RAPSODY “ABC” and “All Black Everything”.. New Mixtape Download.

Yesss!!!!!.. I told you to have faith, the real female spitters are HERE LOL!!

Check out Rapsody ALL BLACK EVERYTHING and ABC . The IWWMG and JAMLA teams stay winning, and you know we love RAPSODY!!!!!.

.. If you are in LA January 6th you can see her and the IWWMG/JAMLA crew,  9th Wonder , Median, and Phonte’ (heyyy) at The Key Club on Sunset.  Go get ya tickets Kid

We see you still shining Ms. Rap.  Rummage through our blog people we have Ms. Rapsody all up and through LOL!!

Interview with Rapsody  and “ALL BLACK EVERYTHING” after the kut Continue reading

Get Creative.. Create your awesome Halloween Costume..

i spoke too soon.. ahem..HERE IS THE SEXY OPTIMUS PRIME.. and for 70 bucks...*blank stare*

Clearly.. every female is going to be A “SEXY” something or other.. it’s the part I loathe about Halloween nowadayz..  it’s usually just a gathering of bitches that want to let their HO PARTZ breathe.. I believe in COMMITTING.. if you are gonna be a witch go all out, mole, cauldron, green skin.. .. if you are a vampire or something scary..BE REVOLTING.. there is no such thing as A SEXY OPTIMUS PRIME .. or  A SEXY HARRY POTTER. it’s not sexy just CORNY.. so here are some ideas from those of us that do not get our Halloween Costumes from Frederick’s of Hollywood.. or Drakes OR the Stripper section of the Swap Meet.

I say if you dress like a hoe most of the time.. be different, be a librarian or a bitch with clothes on or simply walk around with a book in front of your face.. this will BE A GREAT DISGUISE and again just rock clothes  .. at least drawers it will be a change.. people won’t recognize you with your titties behind a blouse WHAT!!!!


clearly the most popular costumes for the ladies are the Pan AM chicks.. ABC has blessed us with this awesome revival of retroliciousness.. (THAT’S A WORD).

there are many variations..HOWEVER.. I SUGGEST going the authentic route.. or be a Pan AM zombie lol..that’s would I would do but hey.. THAT’S ME.. Please try to avoid that corny Soul  Train Electric Blue Dress with that tired fake stewardess hat , RANDOM WING APPLIQUE’ AROUND THE NECKLINE, and the silver platforms..

This ain't it.. but IT'S OUT OF STOCK EVERYWHERE ..go figure..


I mean this is just wrong.. you would be better off going to your local thrift shops and building one. This joint here is 24.99 at EVERY COSTUME SHOP.. I am sure it is posted next to the obscure and hard to obtain PLAYBOY BUNNY COSTUME (rolls eyes).. right between the SEXY GYPSIE AND THE SEXY FREDDY KRUEGER..(bitch yess , there is a sexy Freddy Krueger)..

Bamboobanga is going to show you how to make a Pan AM costume as well as where to get other fun, fresh, and funky costumes to add ummph to your trick or treating adventures..

lol.. for the correct way to don these and many other dope costumes.. Follow the GREAT PUMPKIN … to the next page LOL..  Continue reading