What’s in the BAG this summer..

Antik Batik $390.00 not too bad ehh..

Behold Antik Batik’s  “Costa Besace”,  appliqued PYTHON shoulder bag.. and the price is not higher than giraffes P*&^Y..                                                                  

 LADIES it’s time to add some color to that fine collection of Epi and Damier LV specialties … (yeah right broke bitches lol).. just kidding.. anyway .. carry those.. AND .. bring some color into the situation..as well…    I really enjoy the size of these gems right here.. u don’t need a body bag size purse in the summer to carry your EBTcard, pack a gum, rolling papers , ID , lighter and sack a weed.  it’s not that serious to house your lip gloss in a goddamn garment bag just to go to the club so stop… LOL.

It’s summer and it’s all about the beautiful shades of color.  Magenta, Lilacs, shocking pinks and purples, these are better colorful options to add to the ENSEM(ensemble), than that ratchet FUSCHIA china doll wig yo ass was eyein at the wig shop.. GIRL STOP.. GET DAT ASS A BAG ..

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