Last minute gift ideas…. Bijouxbaskets

Go Check out Bijouxbaskets… they have loads of wonderful gift ideas .. Ms. Marian not only creates custom made to order baskets but she also has custom designed scented candles, decorative flasks, special baskets for graduates, teachers, kids and even pETS.. Yes get lil DIOR’S (blank stare), christmas basket just for him… The pets need baskets too!!!  There are Holiday baskets, Naughty baskets, Daddy baskets and just because baskets and gifts. She even has Kosher gifts for those who dance the Horah and eat latkes… Bijouxbaskets ..great crafted gifts to get you in the holiday spirit. This was posted on Sunday so that marks the end of her appearances at The Melrose Trading Post until mid January. .. but .. if you are one of those that has to grab a present after Christmas or perhaps you have birthdays or other events coming up, (like Valentine’s Day Feb 14)  visit her site online and look around.

Bijoux baskets can currently be purchased at the Melrose Trading Post located  at FairFax High , 7850 Melrose ( Fairfax) LA, 90046.  Ms. Marian Stuart will return mid January with lots of Valentines Day and other gifts.

She has also prepared some fabulous gifts for VALENTINES DAY .. Get your stuff early… all of her products sell out.. SHE HAS ALL TYPES OF VALENTINES DAY BASKETS from sweet and demure to KINKY lol..

Ms. Stuart has also been a collector of vintage jewels and baubles.  She sells these exclusive pieces at ridiculously agreeable prices. Check her out at the Melrose Trading Post or if it’s too late holla at her at   You can also always find Bijouxbaskets online. If you still want Christmas gifts BE QUICK.. Christmas is Sunday so you probably have until Tuesday to get an order in for delivery.  Anyhoo..   Go Check it out and finish that Christmas list or just simply shop and if you miss Christmas.. REMEMBER VALENTINES DAY IS AROUND THE CORNER!!!!!  

Erotic Nights Gift Set perfect for Valentine's Day

Flasks with Flavor….

OMG.. so.. at bamboobanga420.. we set trends.. YUP WE DO LOL.. anyway.. the newest flyest accessory one can don at the moment are these awesome flasks.. I personally own the one you see in this pic.. Skull and Bones.. it’s awesome.. I love it .. If you are interested in obtaining one of these jawns.. Go here.

prices vary and if you contact the lovely Ms. Stuart in advance for a little extra you can get one personalized.. LIKE I DID.. so don’t sleep.. it’s better than that ghetto ass red cup you been draggin around.. *wink* Tell em bamboobanga sent u..   There are so many things over there , baskets for EVERY occasion, knick knacks all skillfully created .. I love this place.. I am a regular customer.. Follow Bijoux Baskets on Twitter and enjoy your purchases..