What you smokin on .. DTPG edition…

It’s that time boys and girls.. Here is the part where we let you guys know .. what we have packed our bowls with this week.. Let me preface this by saying that although we clown about the good herb.. We use it for medicinal purposes.. We take herb seriously .. we are not just “trying to get fucked up” or whatever.. We believe in the enrichment of sick peoples lives through the ingestion and/or inhalation of cannabis.. It’s Magic.. This column is meant to break down different strains to the untrained. We also just want to share the effects of what we smoke with fellow tokers and put you on and/or offer critiques of some LA’s premiere Medical Dispensaries.. We are not here to promote.. or influence.. We are just sharing … educating , and supporting our right to blow trees ………. mmmmkay .. Also enjoy the visual of Lil Kim rollin up for her dude.. LOL.. *Girl you know you hit that blunt * hahahaha  *ALSO..THESE ARE ACTUAL FLICKS.. WE SMOKE THIS.. LOL.. these are not saved from the internet my guys !!! IJS.. 

Let’s start with Lucifer’s Chest Hair.. Top Shelf Indica if you will..

Lucifer’s Chest Hair

This post is dedicated to some of our  herb purchased this week  from  DownTownPatients Group  .. this is one of the most popular dispensaries in Los Angeles.  We always get our meds there as we have discussed several times throughout this blog..   This is probably the dispensary I frequent the most as they cap at 50 FOR HIGH QUALITY.. and simply put have bomb ass nugs.   They also have a large inventory of trees .. from top shelf to the shit that looks like beef jerky .. lol.. whatever you smoke.. damnit they got it .. Anyway .. today I am off this Lucifer’s Chest Hair.. the high lingers and the taste is not as bitter as you might think.. the high is EXTREMELY HEAD HEAVY.. LOL.  not for the infant lung niggaz.. LOL.  Continue reading