Coconut Batidinha – Another fabulous summer DRANK!!!!!


Coconut Batidinha

Located in the Jardins neighborhood of São Paulo, Brazil

2 oz. premium cachaça
2 oz. fresh coconut milk
1 1/3 oz. condensed milk
Finely crushed ice
Tools: shaker
Glass: dessert wine rimmed with fresh coconut shavings (optional)
Garnish: mint leaf

Place all ingredients in shaker. Shake to blend and pour into glass. Garnish

So the Doctor put you on an all clear liquid diet????

Pure Hennessy White.. and just when I thought the homegirl Monalisa’s Henny and Tequila would be my final Hennessy frontier… Here comes SuperbNess’s boy E.. with what looks like an alternative to reg’la HENNY by way of the East Coast..WHITE HENNY whaattttt!!!!

This brand of Hennessy cognac is available mainly in the Bahamas and the Carribean.  It has also reached New York City..

by the way Pics and White Hennessy info courtesy of Hennessy Cognac, SuperbNess and E.