Black People who rock.. THE PLUS LESSON!!..

Now this performance was originally in the first draft of my Blacks in Metal and Rawk.. .. and I said NO.. I am always shoving my saviour PRINCE lol.. down ey’body’s throat  I DELETED IT.. ..HOWEVER.. I am giving him his own PER REQUEST OF THE HOMIES..  The Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame performance..where he showed his entire black ass.. Tom Petty really did feel like a refugee that night LOL..Special shoutout to the home Cminus.. Follow him on twitter @CMinusFan4… for making me put him back in the line up LOL ..mwahs.. !!!!!


well fuckit then… more guitar work.. BAMBI.. AFTER THE JUMP! Continue reading

Bambi.. Azealia Banks..

I am sure that like me you guys have already seen this sista entertain the KAIZER HIMSELF.. SIR KARL LAGERFELD… SHE ENTERTAINED HIM in his house ok..Chateau de Lagerfeld dammit.. On January 25th he had a gathering in celebration of his line with Net-A- Porte’   I love her even more.. anyway if you haven’t seen that performance.. go after the jump and peep it. .  

This is her newest joint “Bambi” which samples  “The Repitition Kills You” by the Black Ghosts    This song was used for Thierry Mugler’s 2012 Fashion Show.. She is just doing all types of thangs.. GET IT AZ….

Not up on Ms. Banks well we tried to TELL YA!!!!!!    See Ms Banks and Karl after the JUMP!!

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