Sidebar: Is it me or has it been too many important BIRTHDAYS THIS MONTH.. LOL..

i just had to say that.. I mean GODDAMN!!! it’s all good.. As SuperbbNess would say: IT’S CAPRICORN SEASON HAHAHA.. CAPRICORNS ROCK… I mean DAVID BOWIE IS A FRIGGIN CAPRICORN.. and so is my sis.. SUPERBBNESS!!!! WOW..

Enjoy this fabulous flick of the Godfather while I roll a fat joint!!! Good Evenin..

brotha james under the dryerPEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy bornday Raekwon!!!

The Chef is cooking ..  Peace to the God and Have a Happy Born Day..

on this grand day of Knowledge Wisdom..

Now normally we go a little deeper than this as we have been fucking with Rae since Day one.. No time for a retrospective .. so let’s just hit ya’ll with the obvious.. FOR NOW LOL

Some Ice Cream with that Cake..

Happy Born Day Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones… You da Man!!

Nasty Nas, Nastrodamus, Nasir,  he is one of the most important, influential  factors in this life we call Hip HOp… He is on my top 5 emcees list ALWAYS!!! Through beefs , conflict,  chipped teeth and Jay Z.. Nas is still standing and in better form than ever.. Nasty Nas is currently preparing for the release of his memoir “It Ain’t Hard to Tell .

This Harper Collins published novel will undoubtedly be spicy as he dishes on marriages with both Carmen Bryant and Kelis and discusses the infamous “jay-z situation”  as well as his beef with Bill O’ Reilly.

“It Ain’t Hard to Tell” will be co-written by popular journalist/host/producer Toure’.

Sounds dope!!!

Behind the scenes of the “Nasty” video.. first single from “Life is Good”.. TAKE IT TO QUEENS NIGGAZ!

Do we have marijuana??? LOL

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