Whoa Whoa Whoa keemosabay

If big , big ballin is yo hobbayyyy!!!!!.. SHOP FOR SHOES.. i mean I will be  virtual shopping shit I ain’t got no ends like that lol..

Mo’ Expensive shit for the Summer

gucci "iman" in mauve $1275

gucci "iman" in mauve $1275

There are 3 versions of this bad motherfucker , right chea!!!

Go to the next page and check out more Gucci stuff for this Summer.. by now you probably can’t get this shit .. but ya know as I always say.. “If you can” then DO..doo doo


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These are not actually super new.. they were featured last spring in the YSL show, 08, however they are new to ya’ll… u know you have never seen them lol. if you have a pair … already.. then good for u.. as for the rest.. here is some dream material..

old design, new colorways.. well the green ones at least..

old design, new colorways.. well the green ones at least..

Yves Saint Laurent… u may argue amongst yourselves as to which colorways are new.. hell they have confused me.. I know for a fact I have spotted the pink and the yellow last year .. But YSL swears these are new for 09. Go figure..
images courtesy of  HighSnobiety, they are on the blog roll, i love those guys..

Spice Rack….

ok so.. here they alllll are .. pick one.. and then charge it to the game.. 3racks bitches lol… we showed u this earlier , trina had her toes danglin over these mugs.. the bootleg version is also being offered for $300 at Top Shop. I won’t tell anyone (wink)

$ 3000

$ 3000

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Apparently they done fucked up at the LOUIS VUITTON factory. MR. WEST is not happy with how the finished product turned out. I hear there were complaints about the tassles and the back of the white version is not high enough (heavy sigh). UGH OH!!!! KANYE has decided that these will not be released until they fix them according to his likings. So with that being said, you won’t be getting a pair of these…….ever!!!! Continue reading

Maybe I can afford these…

since they are comprised of throw away garbage lol… available exclusively at Barneys New York..



Whose trash is this??? These bitches will run you about $995.00 … if you got it like that.. click here.. let me hook u up and i may need to borrow them from u this weekend, since i put you on..lol

Swaggtastical Fuckstravaganza…

Umm Taz… school these niggaz this must come back to the West Coast.. oh lawd and it’s in Miami… This is going to be a ghetto celebration of Stephen Sprouse and ill pronounced labels.. (Heavy sigh).. ya’ll better hope that Kanye or Pharrell don’t show up escorted by Marc Jacobs and Amber lol.. whoo the fierceness will kill ya lol.. My vote goes to Taz.. or TK .. I refuse to acknowledge the coonery of some of ya’ll niggaz , knowing you don’t like those Japanese Rave Stephen Sprouse sneakers but ya’ll rockin that shit anyway lol… u fuckin Queenz.. hahahah

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Knockin Bootz

The boot /pump/sandal trend is still going strong as indicated by Our favorite Kalaidescope ‘Kelis and the beat on yet beat  to death chanteuse ( i use the term loosely) Rhi-Rhi.. Observe these ladies steppin lively , Pregnant Kelis while hosting Damon Peruzzi’s birthday in LA, and Rhianna while stepping out for a late b-day bash with Jigga, Fem-bot Beyawnce , and BRandy at the Spotted Pig in NY…


More hotness…. after the cut

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How do u like your eggs? …

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Fall 2009

I have chosen to place this in the Art section for obvious reasons.. although the tights  and shoework will work well off of the runway.. I tried to submit my “rib tip bandage dress” but no go.. I am going to holler at Margiela now.. to see if they are interested in this chittlin skin clutch purse.. I am pushin.. OOOhkkkaayyyy! ( u will see what i mean by eggs after the cut)

Courtesy of  Today and Tomorrow


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