HOLY MUNCHIES BATMAN…the helll!!!!!!

Another reason to continue my chocolate addiction.. I can now say “Yo this shit is healthy son’ LOL.. Green Tea Kit Kats… WHOOOOOAAAA the boy Dj Numark ย (g0 follow him on twitter)ย put me on to these as he is en route to Japan.. These things are “harvested” there. ย It figures Japan is so awesome.. ย  They offer over 80 different flavors of the wafer covered in delicious chocolate.. In the USA we offer.. I think Whitc Chocolate oh yeah and the CARB ALTERNATIVE *blank stare*… THAT’S NO FUN.. fuck that give me carbs and cantaloupe dammit.. YES CANTALOUPE IS AVAILABLE..

Check out some of the other exciting flavors like CITRUS PEPPER lol.. >>>> Continue reading