For the love of CHINOOOOOOO..

Deftones vintagePosting this for sis.. Chino Moreno is her husband IN HER HEAD.. (you know that fool is happily married B) HAHAH..nah but she really loves Deftones as do I and of course they have been staples in the skate community since day one.. I hope you guys went out and got ‘Koi No Yokan’… it’s really pretty epic.. Check out Romantic Dream and this epic Jason Park situation.. Lowkey looks like a Lakai ad..LOL..

About the new video, Moreno said this to writer Hardeep Phull:

“When we started this record cycle, we decided that we didn’t want to make any videos whatsoever. They’re not much fun to make and they usually turn out pretty corny. But this was an idea that we were interested in because we’re all very keen skateboarders and we like the idea of marrying one of our songs to someone as talented as Jason Park.”


Go here to purchase the newest album or any DEFTONES album YOU DON’T HAVE LOL.. .. AND THEY EVEN HAVE THAT SHIT ON VINYL.. so OG.. i swear..   RIP CHI.. WE STILL MISS AND LOVE YOU BROTHA!!!!!!  You still in the mood for more Deftones.. Put their name in the search.. THEY ARE ALL OVER THIS FUCKING BLOG.. since THE BEGINNING .. ENJOY!!!



Helen Folasade Adu.. Girl.. I can’t believe your ass is 53.. IMPOSSIBLE..  Hers is a love I have cherished since “84’s Diamond Life.

 Let’s put our hands together and light a spliff for the beautiful Nigerian/British Swan.. SADE…. wow..

sadehairHere at bamboobanga420,  we specialize in all things herb related.. (amongst many other things).. Who here can say that they haven’t gingerly placed their SADE entire catalog in the CD player , rolled a fatty, AND VEGGED THE HELL OUT!!  Not only is she beautiful but she is cool as a the other side of the pillow… I love how she releases an album; like every DECADE.. and falls right back in line with her original nuance.   Sade does not go and retain a rap from Rick Ross, or production of DeadMau5 or whatever the hell is HOT on the pop charts.. She stays eloquently in HER LANE.. and dominates…( I mean there was that remix for “Moon and The Sky” with Jay Z that I did not appreciate).. BUT .. I DIGRESS.. LET’S CELEBRATE.. MS. ADU.. and all of her gifts and simple beauty..

1980's Sade

1980’s Sade




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Sooooo.. I’m kinda bummed.. The Deftones are performing at The Palladium tonite AND IT’S SOLD OUT!!!

Shit.. by the time I found out.. It was sold out. I mean they were just puttin the names on the marquee along with SOLD OUT.. so why the hell didn’t I know.. SMH


on the a brighter note… The Deftones  will be LIVE ON Lopez Tonite Thursday June 16, on TBS..JUNE 16 DON’T TURN NOW THIS THURSDAY tonite lol.. The show is called Lopez TONITE ..OK.. u are high sit down lol..   Go over to Chino and em’s page and get set up to be in the audience on said Thursday. .. Aight..

*sidenote*.. First Prince.. now The Deftones…aight George (horhay) lol.. I’m fuckin wit u…