Things to stare at while high….Yeah man..

Smoke one or two .. and enjoy the juxtaposition of what’s real and what’s not… negative space vs. everything else… Are you high.. because in reality this shit ain’t moving ..LOL..

rob gonsalves – magic realism




more illusions to the naked eye…..

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FELA KUTI.. Catch it when it’s in your city….

Me and Sis recently caught “Fela” when it was home in LA at The Ahmanson.. We went not once but twice.. it is a truly inspiring and emotional journey through the Nigerian musician’s difficult , soulful and rebellious life. FELA, directed by Tony Award Winner and choreographer,  Bill T. Jones,  tells the riveting story of Fela Kuti,  “King of Afro Beat” from his early beginnings and influences to his mother’s untimely death at the hands of Nigerian police.

 We laughed , cried, were jubilant and impassioned.  This piece is awesome catch it when it’s in your town.  Don’t just go see it because of Will and Jada or Jay-z (producers of the show) get into the man and his music.. His music is funky and should have been played in  your households growing up . It mos def was represented in The Banger Sisters lives..  

Sis said that when she dies bring her back as a KUTI QUEEN so she can devastate masses with her leg straps and booty rotations lol..Beejay is crazy ya’ll .. Anyway enjoy ..Fela’s Tour . Look next time your ass is at The King of Diamonds..tip the dancer heavily hell , it’s part of our ancestry..These sistas be gettin it. I wonder if they were tipped with Cowry shells. I believe all of these sistas were wives of Fela Kuti himself.  SCANDAL lol.. anyway we love them and we love him.  Roll up some E’BO AND GET INTO IT !!!!

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It is not enough for the face to be BEAT.. Yesss we are now featuring HARDWARE..

Weapons,GUNS (word to E-40) I am going to blast my lips with some Chanel lip gloss real quick.. Ted Noten serves it up for the ladies.. Great Artwork .. INDEED..

Dior001 is a gun (Noten’s signature) loaded with accoutrements, including Dior lip gloss, an antique hairpin, an arsenal of pharmaceuticals, a USB stick with “secret information,” 
and a 100-gram sterling silver bar.

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Do you have enough LV to do this ??

Louis Vuitton commissioned British artist Billie Achilleos to create these animal sculptures in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the Louis Vuitton SLG Savoir Faire collection. She created these by sacrificing A LIONS SHARE of handbags and accessories. *blank stare* wasting all those good Damier and Monogram on some damn stuffed animals .. I AM SO KIDDING lol.. Gucci Gucci Louie Louie Fendi Fendi Prada… basic bitches wear that shit but I don’t even bothaaa!!!  sheeit NOW I am really playin lol..

Billie Achilleos courtesy of Chameleon Visual Limited and Louis Vuitton 2011

Photos courtesy of Chameleon Visual LTD and

More Pieces

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Not your grandma’s quilt..

Life After Death Quilts by Anne Brenneke

These quilts are the graduation project “Life After Death” of Anne Brenneke. They feature 4 deceased rap legends: Eazy-E, The Notorious B.I.G., Big L and J Dilla. I think that these quilts are 10 times better than any fan poster or t-shirt!
Thanks to today and tomorrow   for the hook-up

Easy E





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How do u like your eggs? …

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Fall 2009

I have chosen to place this in the Art section for obvious reasons.. although the tights  and shoework will work well off of the runway.. I tried to submit my “rib tip bandage dress” but no go.. I am going to holler at Margiela now.. to see if they are interested in this chittlin skin clutch purse.. I am pushin.. OOOhkkkaayyyy! ( u will see what i mean by eggs after the cut)

Courtesy of  Today and Tomorrow


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