rhythm”.. HULA HOOPSS.. THE ENTIRE TIME.. if you don’t believe in GRace.. YOU JUST AIN’T SHIT .. i am done.. Good Day!!!!



NAS .. SAYS.. “LIFE IS GOOD”.. i heard that..



Read about the whole Nas/ Summer Jam Nick Minaj.. situation.. over here.. we have an opinion about that shit .. but will talk about it a little later.. hahahah..

4:20 … and What you smoking on … E-40, Daz, Kurupt, Kokane.. and the Kushhhhh lol

Yeah.. E-40.. is just always down with the Chieferations LOL.. Hit us up at Bambooboobanga420 and let us know..WHAT U SMOKIN ON???

Unless it’s some Boof.. lol.. u can keep that shit to ya self.. HAHAHAHA

This shit right here GO!!

You can find this and other spectacular raps and shit on E-40’s Triple Deluxe Situation .. The Block Brochure…Welcome to the Soil 1,2 and 3... Get all 3 ..You don’t wanna miss NATHAN..

nas… daughters

This right here.. is crucial.. First he conquered with The Don .. and now this.. NAS IS NOT PLAYING!!!!!!

Once again , the man has done it.. Take a look into the soul of a brother trying to raise a daughter….while he struggles with his own shortcomings as an adult.. The end result though is an honest depiction of the pros and cons of modern parenting. ¬†I respect this song a lot.. and I also appreciate how he actually placed a lot of his real life situations with his lovely daughter Destiny in both the song and video.. That’s rough ..but you gotta respect him.. HAT’S OFF.. NASIR..

A lot of ¬†you niggaz don’t even acknowledge your seeds let alone the little princesses you have who could grow up to be queens if you would just take the time and show them what a real man is supposed to be.. Don’t you want your daughter to find a man in YOUR IMAGE.. or .. maybe you don’t.. SMH!!!!!!!!

From his forthcoming.. “Life Is Good”.. album..

Check out his Complex situation.. HERE..