RIP Fred Shuttlesworth…

This brother passed yesterday … Mr. Shuttlesworth was a building block in the Civil’s Right’s movement.. Sir.. your contributions will not be overlooked.. May your journey be peaceful

The Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth, a blunt-talking preacher who braved beatings, bombings and fire-hosings to push Birmingham, Ala., to the forefront of the civil rights movement and advanced the historic fight with a confrontational strategy that often put him at odds with its most charismatic leader, died Wednesday. He was 89. .. LATIMES.COM

"The tear gassing and beating of Negroes in Selma, Alabama, yesterday . . . upon orders of Governor 
Wallace clearly dramatizes . . . that Negroes are not respected . . . and are treated worse than cattle."  
Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth 


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