Bringing the wedge into 2013..

isabel marant street style sneakersWell it all started a few years back.. when those WHO COULD rushed out to grab the hidden wedge classics offered by Isabel Marant...ON THE STREET | Isabel Marant these shoes could be seen on the well heeled feet of everyone from Gwen Stefani to Beyonce‘   ( Love on Top video)… They are quite the find.. and  IZZY’S (Isabel Marants) are not cheap.

These joints start at about $650 per pair.   We knew here at Bamboobanga that something this simple would SURELY be duplicated.. and BAM.. in steps Nike, Puma, Giuseppe Zanotti, and EVERYBODY with a wedge sneaker at varied price points..  I feared that we would leave this shoe in 2012 but alas it is very much alive and still kicking and I believe they are  brilliant..  This sneaker has the same impact that the Manolo Blahnik “TIMS” did several years back.  A masculine shoe was recrafted for our delicate B-girl feet .. hahaha .. and ladies from the runways to the ghettos are jumping onboard.

NIKE has even created a re working for the CLASSIC DUNK .. with the hidden wedge heel.. EXCELLENT..

You can find the Nike joints priced anywhere between 120.00 and 150.00


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Air Yeezy 2… The Shoes… It’s gotta be the shoes!!

Damnit .. word on the streets is that they have been released in Australia???  Take it over to to find out where the hell you can get them right now !!!! If that’s possible.. I know most of you had your eyes glued to Ye’s feet during the Watch The Throne tour.. Niggaz are going to be NEONED out on some TRON SHIT this summer LOL..  I believe they will price at about 139.00 to 150.00 .. GOOD LUCK HUNTING OUT THERE !!

Snakes in the Grass… SNAKESKIN ALL FALL..

Mitchell and Ness Snakeskin Lakers Joint $400.00

Well now.. Fall is upon us, time to put away the Herve Leger bandage dress (will that fucking thing ever die) and the booty shorts. No more platform sandals for ladies and v-neck T’s for brothas,  will now need the Pharrelesque cardigan to compliment.. as it’s getting nippy..



Not since the 80’s have I needed to adorn so much snakeskin.. I mean damn I long for my EK’s with the snakeskin on the side and my matching curve Nails with Snakeskin all over in Avocado Green..YESSSSS… I won’t be going back to that and neither should you ..but ladies and gents. allow me to introduce you to the SNAKES.. you should not avoid..

check out these boots.. you could certainly “push it along” in these joints..


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These are awesome..although a sista might have to place them in the etagere lol.. yes i am country we have one LOL.. These are too damn high to be skating around in. I love Keith Haring.. he was the consumate artist.. I have a huge (print lol) of Free South Africa in the office. I really love how the Fashion Houses are keeping him noteworthy.. Allow Nicholas Kirkwood to step in. You have seen his shoes on Nicki Minaj, Beyonce’ , Rachel Zoe, and Foxy swears she stays in em. (however per that last shoot in the WonderBra i might beg to differ lol).. They are funky and the heel is quite recognizable from 4 blocks away lol.


Thanks to the folks at for this little Nugget of info.. Check them out.. I stay there daily lol…

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let’s have a toast to the real bitches ..

just so you can see how this is really done.. sans the gooberishness.. duh.. don’t u just hate pop culture.. muhfuckas have not a clue..

ms davey to you ..bitches..

ms davey to you ..bitches


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Nixon does it again..



Well I am still trying to acquire an authentic Nixon Kareem Campbell Gold Player watch from yay back.. Kareem is my brother lol. yet i still ain’t got one .. hell that was 10-12 years ago dammit .. anyhoo.. these rubber nixon joints will suffice and the price is right $170.OO.. unfortunately .. the two start up colors for this campaign (red or blue)..ARE ALREADY SOLD OUT.. Nixon will release a new suprise color the 15th of each month until  June.. so go here..Nixon… and find a dealer near you.. or reach out to Ebay.. baybay with the hot watches or somebody because these are the business..

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Purple is Braaaaazeeeeee….

Purple Stuff

Purple Stuff

Looking for some new ALIFE  purple stuff.. well here ya go!!!

superbness is in search of the puuurrfect pair of purple kicks.. help her select and then paypal the ends.. oh yeah ya’ll niggaz are payin.. don’t just go straight to Vans.. spend a little lol..

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Dee and Ricky


These two young brothers are dope.  The “Heart” brooch as displayed on Kanye’s “Pee Wee Herman” Suit, on the cover of 808’s and Heartbreak”, is one of their classic pieces made from Lego’s.. They have very witty , little knick knacks and effects so you should check them out , Marc jacobs , Murakami, and Ye are fans so.. Yeah they are awesome……

and they are the cutest things lol . I believe they just turned 21…


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Apparently they done fucked up at the LOUIS VUITTON factory. MR. WEST is not happy with how the finished product turned out. I hear there were complaints about the tassles and the back of the white version is not high enough (heavy sigh). UGH OH!!!! KANYE has decided that these will not be released until they fix them according to his likings. So with that being said, you won’t be getting a pair of these…….ever!!!! Continue reading

Knockin Bootz

The boot /pump/sandal trend is still going strong as indicated by Our favorite Kalaidescope ‘Kelis and the beat on yet beat  to death chanteuse ( i use the term loosely) Rhi-Rhi.. Observe these ladies steppin lively , Pregnant Kelis while hosting Damon Peruzzi’s birthday in LA, and Rhianna while stepping out for a late b-day bash with Jigga, Fem-bot Beyawnce , and BRandy at the Spotted Pig in NY…


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How do u like your eggs? …

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Fall 2009

I have chosen to place this in the Art section for obvious reasons.. although the tights  and shoework will work well off of the runway.. I tried to submit my “rib tip bandage dress” but no go.. I am going to holler at Margiela now.. to see if they are interested in this chittlin skin clutch purse.. I am pushin.. OOOhkkkaayyyy! ( u will see what i mean by eggs after the cut)

Courtesy of  Today and Tomorrow


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