I knew this was going to happen.. Azealia Banks Vs. Kreayshawn

I fux wit them both..but I knew this sista was going to come for the head of KreayShawn smh.. it all started because Kreayshawn RT’d a PornHub link to Banks’ “212” video.. which was featured here on Bamboobanga420.com… That’s too bad..  I feel that Banks is a doper emcee but Kreayshawn is a young street bitch , white or not while Banks is more FAME school Broadway bound , rapper slash actress..  ETC.

Can’t You Bitches All Get Along ????

I have no dog in this fight.. but I wanted to share the slab of beef.. with you faithful readers lol.. Ya’LL love the Smut!!!

Read the entire tweet by tweet situation over at Global Grind.. I have no time for the play by play.. But Russell ass got staff over there for this type of Print Screen Capture shit LOL..

I gotta admit Kreayshawn was an easy target Azealia.. I like you sister but what was your video doing on PornHub anyway.. I believe it was just a link that chick has been biggin you up all month.   Anyways go to Global Grind ..weigh in.. while I go and purchase some Equality .. See Ya Later..  I guess Azealia told Kreayshawn ” I’MA RUIN U CUNT” lol.. she told the bitch she was going to “sit on her face” .. I guess it’s safe to say that most of these young chicks are on pussy LOL.. oK.. MY OLD ASS HAS TO GO NOW.. MWAHS. 

Trouble on my mind…. Pusha T..Tyler the Creator.. FULL VIDEO..

Rumble young man Rumble…

ain’t too much trouble on their minds…Tyler is nominated for 2 VMA’s… Best New Artist… Video of the Year for Yonkers… YESSSS..

Go here to vote:


oh yeah btw.. KREAYSHAWN IS NOMINATED TOO.. yup… HOPEFULLY SHE GETS ON THE STAGE AND SAYS NIGGA lol.. J/K  .. Congratulations to these West Coast emceez.. GetintoIt..

Kreayshawn.. Get It Bitch..

People know or you might not.. Ness and I come from a film background “Bangers Sisters” is an actual production company soooo… we love to hear about other females in the field getting it in.. We also love Kreayshawn.. she is creative .. and DOPE… ya’ll can argue but we are secure…in the fact that she is the business.

Anyhoo, Oakland Native Kreayshawn (Natasha Zolot) has just been commissioned to direct the new Red Hot Chili Peppers “Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie” Video from their forthcoming joint “I’m With You”…. UHHH JEALOUS.. I KNOW I AM.. LOL..

Sounds crazy, well not really, she has already directed several videos lowkey most notably, the  “based god”,  himself….LIL B. She also dabbles in graphic design and holds a degree from Berkeley Film School, OHH ya’ll thought she was really ignant lol.. so not the case.   Kreayshawn for “Cre-A-Tion” ,  is quite serious about her “Depth of Field” she is focused and taking the world by storm.  Columbia won the bidding war for the  21 years young emcee,  partially because they agreed to allow her to continue her pursuits in video direction. I am sure she ain’t mad at that rumored  young milli that got thrown on the table either lol..   Columbia was all in, in fact they seemed quite excited about the young femcee’s illustrious plans for her future directing endeavors.. Take note ladies.. white or black..GET CREATIVE.. do some shit.. LOL..  Read more about this.. over at MTV.  Like it or not the White Girl Mob is here and these bitches ARE NOT PLAYIN..

NEXT UP : They freed VNASTY..so  get familiar.. 

OH YEAH .. BTW.. We were the first blog I know that supported this chick.. Yup I am blog banging WHAT.. don’t believe me check the stats SON hahaha..

If you want to see “Gucci Gucci” CHECK THE STATS ABOVE..

I am an old bitch so after the Kut you can engage in some “vintage” Anthony Kiedis … Continue reading

Bitch u ain’t No Barbieee.. I see u work at Arby’s

Check Nak in the background lol..

gucci gucci louie louie, fendi fendi prada.. basic bitches wear that shit so i don’t even bother..

that’s right.. with a special appearance by Left Brain.. Golf Wang Nigga lol..

I love these white girls..Check out V-Nasty gettin out of Babylon on the next page …  Continue reading