Footwear… the essentials for 2012

Steve Madden ankle booties

Steve Madden ankle booties (see more lace up boots

Atacoma's from 09

Booties are still what’s up in 2012. You are lucky if still have 09’s wedge lace ups from Acne Atacoma.. those are still bangin even though they are old.. My favorite were the black and metal joints.. the Steve Madden knockoffs were awesome too..

Jessica Buurman offers a wonderful wine lace- up the LADEE going for

Jessica Buurman $199.00

$199.00 a pop, which considering is not as expensive as some of these joints.  New Years has passed but lace up booties and shoes are not going anywhere it seems.  I for one am all for it.

Boots are still the business ladies we got about 2 more months of KNOCKIN BOOTS LEFT lol.. remember to buy classic pairs like riding boots are basic colors so that you can continue to wear them years from now.  Keep the “ON TREND” joints to a minimum because who wants to pay $8003.00 for a boot and the bitch can only be worn that season LOL.. For real.. I don’t believe I have seen any of you sistas pull out that damn Manolo Blahnik Timberland that was all the rage a few years back.. EVEN THOUGH .. they would still work . More Shoe Magic after the Kut!!!

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Snakes in the Grass… SNAKESKIN ALL FALL..

Mitchell and Ness Snakeskin Lakers Joint $400.00

Well now.. Fall is upon us, time to put away the Herve Leger bandage dress (will that fucking thing ever die) and the booty shorts. No more platform sandals for ladies and v-neck T’s for brothas,  will now need the Pharrelesque cardigan to compliment.. as it’s getting nippy..



Not since the 80’s have I needed to adorn so much snakeskin.. I mean damn I long for my EK’s with the snakeskin on the side and my matching curve Nails with Snakeskin all over in Avocado Green..YESSSSS… I won’t be going back to that and neither should you ..but ladies and gents. allow me to introduce you to the SNAKES.. you should not avoid..

check out these boots.. you could certainly “push it along” in these joints..


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Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2009-2010 Part 1 of 2

As my folk over at Crunk and Disorderly would say, ” Get you a piece whore”… We ain’t all got that Kanye /Amber hook-up so let’s sit in our raggedy ass houses and take this trip to Paris real quick..  Ladies , gentlemen, and zesty Men (snap)  i humbly present to you, Louis Vuitton 2009-2010 Fall/Winter..   Enjoy..

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