Charlie Sheen Kush..

this is how beejay was lookin after hitting that fiyah lol.. u aight sis..

alright this has been on the streets of LA for like 2 months now ..but the blog wasn’t back yet lol..

close up of that "Sheen" ooh wee..

In the realm of Kush this is sooo DUHHH WINNING.. this was cultivated and watered with Tiger’s Blood like a muhfucka lol.. I was confused and arrogant immediately after taking my first toke..  This comes courtesy of one of our favorite legal dispensaries DTPG.. The staff is knowledgeable , courteous , and honest.. like if it’s some bullshit .. they will offer you something better.  It’s always crowded as a muthafucka but totally secure.. You always run into somebodies mama down there buying that beef jerky looking stress lol..but that’s alright .. old people can’t blow that super high grade kush.. they need the shit they smoked at the Johnny Taylor concert back in 77 goddamnit lol..

By the time this goes to print.. Charlie’s ass will be gone ..but keep checkin they always get more..*wink*

For a blow by blow.. hit capture  MOVE FO WAHD page.. aight..

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