nas… daughters

This right here.. is crucial.. First he conquered with The Don .. and now this.. NAS IS NOT PLAYING!!!!!!

Once again , the man has done it.. Take a look into the soul of a brother trying to raise a daughter….while he struggles with his own shortcomings as an adult.. The end result though is an honest depiction of the pros and cons of modern parenting.  I respect this song a lot.. and I also appreciate how he actually placed a lot of his real life situations with his lovely daughter Destiny in both the song and video.. That’s rough ..but you gotta respect him.. HAT’S OFF.. NASIR..

A lot of  you niggaz don’t even acknowledge your seeds let alone the little princesses you have who could grow up to be queens if you would just take the time and show them what a real man is supposed to be.. Don’t you want your daughter to find a man in YOUR IMAGE.. or .. maybe you don’t.. SMH!!!!!!!!

From his forthcoming.. “Life Is Good”.. album..

Check out his Complex situation.. HERE..