Mercy ft. Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz,

Say what you want.. but Ye keeps coming with the fiyah!! .. I fools with this right here.. Like the video too.. Niggaz are on their apocalypse baller insurgent type steezee.. HAHAH. Teyana Taylor and Kid Cudi make appearances too .. in the video .. j/k .

Air Yeezy 2… The Shoes… It’s gotta be the shoes!!

Damnit .. word on the streets is that they have been released in Australia???  Take it over to to find out where the hell you can get them right now !!!! If that’s possible.. I know most of you had your eyes glued to Ye’s feet during the Watch The Throne tour.. Niggaz are going to be NEONED out on some TRON SHIT this summer LOL..  I believe they will price at about 139.00 to 150.00 .. GOOD LUCK HUNTING OUT THERE !!


wowzers.. u fuckin lucky Dutch or Norwegians where the hell they are !!!!!LOL..

good ish .. and he needs to holler at Prince about stage balance.. HELL he got a broke hip .. jumps off pianos in 6 inch joints.. and ain’t never busted his ass LIKE DIS HERE lol.. Ye bustin his ass ……………..after the kut..  Continue reading


 GLC  feat. Kanye West – BIG SCREEN

Finally the video has touched down for one of the Banger Sisters favorite songs. We’ve been noddin’ our heads and rappin’ along to this song since last year November 08. We  are ecstatic that the video has finally been released. Dig the cotton club, harlem nights, negro league, al capone type  theme going on here. That shit is fly. Real creative, classy and ritzy….I think. Big ups to YE’ & GLC on this here hit. Banger Sisters is definitely shooting for the “BIG SCREEN…….HOLLYWOOD LIGHTS”!!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.



Apparently they done fucked up at the LOUIS VUITTON factory. MR. WEST is not happy with how the finished product turned out. I hear there were complaints about the tassles and the back of the white version is not high enough (heavy sigh). UGH OH!!!! KANYE has decided that these will not be released until they fix them according to his likings. So with that being said, you won’t be getting a pair of these…….ever!!!! Continue reading


Okay so the Banger Sisters have been bumpin this one for a minute.. like almost a little over a year , i believe. Thankfully they still released this hilarious video starring Yeezy and 88keys as old men .. Great Vid. Go pick up “The Death of Adam” if you haven’t already.. There are contributions from Jack Davey , Ye and a host of others.. Enjoi

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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