Happy Birthday First Lady Michelle Obama… Still beautiful and still an inspiration….

michelleglasses Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama.. You are an inspiration.. Continue to thrive and support our fabulous President.. You are a mother, a friend,a wife, a daughter and a positive force . How about the fact that the FLOTUS was once Mr. Presidents BOSS.. lol.. I know that’s right..  I may be biased but it is safe to say that Mrs Obama just may be the best damn First Lady this country HAS EVER HAD!!! … I mean you know Eleanor Roosevelt could not hula hoop nor Teach you how to DOUGIE… and not since Lady O have you ever witnessed a First Lady lookin as fly in designer frames…. CONTINUE TO SERVE.. HAPPY 49TH LADY.. 

Michelle-Obama-Kai-Milla michelle hulahoop



Michelle Obama Discusses Arts And Humanities Education At The White HouseMichelle Obama Discusses Arts And Humanities Education At The White House


The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

halleloooooo!! I so heart an awesome Coffee Table book.. Here is a classic being offered from the one , the only , Jean Paul Gaultier

Published by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Abrams…with editing from  Thierry-Maxime Loriot and contributions from Suzy Menkes. This is 424 pages of Gaultier at close range.. it will run you about $149.00 but hey.. that’s cheaper than a pair of Gaultier underwear so have at it LOL..

This is a great stocking stuffer for your in house fashionista… or simply get it for yourself

Get it here.. The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

Other notable books one should have at fingers reach:

100 Unforgettable Dress… Hal Rubenstein

Irreverent ………Carine Roitfield 

and let us not forget the piece de la resistance:

The Mikki Taylor penned Commander in Chic”, a guidebook through all things saavy and Mrs. O.. NO not Oprah but Mrs. Obama.  Yessss Michelle Obama is clearly the most fashionable first lady since THEEEE JACKI O.. so with that being said,  of course Ms. Taylor would be more than qualified to render the first lady the “Commander in Chic”..

I just love a great book man, hopefully the lady in your life does as well.. it’s a lot cheaper than that 2500.00 tennis bracelet she has dubiously requested lol.

Happy Shopping..