HOLY MUNCHIES BATMAN…the helll!!!!!!

Another reason to continue my chocolate addiction.. I can now say “Yo this shit is healthy son’ LOL.. Green Tea Kit Kats… WHOOOOOAAAA the boy Dj Numark  (g0 follow him on twitter) put me on to these as he is en route to Japan.. These things are “harvested” there.  It figures Japan is so awesome..   They offer over 80 different flavors of the wafer covered in delicious chocolate.. In the USA we offer.. I think Whitc Chocolate oh yeah and the CARB ALTERNATIVE *blank stare*… THAT’S NO FUN.. fuck that give me carbs and cantaloupe dammit.. YES CANTALOUPE IS AVAILABLE..

Check out some of the other exciting flavors like CITRUS PEPPER lol.. >>>> Continue reading