This week’s Podcast … Deejay DAz

This guy is my favorite Deejay.. if you look around there are links to this Podcast all through out the blog lol..  This man was at the helm of the 1’s and 2’s during my beginning club dayz…. In the early 90’s , in Los Angeles, we had the most awesome sound systems and clubs. LavaCaro and Brass were amongst the leaders in the rare groove , acid jazz set and we grooved to everything from Dj Quik to Roy Ayers…  His sets are literally the only thing I miss about going out.. SERIOUSLY.. Check him out..



He also did an interview awhile back with DJ 88 you can peep that here.. IamDJ88

Rare Groove, Hip Hop , Reggae, House hell .. Bluegrass.. i mean it .. this cat is the truth..

Check out his Podcast.. Enjoy..

dj dAz presents 733 N. Cahuenga Blvd (A Funky Rare Groove Mix).

Dedicated to those fly dj’s back in the day…

Joyce Sims.. WHAT U KNOW ABOUT IT!!!!!

I was cleaning my house to my favorite dj’s podcast.. Dj Daz (u guys know this already) and he reminded me of how much I used to love this friggin song.. YESSSSS..

I rocked Cazals during this period LOL.. just a point of reference.. I am a brown skin nubian sista.. but these chicks fit this era … I rocked this while listenin to this joint LOL.. HAHAHA.. ENJOI..