Peaceful Journey Mr. Heavy D..

Wow and at only 44 years young .. SMH..

Dwight Arrington Myers- We got NOTHIN BUT LOVE 4 YA!!

First Smokin Joe Frazier.NOW HEAVY D.. . in fact.. we follow HEV on Twitter and he was just sending love to Joe Frazier just shy of 16 hrs ago. It’s really shocking.

I had the opportunity to build with Heavy D a few years back when I was working on a project with Dj Spinderella and Pete Rock.. He was very gracious, cooked a dope meal and I got to play with his beautiful daughter who was a baby at the time.. I sat in awe in his living room as He, Spin and Pete talked about touring back in the day and laughed until the wee hours about Trouble T-Roy while exchanging hilarious anecdotes about them all growing up together. The man was a comedian and a FINE actor. We were just discussing how he performed seamlessly at the BET Awards without missing a beat. Quite honestly he was the HIGHLIGHT of the damn thing.

I sat in his living room mouth agape, like wow.. when I was 14 you could have never told me that I would be breaking bread with the one and only Heavsta.. and that goes for Spin and Pete too.. That was an awesome day and I am glad I can reflect and store in my mental cabinet. He was a fantastic emcee, trailblazer, wonderful poet, thespian of both film and stage and just a down right endearing brother. I know that he was greeted at the gate by Trouble T-Roy.. as a B-GIRL.. i can honestly say .. YOU GUYS ARE MISSED..

Mount Vernon STAND UP.. .. Let’s Celebrate for a real one.. …

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