Mark Ronson, E. BAdu, Mos Def “A La Modeliste”

Yo mama don’t wear no drawers.. I was there when she took em off!!!

I got popped in the mouth one time for that little childhood limerick. Funny though hahaha!!!!

This classic bayou flavored situation comes from the Re: Generation music project. This film will be released February 16th and 23rd ONLY.

You can see members of The Dap Kings, Trombone Shorty and  Zigaboo Modeliste, grab your Cajun Seasoning and get on in here!!!!

The Re: Generation project follows several deejays as they re-work five traditional styles of music.   We will see Dj Premier, Skrillex, The Crystal Method , Pretty Lights and of course Mark Ronson as they retweak everything from traditional Zydeco to classical orchestra.

Nas joins Premo for a classical joint with The Berklee Sympony Orchestra.

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Okay so this used to totally be my Favorite book when I was a young un.. that’s why today in my head I am the queen of all the ferocious beasts..that I have created…. (sticks out tongue)


Where the Wild Things Are?

Dropping EVENTUALLY lol supposedly Fall of 2009, but I did want to reveal the uber cute poster..AAAahhhh.. tee hee , Hopefully this comes out soon..

Maurice Sendak’s children’s book is being bought to the silverscreen via Spike JOnze..    This is phenomenal ; Spike is an epic director .


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