4:20 Post for Weds… it’s 4:40 but fuckit LOL

Okay so i know last week we hit u with At the Drive In.. but I really am toking to this song!!! Love the Mars Volta.. worship Omar Rodriguez ..muhfuckaz.. !!!

I have totally been on my Prog Metahhl shit lately lol.. !!!!

This is from ScabDAtes.. it’s a classic.. from 05′ a completely live joint..that is FIYAH!!! Go purchase this Gem on AMAZON.

Find out what I am smoking after the KUT…..

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Inertiatic ESP… Mars Volta..

feeling nostalgic.. just because today I was reflecting on a few years back when I met Omar getting my Super 8 film developed.. he was doing the same at this spot in Burbank..


The Widow: