Bat For Lashes

okay so I know those in the know realize that Daniel is the new Bat for Lashes shit right… But blame it on Jack Herrer because he made me post the damn sequence backwards.. the one below was supposed to be here that is why it reads like that ..  this is supposed to be down there and that is supposed.. look if you don’t understand , toke something , comeback and then you will.  The new thang is down below, basically lol. NOW fO’WAHD

Wth… I figured I would go ahead and hit u with this one too.. This is from The debut album “Fur and Gold” 2006 . I used to love love love this vid.. so thought I would share in case you guys were unfamiliar..

Natasha what a Girl needs to do is get the hell away from those damn BMX rabbits..

eeeeeek b

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New Bat For Lashes – Daniel

I had forgotten all about the joys of Natasha Khan.. Her first joint came out back in 2006.. “Fur and Gold”.. This is the new offering “Daniel” from Bat for Lashes..

LOves it….

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