Flasks with Flavor….

OMG.. so.. at bamboobanga420.. we set trends.. YUP WE DO LOL.. anyway.. the newest flyest accessory one can don at the moment are these awesome flasks.. I personally own the one you see in this pic.. Skull and Bones.. it’s awesome.. I love it .. If you are interested in obtaining one of these jawns.. Go here. http://www.bijouxbaskets.com

prices vary and if you contact the lovely Ms. Stuart in advance for a little extra you can get one personalized.. LIKE I DID.. so don’t sleep.. it’s better than that ghetto ass red cup you been draggin around.. *wink* Tell em bamboobanga sent u..   There are so many things over there , baskets for EVERY occasion, knick knacks all skillfully created .. I love this place.. I am a regular customer.. Follow Bijoux Baskets on Twitter and enjoy your purchases..